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en·vy   [en-vee]


1. a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another's advantages, success, possessions, etc.

2. an object of envious feeling


Ever been so mad at someone because they held the one thing you desired?



Ever been so angry at something that you couldn't function right?



Ever been so jealous that you turned green?



Meet enVy, a unique Intamin Blitz from griffonj2022



Featuring a 150 ft. inVerted top hat, quick acceleration, and a vertical airtime hill, BE JEALOUS.




Coming Soon


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I am honored and proud to announce that enVy, a unique Intamin Blitz coaster, will be a joint project between myself and grrt! With us working hard to finish up such a special project, we promise it will be unlike anything you've seen from the two of us. Get ready to BE JEALOUS as the release, POV, off-ride video, and pictures are coming soon enough!





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It should be noted that the file is rather large and requires multiple landscape/tree sets which I'm not fully sure which were used. Though if you don't have them, you should still be able to enjoy the track.

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