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California Kingdom [RCT3]

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In the middle of California, a new park is being currently built to attract guests to this new family owned theme park, The soon to be owner, Jeff Howard says this:

It's very exciting to build a family owned theme park and we will try to make it "family friendly" the best we can and hopefully we succeed. Only a few parts of the theme park is currently finished but more construction will be done before we enter the summer time. I hope we do a good job and that our guests will enjoy our park as well...

The parks name is supposed to be called California Kingdom, but in the meantime any other thoughts for the park's name can be submitted. Construction pictures are below...






Feedback will be gladly accepted and leave your thoughts below.. Thanks!


A shot of the entrance to the park...


The ticket booths are now done, but the main entrance is still under construction...


New entrance has been completed!


One of the rides at California Kingdom will be a discus called "MonstAIR!"


Aerial view of the park...


A man made lake is being constructed along with another aerial shot...

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^^ Thank you guys for your opinions, the "mile long" concrete paths are going to lead to different themed areas of the park, which is why I put them in the first place


^Cole, I will add more foliage, since only 2% of the park is completed, and thank you for your thoughts as well..


Check back later guys for an update that will be added to this post!

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More Park Construction Pictures! The Park's opening date has been bumped up, and Jeff Howard says this:

We've bumped up our opening date because we have received conformation that we will get a few more flat rides, we are sorry for the inconvenience, but we expect to see our guests May 28th!


Jeff has given these photos to share with us...


Feedback and comments below please!


The park entrance has gotten some more foliage as you can see...


The new themed section of the park has been added...


This is the only coaster standing right now.. It's a one looping scream machine for the guests who love thrills...


More of the parks new themed section..


This part of the park isn't completed yet.. it will feature these drop towers for the guests...


Jeff said this coaster will be called "Blue Blaster" but he didn't want to share any more pics...

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Thanks guys for keeping up! Opening Day is next week! Let's see how California Kingdom is Coming along, shall we?


It's been a while, huh? Let's check the park out...


The One Looping steel coaster will be called "Viajero!" and will be in the Aztec section of the park... (It also got a bit more steel ;) )


More Flats came into the Aztec section of the park...


I spy bumper boats and a Ferris Wheel!


These new flats will be in the "Bazooka Beach" section of the park...


Blue Blaster has been completed!


What's going on here...


An aquarium will stand alongside the entrance of Blue Blaster...


I'll finish this update with an aerial shot. Come on over next week as we open the park to our guests! Thanks for keeping up as well!

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This park needs some work in a lot of places. First of all there is way too much path; path should be about 2 to 4 squares wide not 8. Second there is not enough verity of trees, when you have used trees there the same type of tree in a repetitive order. And lastly the park could really benefit from some landscaping; you will be surprised how much a few hills can benefit a park.


Good luck, Jake

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I agree, landscaping can always help an RCT3 park look more "complete." Your paths are a bit wide, but that isn't so hard to fix and in the gaps, you can put some flowers or something small in there. I really like the wooden coaster layout! Great job overall!

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If I were you, I would make your lakes a bit more round. They're very boxy. Also, the park is way to flat. Add some hills and trees. And, your pictures. The rides disappear when you zoom out. Turn up your resolution. I think the park needs work.

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The Park is Finally open!! Let's take a look around...


Happy Guests entering the park!


First Day on the job, and this side of the park is full!


No love for flat rides?


This flat is somewhat getting love....


Dead side of the park...


So sad seeing empty queues...


What's going on here...


Stay tuned for more news!

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^ Thanks guys! I'll take the advice and I'll try to fill the empty spaces and choose another path type.


I recently got to talk with park president Jeff Howard about next year's coming attraction's, and this is what he told me:


Next year's attraction will be a TRIPLE looping coaster for the bravest of thrill seekers, and we are also trying to make a contract with S&S to get another flat as well. We have recently made a contract with Cedar Fair about getting one of their "signature" flat rides as well, and they gladly made the deal with us. I hope to see everyone for opening day next year!


-Jeff Howard


New update (with photos this time) coming soon!

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I'd say for your boats, don't make it a path, make it more of a free ride. And for the monster trucks, I'd say have it a bit more spread out and not compact. That turn is, unrealistically, hanging there with no support. Other than that, I say it is a great start and I am looking forward to seeing the new coaster.

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So far you really need a lot of landscaping. Spread out your trees a bit and start adding things like flowers to the mix. Throw in some theming and you've got a solid park.


I'd actually suggest breaking up your huge paths with planters and landscaping rather than having all the trees off to the side. Either that or you could add food/drink stalls and rides in the middle of those pathways.


For the rides, add awnings and buildings around the queues. It doesn't have to be complicated. Just add them to make your scenery look a lot nicer.


Good start so far, you really need to just work on your landscaping.

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No offense, but this needs a lot more work. Along with the path issues, here are a couple of things I'm noticing.


The lakes. They are all perfectly square. Try using the canyon/trench digging tool and then using the terrain smoother tool. I creates a much more naturalistic look.


The rides. Try using Moby's Steel Jungle for your supports, they look much better than what you have.


Foliage. I barely see any trees, try downloading N7's ornamental trees and Old Spices Tree set, they are much more realistic.


Structures. There seem to be very little. Download Shyguy's Main Street Sets (All 9) they are a great place to start when working with buildings. Buildings are what make and break RCT3 parks, give it a shot.


Your photos. You seem to take shots of your game in a lower resolution. Go to the settings menu and max them out before you take a picture. Also, you seem to take your photos with an RCT2 sort of mind. Remember it is 3D, try to take you photos from a peep view, overviews are not a bad thing at all, but show us some peep views let us soak in the park.


Most importantly, slow down! Don't rush to release something, take your time and do it right. I spent 4 months building my Portals to Adventure park before I even posted so much as a teaser for it, and it wasn't for another month after that, that I posted the first update. Make your park how your really want it to be, make it look complete, and whole, not a WIP.


I hope this helps just a little.


If you need anywhere for good CS sets, check out the downloads page on Shyguysworld.com or the downloads page for rct-3.org, they are great places to start a good collection of CS and CTRs.


Good luck with your park.

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Time to be a stickler...


Did each section take you, what, ten minutes then you posted it?


Seriously, there's not even fences around the perimeter of rides in some places. That's just one little bug. The foliage, as Tomes said, could use more variety too. Try Old Spices Tree Set to start.


I'm also noticing no change in land coloring, or terra-coloring. Spruce it up; use some green grass mixed with a tad of dirt and experiment with those.


I don't even know what you were thinking when you placed those bushes. Repetitive and boring. Again, mix it.


That's all I'm going to stick with for today. Hopefully I'll be more impressed in the next update.

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Come back when the NEW and IMPROVED California Kingdom returns, as I will do my best to impress you guys

A) No one should be here to impress anyone else. B) The NEW and IMPROVED version should have been the version you started the thread with.


Put some effort into your work. I may rarely finish a project myself, but I put in a huge amount of effort every time I sit down and play.

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  • 3 weeks later...

The Park is Back!


Sneak Peak at The Park's New Carnival Themed Section! Carnival Craze! (The new coaster) and more!


A new Flat ride + Intamin Blitz Coaster = Awesome (Plus A preview of what the Themed section's paths will look like)


Queue, and station


Themeing! And do you see that large "house" on the right? It's the "dark ride" part of the coaster, and features two inversions!


Testing this new baby


Thanks for the feedback guys, and stay with me! The park is getting some landscaping work done, lakes being expanded/fixed and more.


Thank You For Keeping Up!

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Oh my god. Please fix those supports! That is, no offense, some of the most horrendous supporting I've ever seen. You can pull off better using Jcat's Steelworx in ten minutes...seriously...


Come back when the NEW and IMPROVED California Kingdom returns, as I will do my best to impress you guys

A) No one should be here to impress anyone else. B) The NEW and IMPROVED version should have been the version you started the thread with.


Put some effort into your work. I may rarely finish a project myself, but I put in a huge amount of effort every time I sit down and play.


Agreed, this is zero progress. Come on Chris, I know you're capable of much better.

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