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Blue Bayou Water Park: Aqualoop Construction and Updates

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Blue Bayou Water Park in Baton Rouge, LA announced in 2011 that it would be adding a Quadruple AquaLoop Water Slide for the 2012 season. If you aren't sure what that is, I've attached a photo of the one at Wet N' Wild in Australia. I'll be posting updates of construction as Blue Bayou posts them to their Facebook page. They will also be redoing their lazy river and making other various updates to the water park. If there are any other updates about Blue Bayou I'll post them here.


Quadruple AquaLoop at Wet N' Wild


Area at Blue Bayou being prepped to begin construction of Quadruple Aqualoop.

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If you ever see any major progress, let me know. I'd like to hear more of it. There are apparently a few Aqualoops being built in America and are not getting announced. For example, there's two intertwining aqualoops getting built in Washington at a park called Jolly Roger Splash Mountain.

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^When TPR was there last spring, the Aqualoops were closed for some sort of refurbishment. I was never clear on what was wrong--only that riders were having some "issues" with them.


For all I know, they're probably OK now.

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The slides probably wore quickly, that'd be my guess from what you're telling me. Got to scratching people's backs in no time at all. Maybe people were wearing something to cause it to happen so quickly.

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I wish England would get one, Although I can't see any being installed in any of our waterparks. Sandcastles is highly unlikely, queywest water park might be able to squeze one in, but I doubt that too. Splashdown Poole is probably the best hope.

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I hope they have better luck with these Aqualoop slides than they've had at Wet 'n' Wild in Australia so far.

Since your visit they have disassembled the slides and replaced some segments, and now the slide runs with a policy that you have to wear a rashie (the park provides them if you dont have one)

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^Thanks for the update. I was rather looking forward to trying those slides when TPR was in Australia last year.


Interesting. You're not allowed to wear a shirt at all on Vanish Point at Water Country in Williamsburg, but it's not as crazy as the Aqualoop slides.

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Nah, probably a place for the workers to go inside to avoid weather and see the blueprints. My guess, pieces won't show up until some supports get erected.
Slides were Delivered to Cowabunga Bay before sections of the Giant Interactive Water Play Structure Arrived.
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Due to the weather we've been having, construction on the Aqua Loop has been delayed. The pieces are finally going up and it should be ready in about three weeks. The Travel Channel also came to Blue Bayou about two weeks ago to feature the water park in their series "Extreme Waterparks". The lazy river is finished and looks the best it has in years.


Blue loop finally up!


The new and improved lazy river.


Look for Blue Bayou on Travel Channel's Extreme Waterparks! Airing in July.


The college kids featured in the Extreme Waterparks piece on Blue Bayou.

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