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CrazyParkManager's B&M NoLimits Challenge!

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Greetings Ride Designers...


After doings some 'shopping' for my latest enterprise (Literally! I bought one!) I realized I've made a huuuuuge mistake. Actually, it's not so huge. It's rather small, really. In fact, that's where you come in:


B&M No Limits Challenge I


You see, in all my shopping, I forgot to get a coaster... or two... or four. I was so focused on buying up some splendid rides (More on that in the future!) that I used up all the space in my current park. So now, working with B&M, I need a few good designs.




1.) Your coaster must be between 2450 and 3250 feet long.

2.) Your coaster must be between 85 and 125 feet tall.

3.) Your coaster must have AT LEAST TWO TRAIN OPERATIONS. A bonus will be given for THREE train ops without stacking the trains on the blocks.

4.) Your coaster MUST have THREE inversions. Not FOUR, Not TWO, Not SIX. Three. Three and Only Three. No more than three. No less than three.

5.) Your coaster must be of the 'compact' nature. No freeform, spread out designs, no Out and Back designs. I don't have enough space in my new project for a big ride.

6.) YOU MAY SUBMIT UP TO FOUR TRACKS: That's right, enter four different tracks, and raise up your chances of a win!

7.) To clarify: This project may ONLY be of a B&M Sitdown Looping coaster. Not a Floorless, Standup, Drop Machine, Flying, Inverted or other coaster. Only a Sitdown Looper, please.


So now that you've read this far, how about the prizes up for grabs?


Well, that's easy:

For our 'Best in show' winner, you will get a TPR Bag of Crap PLUS a TPR DVD!

For our "Nice job" winnter, you'll get a TPR DVD!

For all our entrants, you'll get a 250 point bonus in the exchange.


So how will a winner be chosen: This time, the great Moderators of the Games Forum will be voting on the rides. Well, not voting, but rather scoring. Rides will be scored on a 100 point basis, with each score added up to find a winner:


10 points: Color and Scenery

25 points: Layout

25 points: Originality of design

10 points: Use of Space

30 points: Keeping to "B&M Design" (Yes, make your jokes now...)


The key here is to give me a B&M design that has the FEEL of a good ride- that is, no funky elements that I wouldn't find ON a B&M coaster. You can be creative, but making an element that you'd find on a Gerstlauer coaster onto your coaster here is a no-no.


OK: Now the bad stuff:


All entries are subject to review. If there is -any- inkling of cheating involved:


You will be banned ASAP. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Due to the complexity of this challenge, you have till February 29th to have your rides submitted to the TPR Game Exchange. In fact, post your finished rides in this thread, with pictures please. (That's a must. No pictures, no entry!) If you want to add a video of your new ride, go for it! We'd love to see what you've got in store.


Good luck to everyone!



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This could possibly be my kind of contest. I love tightly-packed rides.


Too bad I can't really enter, due to me being a judge (Who's bright idea was that?!?).

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I'm in! This is my first C.P.M. project, so what is considered cheating?


For a NL challenge, you can use all the tools that come with NL plus Newton 2 as you need it.


Cheating, however, is stealing somebody else's design, modifying it, and using it as your own. Same thing would be to build the ride in another editor beyond NL/Newton 2, and import it in. The ride MUST be built in NL/Newton.




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The ideas as set forth (read the first post!) are that the ride MUST be compact- as the park C.P.M. has bought is very short on space. Thrilling we can safely say is a must. However, with the constraints that were laid down, going TOO over the top might not be the best thing. Think Daemonen that's longer and a bit taller overall.

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