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Photo TR: Disney's AK and MGM 9-10-05

Erik Johnson

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Well we went to one of those Orlando parks today. No, not The Holy Land Experience, we won't be going there until they build the Holy Roller Coaster.

Anyways, we decided to go to Disney's Animal Kingdom today after planning it last weekend. I got some more pictures of the construction of the world's most themed roller coaster, Expedition Everest. I tried to take some different pictures of what was already posted earlier this week. Plus there are quite a few "Elissa friendly pictures" in this post. I hope these cheer you up Elissa! Anyways, I have now a new-found respect for Animal Kingdom. This was only the second time I have been to this park (thank you AP passes), but unlike the last visit (which was only four hours long) I was able to spend much more time to explore the park. AK's themeing is top notch. Ok enough of an introduction, its time for the pictures.


I believe these are electricfied in order to keep the animals from wandering into the wrong zones. ZAP!


We got to see some nice animals while on safari. Though this one was pretty standard when compared to BGT's version. Though its quite nice.


Safari time! This is the first time either of us have done the safari. The crowds were very light at AK today (no FP required), plus the weather wasn't too hot.


These Expedition Everest banners are found ALL over the park.


Ok this is the first of several Elissa friendly pictures. This is me and Chip.


If Disney only charges $8 for parking, how can Six Flags justify charging $10?


While this is not a drop tower, you get extra cool points if you know its name and location.


Leanne is very excited to get back to Disney's Animal Kingdom.


That is EE's lift hill on the left hand side as well as the top of its 80 foot drop into the bamboo forrest below. Its supposed to have a top speed of 55mph.


Ok, onto some Expedition Everest construction pictures. Yes, it is Florida's tallest mountain at 199 feet.


This is me attempting to play Taiko since my stupid drum controller has yet to arrive!!! Dang it, where is it? Yes, I am talking to you video game store from Hawaii!!


Leanne better not be looking for a new husband.


Expedition Everest looks like its going to be the coaster of 2006.


It looks like they already got the fast-pass section built.


Another lift hill picture.


More dirt pictures at the base of EE.


Here you can see a part of the drop and the embankment of the track.


After going down the 80 foot drop, the coaster wraps back around into the mountain up this embankment.


EE is massive. Can you find the worker on the mountain?


More moving around dirt pictures. I wonder if they are using donkey engines?


Check out the roller coaster itself. While its a typical mine car coaster, it has a donkey steam engine on the BACK of the coaster. The front seat will be perfect for POVs.


This is an artist's rendition of Expedition Everest.


This is a different angle of the 80 foot drop.

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Leanne happens to have two things that scare her. Complete darkness and loud Dinosaurs. Boy she is a trooper. Looping starships and pendelum type swinging flat rides are what scare me if you wanted to know.


Again the queue theming is top notch at AK.


Dinosaur! Since Alien Encounter is gone, this is now WDWs scariest darkest of all dark rides. Little kids beware!


Sue is about to chomp off my head.


I still need to ride the fast-pass side to the spinning mouse coaster for the other credit. We attempted but they ended up shutting down this side when we were going to use our fast-pass.


Ugh! Tarzan Rocks! Well Leanne was happy to see it.


Goofy wanted to say "Hi" to all the TPR members.


While on the short side and not getting really wet. Kali was pretty fun. It actually has a nice sized drop which is uncommon on a rapids ride.


Ok, onto AK's rapids ride. Wasn't Kali the god that was featured in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? There might be some nastiness on this ride.


Mmmmmmmmmm! Pocahontas.


Once a day after a performance they have a "behind the scenes" performance where they train the animals in front of AK visitors.


Mmmmmmmmmm! Pocahontas.


We found some ducks while walking into Camp Mickey.


Hooray! Its Tigger. Maybe that's who she found while using the telescope. Dang, I got replaced by a cat.


McDonalds has a pretty neat ad for itself.

They are the sponsor of the Dinosaur area.


Leanne is carjacking a car at the Dinosaur section of AK.


The Tree of Life, its at Disney's Animal Kingdom if you did not know.

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If Disney only charges $8 for parking, how can Six Flags justify charging $10?


How can any park justify charging anything over $5 for parking?!?!? (And that should be preferred parking, with a farther free-parking option!) $8!!!! $10!!!! Holy crap, am I spoiled.


Great trip report.

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Hooray we survived Dinosaur! Now unto more pictures.


Right outside was the petting area.


We rather enjoyed our "listening room".


Though these "listening rooms" are the best. They are actually hidden rooms that couples can go to and make out.


Actually its quite a nice building. Very much like a well funded museum.


After going around for a little while, we finally get to the conservation building.


Woot! We get to ride a train.


It sits right next door to this. Again you can see the 80foot drop exiting the mountain.


We decided to head back to the back of the park to ride the train ride to the animal conservation area. But we needed to make a pit stop at next year's most popular bathroom. You asking why its going to be popular? Well......


Another Elissa friendly picture. I guess Disney CMs have a hotline that they can call to ask questions. Notice what the hotline is called.


We did have a good day at AK...Now onto MGM goodness.


Several of the floats had tourist families on them. Notice the ear plugs and the sleeping kid.


The 4th friendly Elissa photo on this TR.


Hooray a parade. I see that this guy's Taiko drum controller arrived. :(


The 3rd Elissa friendly picture. I thought it was kinda funny that you could buy all this snack food right beside the petting zoo. Maybe the donkeys would like some candy.


At least Disney supplies soap and water after all that petting. However, it did take us a minute to find out how to operate the sink. You had to use foot pedals at the base of the sink to pump the water.


Hey we got to see two logos walking around.

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Ok MGM goodness!


They were only running two trains, but again that's all they needed. RnRC was pretty empty. As always, the dispatch crews were top-notch.


There was hardly any wait for RnRC, it took us 30 seconds to get to this point, I wonder why ToT had such a long line?


We got a quick bite to eat then walked over to Rock n Rollercoaster.


WoW! ToT had a 50min posted wait time. So we got ourselves a fast pass. At least these machines work great with our AP passes. Did you hear that Universal?


My favorite attraction at MGM. The Tower of Terror.


The last of the Elissa friendly pictures. These are the new Chip & Dale items that are found at WDW.


We ended up riding RnRC 3 times that day.


Be careful of the Sith Lord near MGM's exit. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this Photo TR.


Don't mess with Leanne.


Me looking quite silly with one of those golden ear hats.


There's a Vekoma coaster in Stage 15.


Since the animation studio closed last year, MGM has been having a hard time finding talented artists.


You get your MNSSHP tickets yet?


While Night of Joy was starting over at MK, MGM was preparing for next month's pagan holiday.


The coolest sign ever. Why the long wait for ToT? They were only running two elevators instead of the normal four. While MGM had light crowds, this line moved abnormally slow.


A great hidden message while waiting for the pre-show.


Thank goodness for fast-pass.


One of my best friend's laughed at the "pink" building. Needless to say he will never ride it again.

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Dinosaur = BEST RIDE EVER!!! I hope we get to ride it when we're there in October!


Those were some cool photos. EE looks pretty cool, looking forward to riding it next year. I still can't believe after years of expressing hatred towards anything Disney, Mary now wants to go to WDW November 2006, after we visited DLP in Europe. Boggle my mind...



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How can any park justify charging anything over $5 for parking?!?!? (And that should be preferred parking, with a farther free-parking option!) $8!!!! $10!!!! Holy crap, am I spoiled.


Sounds like Kennywood has got ya a little spoiled


Great TR. I was getting ready to tell you that the long line was definately due to "one side" operation, but I notice that you mentioned it later in the TR. I think that is the only way the line ever gets over 20 minutes or so.


Good to see that Expedition Everest is coming along. It seemed like just yesterday (read ... 3 years) this thing was just starting to be built.

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Nice photos. I was surprised to read that you said no fast passes were needed at Animal Kingdom. I have never been there without huge crowds. Even on days when it doesn't seem that crowded compared to other days, the lines are still long and the park seems congested. Hopefully Everest will take care of some of the crowds.


"This is me attempting to play Taiko since my stupid drum controller has yet to arrive!!! Dang it, where is it? Yes, I am talking to you video game store from Hawaii!"


Was that store Toys N Joys by any chance? If so, you might be in for a long wait. I ordered an import DDR game from them and it took over a month to arrive. It was backordered and they don't tell you if it's in stock or not when you order.

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Was that store Toys N Joys by any chance? If so, you might be in for a long wait. I ordered an import DDR game from them and it took over a month to arrive. It was backordered and they don't tell you if it's in stock or not when you order.


It was, but what was strange is that they sent me an opened Taiko Volume 4 game (though its obvious that it is brand new). I did order the game/drum co-pack, and it looked like they opened up the pack and just sent me the game. I did get an Email last week saying that the drum was going to be sent sometime this week. Why not send me the whole package I ordered?

I dunno, everything else I ordered arrived, but I think they dropped the ball on this one. Sorry for getting off topic.


Update. BTW, it did get my drum controller!!! Woot!

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Everest keeps on looking really done (full speed testing and amazing details on the mountain) and then looking not close at all (fields of mud instead of landscaping). When are the rumored soft/hard openings?


I suspect they will have a soft opening late March or early April. Its rumored that the ride will officially open in late April, but you know how rumors go.

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