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Where in the World are Robb & Elissa??? 2012 Edition!

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You made a good decision to get the hell out of America during Superbowl weekend. Props to that.


I want to say I think you're either going to World Joyland, Seaworld Australia, or both! I can't decide whether the picture of Manta draws me closer to the Starry Night Ripper or just another Seaworld park. I'll probably have to wait a while before I make actual guesses.

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Picture 1: MCO Terminal B Map

Picture 2: Parked in the Tropical Fish Garage, perhaps also going somewhere not cold.Map

Picture 3: Red Herring, Elissa would not be caught dead on any of those airlines.

Picture 4: Underground transportation - location has something underseas, like snorkeling, or water slides.

Picture 5: Outback Serves MEAT, so this location must have a cookout of somesort

Picture 6: BestBuy

Picture 7: Idiots from this new station often broadcast live from this location in crappy weather

Picture 8: Manta, obviously taken at MCO, Manta represents tropical, snorkling, sea, underwater...

Picture 9: The information for the trip in the pink bag could throw some to think Domo

Picture 10: Renee's cat is happy Robb is no longer taking care of it.

Picture 11: Hi!

Picture 12: Tower Heist - Somewhere high end, movie deals with rich people and tall towers

Picture 13: McD's Om Nom Nom Nom

Picture 14: Crossword Puzzle from the airline inflight magazine, thought I saw Erotica, but was wrong. I did see Whiskey Glasses and tilt tho, going somewhere with a foreign tongue maybe, maybe not.

Picture 15: Withdrawls from Coke - No real value

Picture 16: Chris Con Epic Fail guessing KT was not on the trip.

Picture 17: Pattern comes strangely close to the carpet in the rooms here



So, based on the flight terminal, tropical clues such as the plants, Manta, underground, high end high rise, "tilt" in the crossword standing for a slot machine on "tilt" and the carpet pattern suggest the Bahamas, Atlantis Resort. With it's snorkeling underwater, lots of tropical fish as suggested with Manta, warm tropical location, KT is along for the ride, historically gone somewhere in the winter without a coaster as a family trip, this is what I'm going with.

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It looks like the crossword puzzle answers are from a Delta in-flight Hemispheres magazine. The facing page is probably the Talk Show section of the publication. Not 100% who Delta code shares flights with but maybe it can get some more juices flowing.


Plus Delta has in-flight wifi so Robb could potentially appear "online" for the entire flight or flights.

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You're flying on Delta based on the clues (flying out of Terminal B and the previously mentioned crossword from the Delta Sky mag) and you connected in Atlanta (home of CNN) on the way to Minneapolis St. Paul (home of Best Buy). Your ultimate destination is the Mall of America, home to an aquarium (with mantas), green inside (indoors! also Nickelodeon slime is green), and its cold outdoors. Pepsi is also an official sponsor of the Mall and Nickelodeon Universe.


That is my one and only guess.

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Ok,here I go again, this years game. (can't believe it's been two years since the last game).


But first you flew out of Orlando (which by the way, was that better than LAX this time around?).

You took a shuttle to your gate, which could mean, you have to take lots of trains to get to your destination.

You had a layover in Atlanta

Cozy is having a party!

I think there is another layover in NYC.

Random note: KidTum's hair is absolutely gorgeous

the pattern Robb posted, could possibly be found on Mayan ruins or machu picchu?

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The twitter feed links to a page on CNN's international site which would suggest that they are no longer in the US and it is about the cold weather in Europe which could mean that they are travelling through Europe

Hooray, someone is paying attention to the Twitter!

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Hmmm... With the tweets in mind, and the recent Facebook post about "sitting in one of my favorite places", I'll randomly guess that place is the "throne" support on Colossus at Thorpe Park. So it is a shot in the dark, but maybe you are there on a construction tour of SWARM? Worth a guess

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The first set is obviously taken at MCO not much help there since you live in Orlando. I think you initially took Delta flight 1618 to Atlanta. You also posted a picture of the McDonalds from Concourse E in ATL Airport.



ATl McDonalds


Again not too much help since almost every Delta flight changes in Atlanta. Where could you be going? Some suggested Mall of America and there is a flight to Minneapolis at 10:30 But you did that on a previous Where in the World are Robb & Elissa and your too clever to go to the same place twice. Also you said you were cold suggesting that you were already flying meaning a departure between 9-10. I there is an interesting flight to San Jose Costa Rica that left from ATL terminal E around that time. And the picture of the plant could refer to the Costa Rican rain forest. Perhaps going to visit Parque de Diversiones maybe even hired to film one of their rides. Could this be the prior commitment Elissa turned down Anderson Cooper for?

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And now the twitter retweet is gone, so that could just be a red herring.

Weird. Are you sure?


Ok, it's not showing up when I view it on my iPad, but it's there, when I'm on an actual computer. Which could be the twitter apps fault. So who knows

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I think Robb & Elissa are going to the United Kingdom.




Picture #1 - British Airways is one of the airlines

Picture #3 - Virgin Atlantic is an English company

Outback Steakhouse - Restaurant is Australia-themed, Australia is part of the British Commonwealth

Manta - A flying coaster, Air (located in UK) is a flying coaster

Tower Heist - Lots of tall buildings in London, movie portrays a greedy rich guy who acts like a king, related to British royalty

Pepsi - PEPSI Max Big One, Pleasure Beach


Also I heard about cold weather, the UK is pretty cold.

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I can figure out the "easy" ones. . (LOL).


Yeah, y'all live in Orlando (based on how often you are in Magic Kingdom & Universal for updates ).


and I recognize the Orlando airport in the initial pics.


then, I know CNN is in Atlanta (go there every year for Dragon*con), and that McDonald's absolutely looks like one that's in the Hartsford (Atlanta) airport concourses.


I don't think you are staying in Atlanta tho, despite Six Flags Over Georgia being quite the fun park! (it's a bit of an effort to get to CNN Center/Aquarium area from the airport too -- hard to do if just a layover of less than 6 hours).


the Manta, makes me think that you're likely going to Europe connecting thru Atlanta -- which makes sense, since Hartsford is an International airport.


anyways, that's all I've got so far!

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Well they definatly flew international(if they did at all) from Atlanta, not MCO, as the only international flights out of MCO out of gates 60-99(which is where they were in the pics with Outback and Bestbuy) is TAM...nothing international flies out of MCO in that terminal until mid afternoon...


All the pics in the first post are taken from MCO...from the parking garage to Airside 4, where Delta, VA, and TAM are all located. At that hour, only Delta is flying out, as well as TAM


Yeah, I work at MCO, so I am very familiar with those early pics...which if I knew they were flying out...I could have gotten them through security with my super special employee badge..

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MCO, the Virgin Atlantic sign, the Monorail and the flying coaster:


Virgin Atlantic flies to London Gatwick- where a Monorail links the rotunda terminal to the main terminal building

Flying coaster: Alton Towers has the first Flyer


My best guess (Without opening a PNR file...)

You're heading to London/the UK to ride SWARM at Thorpe Park.

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