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This thread is designed for everyone who wants to see Big Mike's new and previous updates but does not want to read through all the posts!


The daily Mon-Fri schedule is rapidly fast paced, so this will help with episodes you may have missed!


See the Big Mike Road Show Episode Guide right below the Contest rules.



* Amusement parks are now opening!!! TPR members have first priority to enter this contest! TPR members have until April 15th to submit a picture during the exclusive TPR period, April 16th will open this contest to everyone else, all entries must be completed by April 30th!





This has to be the easiest contest ever created, taking barely any skill or effort whatsoever!


Every single TPR member can join in and play for free for doing something we all love to do, going to an amusement park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This contest is basically as easy as going to an amusement park, taking a picture, posting the picture in The Big Mike Road Show thread, and winning the Grand Prize!!!


Now you may ask how will Big Mike reward us for going to an amusement park?? How about with either your choice of a free one week condo stay to visit more parks again in 2013, OR a free 2013 Season Pass of your choice to go to a whole lot of parks in 2013!!!!!


We are not talking about just a measly season pass either, that is not how The Big Mike Road Show rolls! Your choice of any park or chain you want!!


*A Cedar Fair PLATINUM pass to visit ALL the Cedar Fair Parks, or

*A Six Flags Season Pass to visit all of their parks, but since that costs a lot less, Big Mike will throw in a parking pass also! or

* If you live outside the USA, or want a more expensive Disney or Busch pass or anything else, $150 towards any season pass you want!!


You are going to amusement parks this year anyway, why not let Big Mike pay your way next year???


Here are the simple rules:


1. The 1st round of the contest will accept 64 winners. To be a winner in the first round, all you have to do is go to an amusement park and get your picture taken in front of the park's name with a "I LOVE BIG MIKE" home made sign, then just post it in the Big Mike Road Show thread! Thats it!! Simple as can be!

The only catch to add some excitement to the contest is the park has to have a coaster and once someone posts that park, you have to find another park!


2. Once we have 64 winners advance to Round #2, Big Mike will send you back to an amusement park to take another picture of something different with a new sign and only the first half of people (32) will move on to Round #3 and then we do it all over again. We continue cutting the field in half until we have a Grand Prize Winner!


3. There is no rule #3, the contest is that easy! Round #1 contest deadline will be April 30th, 2012 or until all the 64 spots fill up!


There are now only 54 spots left in the contest, enter soon!!! See who has entered and at what park in the pictures below!!!



Here are the 2012 Big Mike Road Show Episodes, please enjoy!


Week 13

Episode #60 - Occupy Wall Street in NYC: Big Mike infiltrates Zuccotti Park with the protesters of Occupy Wall Street!

Episode #59 - Badlands National Park in South Dakota: Big Mike and Mom walk around this really cool place!

Episode #58 - Enchanted Island in Arizona: Big Mike uses the charm once again and gets VIP kiddie coaster access!

Episode #57 - The Ride in New York City: Big Mike checks out the new bus tour/Broadway experience in NYC!

Episode #56 - Octoberfest in Munich Germany: Big Mike celebrates the 200th anniversary of Octoberfest in Germany!

Week 12

Episode #55 - The People's Court: Big Mike has a behind the scenes look at the set and appears live on TV.

Episode #54 - Liberty Bell in Philadelphia: Big Mike and Megan go to see the Liberty Bell.

Episode #53 - Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa Florida: Big Mike rides a coaster and feeds birds at a zoo.

Episode #52 - Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica: Big Mike, Megan, and the TPR gang climb Jamaica's #1 attraction.

Episode #51 - Six Gun City in New Hampshire: Big Mike visits this 1900s era park and gets put in jail.

Week 11

Episode #50 - Official 2012 World Tour Schedule: Big Mike releases his schedule and stat sheet leading into the 2012 season.

Episode #49 - Sea Lion Caves in Oregon: Big Mike and Megan go searching for Sea Lions on the Oregon coast.

Episode #48 - Western Playland in New Mexico: Big Mike goes to the border of Mexico for coaster credits.

Episode #47 - Crazy Horse Monument: Big Mike checks out the progress of the Crazy Horse monument in the Black Hills.

Episode #46 - Freestyle Music Park in South Carolina: Big Mike gets the coaster credits before the park closed.

Week 10

Episode #45 - Kiddie Coaster at Rye Playland: Big Mike finally gets the Rye Playland Kiddie Coaster credit.

Episode #44 - Brooklyn Bridgein NYC: Big Mike visits this landmark with Fran and Shawn.

Episode #43 - Rakutenchi in Japan: Big Mike wins at the duck races at this Japanese park.

Episode #42 - Bavarian Alps Alpine Slide: Big Mike has the fastest time of all You Tube videos of this alpine slide in the Alps.

Episode #41 - Dreamland at Coney Island: Big Mike visits this one year park to ride Michael Jackson's coaster.


Episode #40 - Doggies of Big Mike World Headquarters: See everyone currently living at Big Mike World Headquarters.

Episode #39 - Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest: Big Mike witnesses a new World Record in hot dog eating.

Episode #38 - Canton Christmas Tree Farm in Texas: Big Mike and Laura ride a off season Christmas Tree Farm coaster.

Episode #37 - Geo Center of the United States: Big Mike visits the spot designated the center of the USA.

Episode #36 - Elitch Gardens in Colorado: Big Mike meets the GCI guys and 2 friends for ducky fun in the mile high state.


Episode #35 - Big Mike on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Big Mike talks coasters with Jay Leno and gets insulted many times.

Episode #34 - Empire State Building: Big Mike, Rick, and Gyendolynne go to the top of the Empire State Building.

Episode #33 - Jimini Peak Mountain Resort: Big Mike rides his very first mountain coaster.

Episode #32 - San Antonio River Walk: Big Mike, Megan, and Laura eat at and boat ride the River Walk.

Episode #31 - Sea World Florida: Big Mike finds lots of duckies and a pearl diving girl at Sea World.


Episode #30 - The Little League World Series: Big Mike visits the Little League World Series and meets Jared from Subway.

Episode #29 - Starbucks in Seattle: Big Mike and Megan visit the very first Starbucks ever.

Episode #28 - Country Mercantile: Big Mike and Megan visit a fruit stand coaster in Washington.

Episode #27 - Devil's Tower National Monument: Big Mike visits the USA's very first National Monument.

Episode #26 - Boomers in South Florida: Big Mike rides the Dania Beach Hurricane before it closed.


Episode #25 - Big Mike's Top 50 Always Wanted To Do List: New for 2012 list and everything completed so far.

Episode #24 - Battle of Little Bighorn in Montana: Big Mike visits Custer's Last Stand.

Episode #23 - Mile High Flea Market: Big Mike rides a flea market coaster in Colorado.

Episode #22 - Kuma's Corner in Chicago; Big Mike visits Diner's, Drive-Ins and Dives Best Burger place.

Episode #21 - Santa's Village in New Hampshire: Big Mike tries to find elves at this wonderful park.


Episode #20 - West Coast Bash Behind the Scenes: Big Mike shows the set up with video of WCB 2011!

Episode #19 - Gator Park in the Florida Everglades: Big Mike takes an air boat ride and holds a real gator!

Episode #18 - Fish N Farm at Heritage Square: Big Mike travels to Golden Colorado for 2 coaster credits!

Episode #17 - Mount Rushmore: Big Mike takes a VIP tour of Mount Rushmore with many special perks!

Episode #16 - Cliff's Amusement Park in New Mexico: Big Mike hides duckies and rides coasters in New Mexico!


Episode #15 - Big Mike's and Megan's Doggies: The whole family that lives at Big Mike World Headquarters!

Episode #14 - Rocky Steps in Philadelphia: Big Mike runs the steps from the movie "Rocky" with video!

Episode #13 - Schnepf Farms: Big Mike rides the best farm coaster and meets a sexy farm girl!

Episode #12 - Roswell, New Mexico: Big Mike hunts for UFO's and aliens in Roswell!

Episode #11 - Lagoon in Utah: Big Mike visits Lagoon with special guests Shawn (packfanlv) and Jordan (JordanM)!


Episode #10 - Big Mike's 1,000 Coaster: Big Mike rides his 1,000 coaster at Fuji Q in Japan, plus video!

Episode #9 - The Jersey Shore House: Big Mike checks out MTV's Jersey Shore House with Pauly D!

Episode #8 - Zoo Granby in Canada: Big Mike crosses the border to ride coaster #900!

Episode #7 - Live Sea Turtle Release: Big Mike watches a Sea Turtle get released back into the wild with Cantore Stories!

Episode #6 - Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Big Mike's last view of Big Bad Wolf with guest star Chuck (cfc)!


Episode #5 - "Super Epic" Contest Big Mike's Super Epic Contest announced and full rules!

Episode #4 - Wall Drug Store: Big Mike visits "America's Favorite Roadside Attraction"!

Episode #3 - Oasis Lanes in El Paso Texas: Big Mike rides a bowling alley coaster!

Episode #2 - Four Corners USA: Big Mike checks out this one of a kind place where 4 states meet!

Episode #1 - Liseberg in Sweden: Big Mike rides and signs Balder!






1. robinschroder - Holiday Park


2. hansrubens - Dusseldorf Rheinkirmes


3. coreysjunk - Pacific Park


4. printersdevil78 - Baja Amusements


5. GriffyTiffy - Safari Land


6. The Bebes - Six Flags Magic Mountain


7. HighRoller - Six Flags America


8. Arosania - Fun World


9. ahecht - Canobie Lake Park


10. SoCalCoasters - Legoland California

Edited by Big Mike
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UPDATE - Due to a lack of positive feedback on this contest so far, Big Mike Productions has lowered the number of entries being taken to 64.


There have been 9 entries so far, and there are 55 more spots in which to enter.



All Theme Park Review members will have an exclusive chance to enter this Super Epic Contest for the next 2 weeks until April 15th!!!


The contest will then be open to the public from April 16th to April 30th, which is the final deadline!



Any park that has a coaster, one picture of the park sign and you with an I LOVE BIG MIKE sign enters you to win the Grand Prize!






Peace, Big Mike

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