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Best Theme Park Map Design

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Habbo Style!!!!! Now that is sexy!!! Mega props to Alton Towers on that one!


Hopefully parks will start doing creative things with their maps. Six Flags maps are usualy confusing disasters that look like they were done in Microsoft paint by a volunteer graphic design intern, and Although Cedar Fair is a little better and has an established Illustrative style in their maps which works fine, having about 15 maps in the same style is as redundant and boring as watching Dreamworks sequels.

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The newer SF maps are actually really nicely done and well-detailed compared to the older ones which were hit-miss on their designs. I'm not a fan of the CF maps. They look too cartoony for my tastes.


The best map design is probably Disney, hands down followed by the various European park map designs. Some of the old Paramount park maps looked great too.

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Which amusement park do you think has the best (or worst) park map design? Why do you like (or dislike) it?


I really like the Alton Towers map from 2007. I like the Habbo style, I think it is really clean & cool:








That map is cool!

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That Kings Island map is actually the first map in the Cedar Fair style that I dislike. Too much empty space in the green areas. At least add some trees or something. Or a rotting run-down SoB structure


Now my addition:


Colorful and informative (2009?):


Tacky confusing bullshit (1997):


But at least it still had GASM and The Chiller. My, how Great Adventure has changed.

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