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My Workroom [RCT2]

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^^Thanks, I'm definately thinking of expanding it but I don't know how. I'll probably look at some pictures and some RCT2 parks for inspiration.


If I may make a suggestion..

How about making a "complex" (so to speak) of water towers in close proximity/touching of different heights and styles?

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Thanks! I do think it looks very small and I kind of like those colours. If it ever progresses, I might make some changes.


Here are a couple of new screens:


A log-cabin style restroom


An Intamin accelerater layout

(sorry for the bad quality of the pictures)

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I just built something after getting lots of inspiration:


Sit down, relax and have a luxury meal inside our fantastic restaurant!


I even built the interior!


If you're in a hurry, pick up a meal from the Drive Through.


Here a shot of the Car Park. As you can see we tend to the needs of Disabled customers too.

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This is the entrance of a new mini park i've started. It's 45x45 so i'll be lucky if I can fit a decent coaster on the map and still have room for other rides and buildings.


These buildings will greet guests as they enter the park.

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Thanks for the kind comments everyone!


^Trust me, with the amount of space the entrance takes up there's hardly enough room for a small B&M Invert. Anyway this entrance might be used for a different project, so this isn't final. If I build a smaller entrance I might have more space and more room for a bigger coaster or one or two smaller ones.

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