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NEWS: Gerstlauer has eight new projects for 2012!

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Gerstlauer has sent us a press release detailing their 2012 projects, including the fabrication of a new Eurofighter (Iron Shark) for the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier.


For 2012 the German company Gerstlauer is opening many projects worldwide, including three in North America. Across the continent they are opening a SkyFly ride at Nick Universe in the Mall of America, new coaster trains at Hersheypark, and a Euro-Fighter at Landry’s new Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier.


“It is another busy year for us,” said Siegfried Gerstlauer, Gerstlauer Amusement Rides’ Managing Director. “We are opening three of our new SkyFly rides worldwide and roller coasters of all sizes around the world. We have worked to offer our clients new and unique ways to thrill their guests, and this is why we see parks coming back to us for more innovative attractions.”


The SkyFly at Nickelodeon Universe in the Mall of America will be the park’s 3rd Gerstlauer ride. “It something we are very proud of,” said Adam Sandy, Director of Sales for the Ride Entertainment Group, which sells for Gerstlauer. “In 2004 we opened our prototype Spinning Coaster at the property, 2008 saw a Euro-Fighter installed as the keystone attraction for the Nickelodeon rebranding, and this year we are letting park-goers become pilots in the SkyFly.”


Nick Universe has branded the ride “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shell Shock”. After passing through an elaborately-themed queue each guest will board their own ride vehicle, which features detailed theming. Once the ride starts, the giant arm rotates, taking guests from ground level to 72 feet above the floor with each rotation. During the experience riders are also free to flip their ride arm so they can do barrel rolls in the sky. What makes the ride unique is that each guest creates their own experience.


Hersheypark wanted to update their classic Schwarzkopf coaster, 1977’s “SooperDooperLooper” with new trains. Gerstlauer has designed a new roller coaster vehicle that offers updated comfort, but retained the classic lap bar-style restraint. With a 42-inch height requirement the “SooperDooper”looper” is an attraction that many kids along the Eastern Seaboard ride as their first looping coaster. Upgrades like this one allow this steel coaster to continue to thrill families for decades to come and Gerstlauer is excited to be providing trains for this seventies classic.


Gerstlauer’s largest North American project will open this year at the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier in Galveston, Texas. Dubbed the “Iron Shark”, Gerstlauer's newest Euro-Fighter will stand 100 feet tall and feature 4 inversions. Siegfried Gerstlauer, who designed the ride, noted that, “It packs a lot of ride in a compact footprint. I believe that riders will be surprised when they fly through this web of steel”.


Instead of using traditional concrete foundations a majority of the ride will rest upon a steel base frame designed and delivered by Gerstlauer. This frame was created to handle hurricane-force winds, but required no penetration into the pier deck, which saved Landry’s considerable construction costs. Another unique feature of the ride is the updated restraints. This will be Gerstlauer’s first eight-passenger Euro-Fighter car to feature lap bars. “Our lap bars worked extremely well 2011’s ‘Dare Devil Dive’ Euro-Fighter and we expect them to be a great fit on ’Iron Shark’”, said Sandy.


From coasters to crazy flat rides, 2012 will be another banner year for Gerstlauer.


Gerstlauer’s 2012 Installations announced as of press time:


Duinrell (Netherlands)- Family Coaster

Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier (United States)- Euro-Fighter

Hersheypark (United States) - Roller Coaster Trains

Legoland Germany (Germany)- SkyFly 12

Liseberg (Sweden)- Polyp

Nick Universe in the Mall of America (United States)- SkyFly 12

Nigloland (France)- SkyFly 12

OK Corral (France) - Junior Shuttle Coaster


Iron Shark track pieces currently being fabricated for the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier.



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1) I had no clue they put together the entire Eurofighter lift hill in-factory like that. Is that how all Eurofighter installations work?

2) I can't even describe how happy I am to see that they're doing four-across lap bar-only cars. I hate the design of the six-person cars, but love lap bars instead of OTSRs! This is just the best of both worlds.

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Eager to see the new trains for the Schwarzkopf ride - espacially in comparison to the Teststecke trains built by SAT rides....


I hope to see a new coaster idea soon as the eurofighter idea is already a lil aged. But the steel frame keeps my hopes up to someday see a portable eurofighter on the german carnival circuit....


Maybe we see something like this: Gerstlauer Site. As there said in german "The Hybrid Coaster Train can be adapted to tracksystems of all manufacturers - wood or steel!"

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If the Sooperdooperlooper trains do end up being like the ones on Texas Giant, that would be great because they can make the shell look like an old Schwarzkopf train. The chassis(s?) are pretty much set up the same way, too - four sets of wheels with a big front end for the front car, and two sets of wheels for each car behind.

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Can someone explain how, the coast will be secure if its not going to be attached (penetrate the pier itself). It sounded as if this ride will have no footers. So does it just rest ontop of the pier? I've seen rides like carnival rides build upon a steel base frame which rests on pieces of lumber (like wild mouses, etc..) but not one that is in an area that gets Hurricanes...

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All - formally - portable Schwarzkopf rides have no permanent footings. They're just built onto a steel base frame. Onto that frame multiple kind-of basins are built that can either be filled with water or cement blocks to provide secure footing for the steel frame.


On this RCDB photo you can see two of such basins as footing for the loop.


Here the footers are classically filled with water on the Testrecke (pic by Looping-Grufti).

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Wow, thanks!!! So basically its a ride attached to a extremely heavily weighted footer that would be near to impossible to pick up or tip over to geometry and mass. My only concern was becasue of the hurricane the the area gets. Seen buildings destroyed and wondered how this ride would withstand and hold up to their claim.


Even Lazer had this (didn't know)... wierd that it rests on wooden blocks. Couldn't such a set up (i.e. the wooden blocks) be blown by hurricane winds?

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Am I the only one who finds it slightly sad Sooperdooperlooper is losing its classic Schwarzkopf trains?


The trains being replaced on Sooperdooperlooper are actually second generation trains that were built by (based on the Schwarzkopf design) Giovanola. They were introduced on the ride in 1988. Rest assured that one of HP's goals has been to maintain the ride experience that SDL has delivered since its opening in 1977.

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You can also place concrete blocks into that footers - have seen that on the permanently setup Looping Star at Slagharen -and such blocks weigh much more than water. We here in northern europe dont have such heavy storms but for the Spring- and Winter-Dom there were storms with up to 140 kph and so far no ride was blown away.

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