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Where in the World are Robb & Elissa??? 2012 Edition!

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Alright here's my list:


Picture 1: At the Orlando Airport, no real clue as Delta isn't listed

Picture 2: Green reference, to a Green Singapore Orchid?

Picture 3: International airlines, reference to an international flight.

Picture 4: Trams/Trains, one of Singapores main mode of transportation

Picture 5: Meat is a staple of some Singapore dishes

Picture 6: Best Buy not a freaking clue

Picture 7: Layover in Atlanta where CNN is located

Picture 8: Manta Rays are located in Singapores waters, (maybe a boat tour or something?)

Picture 9: Hi Elissa and her bag of secrets

Picture 10: Cozy is dressed up like a sphinx, reference to Revenge of the Mummy a Coaster a Universal Singapore

Picture 11: Hi Elissa

Picture 12: Tower Heist movie, Singapore is known for its skyscrapers

Picture 13: Layover in Atlanta Elissa needs to refuel at McDonalds

Picture 14: Crossword Puzzle, Jack and Jill, nursery rhyme characters, represents far far away land at Universal Singapore

Picture 15: Still in Atlanta

Picture 16: Random KidTums picture

Picture 17: Pattern looks Egyptian again maybe a Revenge of the Mummy reference

Picture 18: Las Vegas- Hollywoodish, Hollywood section of Universal?

Picture 19: No clue, but some of the artwork in section 3 of the picture look like the big statues in a later clue

Picture 20: City names, Taipei, could be heading to Taiwan after Singapore?

Picture 21: Queen: Singapore was a British Trading Post, and their English is based off of British English

Picture 22: Big Rock is Bintan Rock in Singapore

Picture 23: Movies, US/Japan ones, because you'll have a layover in Narita.

Picture 24: House of Blues- No Clue

Picture 25: Love Boat, Not a clue, but someone else guessed it.

Picture 26: Gateway computer, Singapore is the Gateway to somewhere

Picture 27: Upside Down in the Southern Hemisphere

Picture 28: I think this one was a Red herring clue

Picture 29: Lots of business cards, did TPR put a Business card there?

Picture 30: QR code for Delta, checking out their flight info

Picture 31: Restaurant myth, sci-fi ish for SciFi land at Universal

Picture 32: Breakfast, because they have another layover

Picture 33: They need some Singapore Dollars, easier to use the chip and pin cards

Picture 34: Their New gate for the next flight

Picture 35: Another layover

Picture 36: Bats SciFi, SciFi section of Universal

Picture 37: same as 36 also could reference bats in a cave in the Revenge of the Mummy movie?

Picture 38: NY section of Universal Singapore

Picture 39: Thoroughly Modern Millie some characters are of Orient Descent

Picture 40: Hi Elissa!

Picture 41: Wine: Red herring clue

Picture 42: Japanese writing maybe, clue to their layover or it could be Mandarin Chinese another language of Singapore

Picture 43: Pic of Singapore skyline, which is known for medical tourism

Picture 44: Narita airport and the Shaka Shaka Chicken

Picture 45: A restaurant at the airport

Picture 46: Not a clue

Picture 47: zookeeper = madagascar section of Universal

Picture 48: another flight

Picture 49: Hi elissa

Picture 50: airport mascot

Picture 51: more inflight movies

Picture 52: scifi guys, scifi section of Universal

Picture 53: Still a layover

Picture 54: Not a clue

Picture 55: Hi Elissa, probably thinking are we there yet?

Picture 56: Japan to Singapore

Picture 57: Singapore airport

Picture 58: Food!

Picture 59: Hotel Lobby, of Hotel Michael (guessed by other people)

Picture 60: Almost time to crash

Picture 61: Lovely room

Picture 62: another picture of the room

Picture 63: Big Big Bed

Picture 64: Singapore Orchid?

Picture 65: Very technology oriented

Picture 66: Time for bed!

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well no, Osaka is too far inland BUT, DIND DING DING, Universal Studios Japan does still have a working... wait for it, Jaws - the ride featuring Captain Jakes Amity boat tours and it seems that alot of people were upset that Universal Studios Orlando closed their version that Robb and Elissa are going to get a video of the Japanese version.



Well, there goes that theory. Cool video, BTW

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The "Love Boat" could refer to the large ship structure which straddles across the rooftops of a trio of hotel towers at the Marina Bay Sands casino resort in Singapore. The Marina Bay Sands is one of 2 casino resorts in Singapore ( the other being Resort World Sentosa where Universal Studios Singapore is located ).

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My guess was that you took off on a DELTA flight from Orlando airport, with transit stopovers at Atlanta ( Georgia ) and Narita airport (Japan), and arrived at Singapore.

Singapore has 2 casino resorts ( hence the Vegas inference ) and home to Universal Studios Singapore ( cat=sphinx=Revenge of the Mummy Ride ).

Singapore is a former British colony ( the queen ). It is referred to in the past as Gibraltar of the East ( the large rock ) and at present as GATEWAY to Asia.

You arrived at the Arrival Hall of the Changi International Airport in Singapore and checked-in at a resort hotel at Resort World Sentosa at Sentosa Island (staying just next to Universal Studios ). Finally, there is a night photo shot of the Sentosa waterfront.

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