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Where in the World are Robb & Elissa??? 2012 Edition!

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Oh, one thing more, one small doubt, there are unclaimed clues about! No offense, Please reflect, some past photos answers may not be correct!


Well, if you take the capital letters here, it spells out ONP.


I'm pretty sure you aren't flying from Singapore to Newport Oregon.


It could be a reference to the stock symbol for Orient Paper Inc (ONP) which is based in Hebei Province which could mean you are going to Ocean Park or Shijiangzhuang Botanical Garden (this could also mean Beijing.


You could have possibly taken the 6:35 flight from Singapore that will get you into Beijing at 12:50.


The "MA" that is in this picture (I'm sure it says a different word if Elissa's head wasn't there)


Could refer to President Ma Ying-jeou.

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Oops. Jetstar Asia (Valuair) Airbus 320... Let's narrow this down a bit further by registration of the planes...


9V is the registration for Singapore (9V-XXX)

JetStar Asia/Valuair serves the following cities from Singapore:



Route Map


However, some of those longer flights might be off the map- the 320's can't fly that far...


I'm going with Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Penang or Siem Reap.

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Wow- Somebody who can spot an interior shot better than I can...


Let's move this song along, and try to find the plot:



SIN to ???? (these are the nonstop-routes of AirAsia from Sin)


I'm still sticking with Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur or Phuket (Just for the name on that one...)

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Definitely Kuala Lumpur, but maybe just for a plane change?


As others have mentioned- That's definitely the interior of an AirAsia plane

The Ma- That Elissa is covering with her head could stand for Malaysia

The picture of the the flight to ho chih min, was taken at the gate right next to the Kuala Lumpur flight..


Wish the angry birds image and the other images from around the world in earlier posts meant they were going to play that real life angry birds game at Windows of the World.

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Im gonna take your hint that some of the earlier hints were for this. Your flying to Brisbane (Connecting through Darwin) to visit 2 parks. Dreamworld and Warner Bros.


Clues that led me to this: Outback, CNN is owned by Time Warner, GREEN Lantern was opened there, Towerheist=Tower of Terror in dreamland and both parks are relatively close. Also Air Asia does fly to Brisbane from Singapore and since you are not going to Australia this year...i figured you would want to go there. But since your spending like 20 days in China...your not going there. And i don't see you taking your daughter to any of the other surrounding countries.

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Wait, is KT even with them? Anybody seen any pictures of KT on this trip? "


I mean, there was this picture:



This could have been taken at any time. Heck, it could be some other random kid that looks like KT.


Something does tell me that they won't be back in the states until next week though. No point flying all the way home to Orlando just to fly back out for WCB next week. So that time away from home would lead me to believe that KT is with them.

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I actually don't think KT is with them. She wasn't with them on their last where in the world. And that picture of KT looks familiar like it's been used before, I just don't remember which TR.


I feel absolutely stumped now about this. Just when I think I get an idea. Nope not even close.

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