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Lady Gaga's Visionland [RCT2]

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Hey everyone! I am very pleased to bring to you a duo park by JerryKoala2112 and I, the most enigmatic place on Earth, Lady Gaga's Visionland! It is themed to Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga!


Let's take a trip into what has been completed so far.....


Born This Way, a 2 track Motorbike coaster


Alejandro's Revenge, a custom SLC


The plaza for the park's main attraction, Mother Monster


Speechless Spin, a Chaos ride, and Show Your Teeth, a Schwarzkopf Looper


Entry Plaza


And finally an unfinished look at Judas, the dueling GCI.


Look later in the week for another update from JerryKoala2112! Remember to comment with your thoughts, little Monsters :D

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Its fun to watch someone do a music park, Ive never imagined someone being able to make a lot of rides in the pop genre, granted I'm kind of out of that genre with only knowing a few foreign bands with pop styles in their music


Anyways, advice for a park marker. Just add some more bushes and shrubs. Maybe some more flowers too.

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Hey guys! It's Jeremie, in for an update. I apologize for the extremely late late late update, as it is all my fault.... Just been busy! But I hope you guys enjoy another round of pictures.


Poop. Leave a comment.


Here's another look at Judas! And sneak peak at Electric Chapel.


Welcome to the FAME FACTORY. If anyone knows where this is from, Let me know, and I'll give you a high five. Rah-Rah Rapids will take you on a trip through the factory.




Want a chance at Bad Romance? Good luck... it's one of the most popular rides in the park.


Bloody Mary will leave you screaming.


I'm on the edge.... of glory, and I'm hanging on a moment of truth. PS. Octo-Gaga in the background. Anyone remember New Years?

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This is honestly one of the best things I've seen. It's just so god damn funny. Everything is so appropriate too, what with Rah-Rah Rapids. Edge of Glory being a Dive Machine and I like what you've done with Bad Romance with the 'Ra Ra Ra Ah Ah, Roma Roma Ma, Gaga Oh La La' at the top. I love it! I can't wait to see what other witty things you guys come up with.

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