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Photo TR: Six Flags Mexico and La Feria Chapultepec


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I recently had a chance to spend a long weekend in Mexico City, and visited Six Flags Mexico and La Feria Chapultepec while I was there.


Overall Mexico City is great. Very friendly people, fantastic food, and cheap. There are some really neat sights and a world-class museum. I never once felt unsafe, even when walking at night. Many US cities have a higher violent crime rate. I also did not get sick, despite eating tacos and quesadillas off the street (I did avoid ice and water/juice).


Here's a little bit of transportation information in case anyone is interested in doing the trip themselves:

Six Flags Mexico: I took Metro line 3 to the southernmost station, Universidad. There's a large taxi stand right outside the station (next to the buses), and it was about 40 pesos ($3.50) to take a cab to SFM from there. It's only about 7km away and takes maybe 10 minutes depending on traffic. On the way back, I caught a cab on the street right outside SFM, and took it to Universidad station to do the trip in reverse. You also could just take a taxi all the way from the city center, but it's 25km so it would be more expensive, especially if you hit traffic.

La Feria Chapultepec: I took the metro to Constituyentes Station. It's about a 10 minute walk from there. Unfortunately it's not marked at all, and it's a rather unpleasant walk across a couple of major roads. Walk past the science museum and the main entrance to La Feria is on the right.


Now on to the pictures!


I'm here! Superman from the parking lot.


Medusa in the morning light. It was about 10:30AM on a Thursday.


Lots of Six Flags theming, and plenty of trees


It wasn't very crowded yet... and turns out half the rides weren't open yet!


First up: Superman, El Ultimo Escape! Obligatory sign shot for Larry.


Spanish makes everything sound more badass.


Here's the Superman station. They were only running one train, but it was only about a 10 minute wait.


Superman's train


The first drop isn't that steep, but it's still pretty good. Can't compare to an Intamin drop!


Almost there...


The drop is similar to Steel Force or Mamba, but with a slight jog to the right like Steel Eel.


The ride towers over the front of the park


You get some great laterals and positive G's in the helix, and the train maintains a high speed all the way through it.

Overall, Superman is a fantastic ride. Easily the best coaster in Mexico, and by far the best Morgan hyper. I think it's even better than most B&M hypers, and dare I say it, better than some Intamin hypers!


Fantastic ejector air time going over this hill.


More strong airtime going into the mid-course brakes, and over this bunny hill. Unfortunately it's not very easy to photograph the ride from inside the park.


Yep, we're at Six Flags! But it's in Mexico so there are 50% more tacos than a normal Six Flags.


Lots of nice theming and trees. This is one of the best looking Six Flags parks!


Medusa! I'd heard this ride was really rough, but the layout looks incredible. I was excited to give it a try.


OH NOES! Medusa was closed! It looked like they were doing some serious re-tracking.


And it would have only been a two hour wait time...


Not even a train in the station.


Senor churro is NOT happy about Medusa being closed!


On to Dark Knight, one of two Batman themed coasters in the park, and also the newest coaster in the park. It's the same as the other versions, except the pre-show is dubbed in Spanish, making it even more boring than the original! Luckily the brakes were almost entirely off, so there were some pretty wicked laterals on the ride.


Decent "Gotham City Subway" theming outside the ride.


Blurry ride shot


Walked by the roller skater... not open yet...


Very nice looking S&S tower ride. This one is themed after a volcano.


Come children, walk through the giant creepy clown's mouth to get to the Bugs Bunny Circus!


Six Flags Mexico also has 50% more giant soccer balls than an American Six Flags.


Boomerang and Batman were also still closed (Oh, Six Flags) so I went over to Tsunami. Larry shot!


The whole ride is under a weird steel pyramid structure.


Nicely landscaped.


The train dives through a small "cave" next to the station.


Superman's second hill and helices tower over a Batman-themed stage


It was 11:30 at this point, but Boomerang was still closed even though the sign said it opened at 11.


Look at that air pollution! Mexico City will literally turn your boogers black.


Boomerang opened around noon and had an immediate line. It was about a 25 minute, 3-train wait, mostly because of slow loading procedures and a reaallly slow cable lift. This is the very first boomerang EVAR, and man is it rough! One of the roughest boomers I've been on.


Giant barrel of Mexican beer!


Nice shaded areas... I said it before, but it really is a nice looking park, at least for a Six Flags.


More theming


Lots of directional signs around the park


Pirate Battle ride!


Domo won't stop until he achieves TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION


Park map!


Ohh, Batman is open.


Well it looks pretty nice...


But it's a typical SLC! Shame they couldn't have gotten a normal B&M Batman.


Batman ride sign! With sun flare... oops, sorry Larry. I got a bit sunburned, probably because of the high elevation.


Ouch ouch ouch


The guy in the front left is actually frowning. Thanks, Vekoma.


One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong


Inversion geek shot!


Back to the Roller Skater...


And it's open! Time to do some credit whoring.


Walking back by Superman on my way out of the park.


See, I told you there were 50% more tacos. Also more fountains and ceramic frogs.


Buildings near the entrance. It was getting cloudy and looked like rain.


Another aqueduct/fountain near the entrance.


Adios, Six Flags Mexico!


Superman looms in the distance.


And through the magic of the internet, we've arrived at La Feria Chapultepec on a Saturday afternoon!


The entrance plaza. La Feria is in a large urban park (Chapultepec).


Welcome to La Feria! It was somewhat crowded, but not too bad.


I got my Pasaporte Platino... good to go!


A grasshopper, the symbol of Chapultepec.


Montaña Infinitum is right in the entrance plaza.


Two intense swooping drops on this ride!


The restraints are odd - lapbars with a separate "back-pack strap" restraint. They're OK, and better than OTSRs, but there's no reason this ride couldn't just have a lapbar.


Three big loops - nice intensity and pretty smooth.


Mmmm, Schwarzkopf...


I think it's themed after a cell phone company. Take that, T-Express!


Overview of Montaña Infinitum. Very compact ride. Unfortunately it looks like rain again... :(


On to Montaña Rusa, the classic Mobius coaster. It turns 50 soon.


Nice old-school trains. Unfortunately they were only operating one train on the ride, so the line moved veeery slow. Still only had to wait about 20 minutes.


The second drop is fantastic, and probably the best moment on the ride. Ejector air.


La Feria is a Pepsi park. I do not approve!


Montaña Rusa's station


Train full of riders coming back to the station.


Unfortunately the trains have an uncomfortable steel lap bar.


Overall I liked the ride, but it has some issues. It is very rough and intense... kind of like the Coney Island Cyclone. You wouldn't want to do much re-riding. About half of the drops (including the first drop) are "rampy" and not that exciting, but the other half are steep and have huge pops of ejector air.


Ride sign


Lots of flat rides around the park


The park is not that big, so they cram a lot of rides in.


On to Raton Loco, the next credit!


This ride is crazy intense. The brakes only kicked in twice on the whole ride, and just a very light touch. So the spinning was LOCO. Way too much for my tastes!


They also made me take off my glasses on this ride and hold them in my hands. Weird.


The locals loved it!


Haunted walk-through


Log flume time! Very popular ride.




On to Cascabel. You may recognize this coaster from Kennywood.


More Schwarzkopf looping goodness!


The front spike. Cascabel is a fantastic ride, as expected. Smooth, fast, powerful loop, and nice hangtime. And all with a simple lapbar, the way Anton intended!


Well that's it for the two parks. Time for a CULTURE CREDIT MINI PHOTO TR!


Yes, that is a cop with a sombrero. Better than a Canadian Mountie (and I didn't think any police officer could be better than a Canadian Mountie!)


Mexicans are big on PDA. We saw lots of couples making out all over the place, even in the subway and in church plazas. Interestingly, this also included gay couples. Gay marriage is completely legal in Mexico.


Palacio de Bellas Artes. A fantastic building.


Courtyard of the National Palace... another beautiful building!


EPIC PYRAMID JUMP! Hope you enjoyed the report :)

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Awesome, awesome AWESOME PTR Tim...


It's a shame that Mexico has become the 'retirement' home for Schwarzkopf coasters- I hate going there for safety reasons, but my unending love for all of His rides drives me to head there.


Sigh. I need a huge lottery ticket to bring the rides home to the USA.

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Nice trip report! I remember seeing a photo of Montaña Rusa in a book years ago before its reprofiling and when it was still running Century Flyers. Even now, it looks like an interesting ride. Also, Churro Man needs to find his way to all US Six Flags parks.

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I am completely fascinated by these two parks. As a dedicated Morgan fan, I'm glad to hear Superman is so enjoyable. Too bad Medusa supposedly doesn't live up to its beautiful structure. La Feria Chapultepec sounds like it has some great classic rides for such a modest park. I see there is some stunning architecture in the city as well.


Thanks for the reviews and travel information! I'll definitely be keeping these parks on my radar.

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Exotic parks to say the least. La Feria looks a bit Ghetto, but hey, they got not one but TWO Schwarzkopf looping coasters ! Montana Infinitum is excellent (rode it as Magnum Force @ Flamingoland and it hauled a**, maybe even better than acclaimed and excellent Olympia Looping) and I have a soft spot for launched (shuttle loop). Definitely worth stopping by ! and even better at night from Youtube videos I see) Oh, btw, am I alone to think a single red car on a blue train looks cheap ? kind of a quick fix

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Cool PhotoTR!


At first I thought about adding Mexico City to my WDW trip next year but its a real hassle switching between the US and Mexico - you then need to apply for a regular US visa and cant use the Visa Waiver Program so I dropped it for now and do Mexico seperatly some day.


Love to see my good ol Dreier Looping - once on the german carnival circuit - is still in operation. But at the old times in germany it had lapbars only. Having two Schwarzkopf coasters in one park alone would be a reason for me to visit!


and they also have a Weber Traumboot - TOPS!!!


One question: How can one get around without much knowledge of spanish???

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Thank you for the great photos... I hardly ever see a thread on here covering Six Flags Mexico in detail. I was excited to check out the photos. I must say I am impressed with the look of the park. I hope to visit it one day! Now only I could find some up-date quality videos. I would love to see more photos of SFM as well. Thanks again!!!


P.S. how were SFM's flat ride package? Also, does that superman (A Morgan) actually give real ejector air time? Or just more-so than your typical morgan? (I've been on Steel force and Mamba. While not as intense as intimiin hypers, IMO, ((didn't care much for Mamba)) Steel Force was plenty fun.

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One question: How can one get around without much knowledge of spanish???


Surprisingly few people spoke English, even in touristy areas (none of the taxi drivers I had, nobody at my hotel, nobody I talked to at SFM or La Feria spoke any English). That being said, it was still pretty easy to get around. Just learn a few key phrases and you'll be fine. As an American, I already have some survival Spanish skills, and that was more than enough. Don't let not knowing Spanish deter you from traveling to Mexico City!


P.S. how were SFM's flat ride package? Also, does that superman (A Morgan) actually give real ejector air time? Or just more-so than your typical morgan? (I've been on Steel force and Mamba. While not as intense as intimiin hypers, IMO, ((didn't care much for Mamba)) Steel Force was plenty fun.


SFM really didn't have very many flat rides. It isn't a very big park. They have all of their rides listed on their website if you want to take a look at what they have. Superman does have *real* ejector airtime at one point on the ride, which really surprised me. After the huge awesome left-turning helix, the train goes over a sharp hill before diving to the right. This is where the fantastic airtime is. The rest of the airtime I would describe as strong floater, similar to what you might find on Steel Force or Mamba when they're running well. This is definitely the most intense Morgan hyper I've been on, in terms of both airtime, positive G's, and laterals. I haven't been on the Arrow/Morgan Phantom's Revenge, or Steel Dragon 2000, so I can't compare it to those.

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Sweet report! As others have said, this is the first time I've gotten such a good look into SFM and I'm very impressed; the park looks great. Plus, lots of tacos, so, winning.


And wasn't Superman Morgan's last hypercoaster? If I'm recalling correctly, that thing traveled around, then sat around for quite awhile, before finally getting erected there? I miss Morgan... *stares into the distance wistfully.*


Also, loved the mini-culture report! Go, Mexico, with your pan-sexual PDAs!

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Didn't Montaña Rusa used to have REALLY old school trains? (ie. NAD rollingstocks)


Yes, and in the photo of the ride sign I think the think on the ground to the left is the front of one of the old trains. I'm not sure when/why they got rid of the old trains.

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I'm just glad that Dreier Looping is still around, I wasn't sure what had happened to it after Flamingo Land. Whilst I've not been on Dreir, I'm local to the Mindbender in Edmonton (easily the best part of Edmonton). It really is a fantastic ride, that despite its age remains completely ride able.


I guess Canada and Mexico are on par then? Awesome looking law enforcement and classic Schwarzkopf!

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Great TR!


I keep meaning to get down to Mexico City, and definitely will do so one of these days soon. I'll probably pair it up with a trip to the Ultra Music Festival in Miami to make a week to week and a half trip out of it.


It's really hard to review woodies based on eon ride, because they can vary so much in different seats. Front can be very different from back, and wheel vs non-wheel seats can make a huge difference, especially if you're not very tolerant of roughness. And I always try to ride woodies as late as possible to give them the best chance to shine. That said, I've heard that the one at La Feria is excellent, while the one at Six Flags is mediocre. I still love that they use the usual Six Flags Medusa logo for it that shows the inversions of a steel coaster in her hair. Not exactly representative of a wooden coaster!


And I'm dying for the chance to ride that Schwartzkopf again that used to be at Flamingoland. It was easily one of the coaster highlights of my first UK trip!


I also will definitely take in some culture on the trip, particularly the nearby pyramids.


A quick side note: gay marriage is only legal in Mexico City, not in all of Mexico. There have been some attempts to try and stop it by some people in the federal government. I believe that the marriages performed there are recognized by the federal government (for now, at least), unlike in the US.

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I'm a bit surprised that Six Flags didn't have more of an "English speaking" presence... Guess I'll have to trek up Buford Highway and learn some Spanish if I ever make the trek down there.



In all seriousness, though, great trip report. I agree the Anton coasters are a real treat to see. Although they aren't in the best cosmetic shape, great to see them running. Glad you had a good time, and really appreciate you sharing it with all of us stuck stateside for the foreseeable future!

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This is such a cool TR! Thanks for sharing. Though I'm surprised at the bold assertion of Superman as the best Morgan out there...if we're counting Phantom's Revenge, I don't think it's even close. Still, it looks worth a ride, as do the Schwarzkopfs and Montana Rusa. I may never make it to Mexico City, but at least I have some reason to think about it now. It's pretty awesome to see the kind of access TPR gets people to places they'd never normally see.

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^I said it was "by far the best Morgan hyper." I was comparing it to Steel Force, Mamba, Wild Thing, and Steel Eel. But I haven't been on Phantom's Revenge or Steel Dragon 2000, so I can't compare. In any event, I found Superman to be smoother and more forceful than the four other "traditional" Morgan hypers.


Travelling to Mexico would definitely make me nervous.


Don't be nervous! Mexico City is the safest part of the country. I honestly did not once feel unsafe while traveling in the city. I even went to the parks alone (my friends don't do coasters, they went to a museum while I went on coasters!), and didn't have any problems whatsoever on the metro or taking taxis alone. I think the city gets an unfair bad rap!


The US state dept just updated their travel info for Mexico, and there is no warning for Mexico City. There's not even an "advisory" for Mexico City. Of course it doesn't hurt to stay vigiliant, I kept my wallet in my front pocket just to be safe, never walked alone at night, and didn't go into any neighborhood that I hadn't read about in a guidebook or online.

So, you should all go to Mexico City! But wait for Medusa to be re-tracked first, and stay away from the borders.

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