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NEWS: Premier Rides to build world's tallest indoor coaster!

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It probably looks that way so the track spine can act as a support, kind of like on boomerangs and the B&M / later Intamin giga coasters.

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^Exactly.. So again, what about the premier? Seems like there's been no news whatsoever.


The Premier went to Holiday Park and is called Sky Scream. The Chinese mall ran into financial trouble and the rides were put on hold. This Vekoma ride they are trying out here is probably not going to the Chinese mall.

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^ It doesn't look like the drop will be vertical.

Here's the latest image of the pretzel coaster that came with the most recent issue of FD.

Looks odd from a different angle.



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From what I've been told the premier coaster is also still happening. There will be at least 3 coasters. The premier sky rocket, the vekoma pretzel seen above and a custom vekoma motorbike coaster which will thread through the premier.


As stated the park has been delayed by a couple of years and the original ride built for this park ended up as sky scream at holiday Park. I belive a second one is being manufactured for this park now.


The park seems to have overcome it's financing issues and is aiming to be open by the end of the year. But as this is China I will belive it all when I see it all.

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New additional information :


This ride does still go to Great Mall of China.

It will be abt 30m higher then at the Testlocation.


see all info in english : vekoma.webklik.nl


Kind regards,


Sjaak van Horne

Netherlands abt 10 miles from Vekoma Vlodrop.

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