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Where in the World are Robb & Elissa??? 2012 Edition!

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The Beer Market seems like the greatest concept in the history of mankind. America....listen up....start building these NOW.

Unfortunately, we couldn't do this in Georgia without changing the laws. Currently, drinks must remain the same price every day - ever seen a true "happy hour" special on drinks in GA? I hate this state sometimes.


I *LOVE* the idea though. As a combination of beer and economics, with the sexiness of a Vegas betting lounge-style board, it is brilliant.I know it is executed on a smaller scale at times, such as "kick the keg" nights where they slash the price of a beer on an off-night to bring people in, and empty the keg quicker. I too would love to see this concept expand


When it said "last trader sold 15 Hoegaarden.." does that mean we can short specific beers and profit on the drop? God the potential is amazing for what you could do with one of these in NYC or Chicago

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I am soooo jealous!! I've followed the building of Sentosa for years! I hope we will see a full trip report soon! xD


Ah well, maybe it will be worth waiting for by the time i'll actually get the chance to go!


Oh yeah, I had absolutely no clue where you were going until we got the USS pictures!

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Glad to see that we (USH) will be getting an amazing ride that's unique to Orlando....sort of.


Out of curiosity Rob, if you had to choose between Spiderman and Transformers, which version do you think has it better off?

Ok, here's what bothers me about your post. First off all, there is really no need to "brag" or thumb your nose at Orlando. USH needs this ride, DESPERATELY!!! Hell, USH would benefit greatly if they got a clone of Cat in the Hat!


Yes, it's a good ride...it's a GREAT RIDE, but IMO it was "on par" with Spider-Man. Which means you're getting an awesome ride. One of the best dark rides in the world. But one that Orlando has had for more than 10 years.


This ride is going to blow most California's minds, because that area have never seen anything like it, and it's different enough from Indy. But sort of when DCA got Tower of Terror, most Floridian folk would be all "What took you guys so long???"


If I had to "choose which one", I couldn't, because they are VERY similar. Just be happy you're getting a really kick ass ride and please try not to be a pretentious Californian on top of it. It's annoying.


--Robb "Although I'm sure many Californians will claim it's the best thing since the discovery of sex just to feel better about themselves..." Alvey

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Just chiming in with a few random thoughts from the trip so far...


- This place is really freaking far from the US. I mean, we fly A LOT, but this flight was a bit demoralizing. Nothing like getting to Tokyo after a 14+ hour flight and not only can you not stay in Japan but you have another 7+ hours of flying to go!!!


- Sentosa Island is very interesting. The Resorts World 'complex' is very cool with a ton of stuff to do/eat/shop and more coming.


- Universal is quite small, but feels so complete. We spent from 7:30am to 7pm at the park and were never bored or just sitting around. I mean there are five roller coasters! I also was shocked at some of the rides that I didn't even know existed! Didn't know they had the little car ride, the indoor ferris wheel, or the Twister/Backdraft Hurricane attraction!


- Transformers left me feeling a bit nauseous. I only rode it once. To me it felt EXACTLY like Spiderman, just with a different film. Again, this is great, but I think I was maybe expecting a bit more out of it. Some of the scenes were exactly out of Spiderman (robot jumping on vehicle, something shocking your vehicle, falling off a building, etc.) The vehicles also seemed a bit toned down compared to Spiderman.


- Battlestar Gallactica was 'interesting'. Human has no inversions and is very much like a launched Vekoma Mine Train. The launch in the backseat is a TON OF FUN! Great airtime on that. Cylon is quite intense with a very interesting layout. Both rides though feel a bit sluggish and suffer from some normal Vekoma shuffling. All in all though, they're great to watch, the racing launch is very cool, and they don't hurt at all. One VERY interesting thing we saw is that the second Human train is sitting in the maintenance shed with Over the Shoulder Restraints! Seems like the lapbars may be going away very soon.


- Food has been very good so far. Still waiting for my new McDonalds country credit though...that should happen today!


Robb's doing some more filming with the park this morning, so I'm here to answer any more random questions you may have for an hour or two!

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Yeah, it's about as far away as you can go while staying on the same planet.


I know you guys like to stick with Delta, but as a point of reference, the two longest flights in the world right now are both to Singapore; it's 9,535 miles from EWR (18 hours 40 minutes) or for preference 8,770 miles from LAX (17 hours 20 minutes). Both routes operated by Singapore Airlines.


I can't imagine taking a flight that long. Sydney to Abu Dhabi was quite bad enough...

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^So here's how it breaks down:


MCO - ATL about 1.5 hours

ATL - NRT about 14 hours

NRT - SIN aboug 7 hours


So you can see it's over 22 hours of actual flying. Once you factor in loading/unloading/taxiing/transfer time, you're looking at nearly 30 hours.


Flying from LAX would have cut out about four hours total, not as much as you might think.

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^Robb and I are pretty good with Jet Lag. Around 3pm local time yesterday (2am my body time), after all of the traveling and stuff I started really feeling it, but got a piece of pizza and a giant coke and it kept me going till 9pm, then I slept decently considering it was day time my body time!


So far the worst jet lag I've experienced was going from California to Dubai last year. It was an exact 12 hour difference. Robb and I basically survived on random naps here and there for the week!

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I have done both the EWR-SIN and the LAX-SIN and they are really not as bad as you think, i actually prefer them over my usual routing which is IAD-NRT-SIN. it also might have alot to do with 1. They are all Business and First Class, and 2. Its on Singapore Air which is an amazing Airline.


I do have to agree though, the flight is very very long, but i dont feel the EWR-SIN is any worse than LAX-SYD or IAD-NRT/IAD-HKG (which are the only other ultra long haul flights i have done)

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^I agree, I'd rather fly one super long flight then have to break it up.


As was mentioned though, we like to stay with one airline to maintain status and to get miles. You don't think we paid for those Business Class seats do you!?!? Just a tad out of our price range! So in this case we didn't have a choice with our routing.


Hmmm, I wonder where we could be going next!?!?!?

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That's why i'm ok with Singapore Air, its still Star Alliance .


But yes, i preach to everyone who flies on even a semi regular basis, stick to one carrier and there Alliance, even if it makes for some not great connections, because after the first 50-75k miles a year, you are basically guaranteed an upgrade.


Though i am thinking of ditching United, it seems every trip out west i have this year connects in LAX

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