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Where in the World are Robb & Elissa??? 2012 Edition!

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The menu on page 10...I'm assuming its korean


Ahh sorry i just looked at that one but it's also not korean, can't tell you what it is for sure since i've only studied korean, but after reading through some japanese sites for my upcoming trip i'm pretty sure some of the symbols look familiar so i think the menu on page 10 is japanese.

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Ghostbusters- Universal (note: Soul seeker is a ghost busting game you play at world joyland)

Gundham- look like transformers (note world Joyland also has knock off transformers)

Pacari Sweat- A popular asian drink (sold both in singapore and china)



Chris- loves how the clues can go both ways- Con

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Yes we get all these pictures show you are or were waiting for a plane at Narita Airport in Japan. Tatsu is a restaurant in terminal 1and Japanese Mcdonalds is also in terminal 1 and anyone who has had it knows it is better then normal sex.


But where are you heading? My guess and I'm going to bite on the Love Boat with two guesses.


The first one, the obvious one is Hong Kong. The Love Boat did go to Hong Kong. The Picture of Queen Elizabeth also supports this since Britain once controlled Hong Kong. It has also has been called the Gateway to China or Asia hence the Gateway computer.


My second guess is Taiwan. There is a program for College students called The Overseas Compatriot Youth Formosa Study Tour to Taiwan it is nick named The Love Boat. Also one the cities in the magazine on page five is Taipei.

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A quick search on Delta's website for flights leaving Orlando, there were only a few that stopped in Atlanta before continuing on to Asia. The thing I'm stumped on is there seemed to be one other stop between Atlanta and Narita airport.


But they could definitely be headed to any of the Asian cities mentioned, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, as they all had stops in atlanta and Japan before heading to their final destinations.


Now I'm definitely leaning towards Singapore just for the fact, a lot of the clues so far have been ride names at universal Singapore. And out of all the other Asian areas mentioned, I think Singapore has probably more in terms of amusement type stuff, so this is also a scouting mission for a future TPR trip.

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OK: After some 'revisions' time to think:


Welcome to Singapore.


The thought is this:

1.) You connected in Atlanta, then Tokyo- Two of Delta's hubs. Since you can't get from ATL to SIN without NRT, it would be logical.

2.) The plane you were on was headed SE of Japan. You've just landed there, so welcome- and enjoy the shopping at Changi International airport.

3.) The pictures on the longhaul maps were of the mutliple films being shown, however, in Business Elite you had your choice of many different films- or to lay back and sleep for a nice long time.

4.) Universal is there. Nuff said.

5.) The earliest pictures in the thread were of your connections: See #1.

6.) Awesome Fries pic from the Transit lounge at Narita.

7.) The Love Boat could be a cross-reference to some of the small-market cruises one might take while there.

8.) The Flyer: Universal could use one!

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Love Boat Singapore reference?




SINGAPORE (Reuters) -- A night of romance on the high seas, away from the stresses and strains of modern life. It may sound like a recipe for love.


In Singapore, it's a matter of survival.


Alarmed by a drop in the island-state's fertility rates, Dr Wei Siang Yu has launched a programme of fertility seminars accompanied by a boat cruise and a night at a holiday resort -- all designed to put couples in the mood.


Wei, founder of health promotion company Meggpower, calls it his "Love Boat" package.


"What we want to do is to alleviate stress."


But it doesn't come cheap. Couples must fork out S$1,000 (US$580 dollars) for the fertility programme.


"Massages, nutrition, aphrodisiacs, we are talking about music, we are talking about aromatherapy, and we're talking about health education programmes," the self-styled sex guru said.

You guys are in Singapore in order to make another baby.

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