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Connection from Greenwhich to Thorpe Park


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Hey guys


My friends and me will stay in London this summer, where we'll live in Greenwhich and wish to visit Thorpe Park in Chertsey, Surrey. For the longth of stay, we already have a "London Travelcard" (Zones 1-6).


So my question is if we could reach Chertsey with it or need to apply for a surcharge.

Do combined tickets for train ride and entrance of Thorpe Park exist? where can we get them?? maybe someone knows german websites for this???



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Staines is the closest train station to Thorpe Park, where you'll need to catch the 950 bus to the park. It's outside the area of your travelcard so you'll need to buy a separate ticket. It'll probably take about an hour all up to get there. As far as I know there's no combined transport/entry ticket so you'll need to buy them separately. Have fun at Thorpe, it's a great park, and if you can make it up to Alton Towers as well I recommend it.

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Chertsey station is closer than Staines and is about a 20 minute walk. When I've gone to Staines I've either been stuck waiting for a bus or splashed out on a cab. If you're short on money and want to get there early I'd go to Chertsey. If it's a double decker bus then it has to go a longer way to get to the park as there is a low bridge.


Hope that's of use.

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Route I always get is a train to clapham junction, then to staines. Unfortunatly, as mentioned above, it's outside of the travel zones so a different type of ticket has to be purchased. A return ticket will do. I would advise going to staines then catching the thorpe bus to thorpe. And from there, the day is yours to decide.

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