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[RCT3] Vlinn Grove

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Hey everybody long time reader but never really thought to post my parks.


This is my park Paramount Town Lake of course it is a cross betwen a Paramount and Cedar Fair park.


The park is in a few stages of development. Hope you enjoy it.



I give to you Ananconda a B&M Floorless Coaster (Anaconda is a part of the Amazon area of the park)




130" feet




6 Inversions


Fast Paced Fun





Here is more of the park,


White Water Rapids


A wonderful wet experience apart of the amazon area




Behemoth 200" Hyper Coaster



Intense2 - Vertical Shuttle Coaster


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Here is the lastest update The Town Lake Railroad recieved its station



Uploaded with ImageShack.us



There is a new station being built up and the middle island has a construction going on but we dont know whats happening



Uploaded with ImageShack.us



Vertigo has gone up in a super suprise with pulse pounding 5 inversions it keeps on going the whole time.




Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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  • 7 months later...

I know i am bringing this back from the dead but the Amusement park season drove me crazy. Here is the latest updates from the park.


This is actually the first video I made showing the entire park.



I have return and Season 2 came out with just minor enhancements and some big changes.


The major addition was Top Spin and fun water tastic Spinning ride. Enhances the Xtreme Zone.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us



The next was just enhancement to pathways but what shocked a lot of people was the tear down or the update of GoldRusher


Uploaded with ImageShack.us


More news will come as the park begins upgrading older rides.


As always enjoy

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Seeing as how we're both making Paramount parks at this time, yours is Town Lake, mine's Kings Paradise. I gotta say this is really, really good!


But a few points of advice, use the David Walsh cheat for your pictures. Trust me, they look a billion percent better without those buttons. And upload your pictures to Photobucket, for some reason, Imageshack pics take For-EVER to load.


I hope you continue!

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Why not just upload them to this site? Why bother with a third party? As he said, David Walsh is your friend. Also, if you are going to do construction updates, make sure the rides under construction don't look like they'd fall over. Finally, your pictures look very unfinished, and I'm not talking about them gamewise. Crop them. There is no need for half the screen to just be blank grass unless it is a shot of a clearing for upcoming construction etc. I understand the limitations for RCT3 when it comes to polys and it slowing down systems, but you should take the time to make your photos look like work was put into them, not just a screenshot and upload.


As far as the park goes, I like the hyper coaster and you did a good job custom supporting the inverted coaster. Been a while since I've seen a boomerang (or whatever B&M would call it, don't think they've ever actually made one) on an inverted coaster.

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  • 3 weeks later...

New small updates for the 2013 Season,



Western Section has now added a horse farm to bring the wild west to the customer even closer than ever.

(The Blurry section is where it will be placed)





Also V2 recieved a nice new paint scheme




Also here begins the future you pick what the 2014 season will become.


Top Left

-Update to Behemoth (New Track design, Theme, Color)

Top Right

-The Old trains turn into tech giants with Monorails, (The #1 and #2 trains will be used and turned into a nostalgic area in the wild west


-A new launch coaster Named COIL (This is just a layout design theming will be added if decided on)



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  • 2 months later...

A couple small updates to the park


BOA a coil launch coaster (Scenery Not Complete)




The last days of Mini Golf are here, Expect to see an update soon



I understand people wanted Behemoth to be the next update but the design process for this area as got in a snag and we are trying to figure the best possible design for this area. Stay Tuned



New Update




Blue Thunder has arrived (No Other Information Given)

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  • 8 months later...

New Update for the 2014 Season


Blue Thunder has rumbled to the park



200 feet


3 Inversions on a Hyper Coaster




The first construction workers go to the ride the ride first as it shows the turn around





Interactive area for families to enjoy (Rumor has it the Jungle area could be turning Dinosaurs in the near future)



Also sad news for the park

P.r. sent a picture of V2 one of the original coasters for the park with the loop completely gone is it possible V2 could be exciting the park. Only time will tell.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Fraroc I have a Sony Vaio Touch Screen Computer. Not the best graphics machine but even when I put it on high resolution the screens don't look that great.


New updates and major news from our p.r. person inside the park



V2 and Ricochet are coming down.



Even Delerium has disappeared


This will be a big area hopefully an announcement will come very soon.



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  • 3 weeks later...

After a brief hiatus not much from the park was shown they had the back road blocked so we couldn't see anything. Well we could see why the construction crews went on a complete rampage and have nearly completed the new water park Boomerang Bay. They sent in two pictures with no description on anything. Based off what we can tell looks like about 5 slides and couple pools with a saturator roller coaster to complete the collection....







Banshee (B&M Inverted) has been throwing thrills for awhile but I think something is about to change. The Entrance was cut off the smoke effects were off and a lot of construction vehicles around the lot.






Kids play area added a nice mini golf area in place of the old circus


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  • 8 months later...

The park in of itself looks really good, but two things are bothering me sorta.


A. Shouldn't it be just plain Town Lake by now? Paramount Parks was bought out by Cedar Fair.


B. There isn't anything wrong with your coasters and they look great, but...I kind of wish that you had a better computer so you could put the graphics up all the way.

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This is a nifty little park. This last update was marvelous, especially when compared to the previous ones. You've definitely improved your work.



I'm going to offer some constructive criticism. Just a few pointers to transform a B product into an A product.


There is one thing that really irks me though. This park doesn't give off any type of vibe, at all. I only see rides being torn down and then replaced in every update and nothing else. What else does Paramount Town Lake / Town Lake have to offer besides new rides? Are there any food vendors? What are the popular rides? What rides are unreliable? Any special events? How's the attendance? Answering questions like that would make for a great update IMO, rather than the usual 'new ride this year, and ___ was torn down'. Overall, I genuinely did enjoy reading through this thread, I just wish I knew more about the park. The more recent attractions, such as Dinosaurs Alive & Boomerang Bay are my favorite additions. Use them to your advantage (expansion). You could also go more in-depth with the two since there is plenty to be offered by both. Again, a look inside the park would be nice since we never see anything besides new attractions.


I would also greatly appreciate if you'd try to slow down with the big coasters. I know they are the kings of amusement parks, but not every park needs to be a MM carbon copy, filled to the brim with mega-million dollar coasters. That idea has plagued the RCT community. -_- This park could really benefit from some smaller, moderate sized roller coasters (Balder, Lightning Run etc.). The current ones look out of place*

*(IMHO: Blue Thunder needs to go)*

A flat ride package is something this park could also benefit from. Also, Boa/Coil is a real diamond in the rough. I find this ride to have great potential, and you should really show it off more.



Looking forward to more Boomerang Bay & Dinos!

And where's Banshee?



+Kids area & Dinosaurs Alive show that there is potential growth in the family market ( more family rides)

+Boomerang Bay also reinforces that^, and shows that this could be an all-day type of park. (hotel or possible concert venue)

+Throw in some rides that will really draw attention, while still being feasible (200' drop tower perhaps)

+Mine coaster area has potential

+Boa/Coil converted into an indoor / themed coaster is something to look into

+The natural water creates numerous possibilities, use everything to your advantage!


P.M. me if your looking for any help.

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*Fraroc* Thanks for the reply, to answer your questions


1. Yes I was thinking about that I was in the process of changing the name maybe in a new update it will be updated

2. Your telling me lol I wish it had a better graphics card.


*JonnyRCT3* Thank you very much for the constructive criticism I will try and learn what you say and make the updates better. (I am going to go down the line with what you said )


1.There is a lot the park does offer but I don't show them off but will work on some of those items to show.


2. A lot of the rides are actually very popular the two that stick out the most is Rex (B&M Floorless) Blue Thunder(B&M Hyper Looping Coaster)

as far as rides White Water Rapids and the Western Ferris Wheel are very popular.


3.Big Coasters- I agree I got a little wild with big coasters. I have been going back and forth with Blue Thunder on redesigning the ride to a smaller package or to get rid of completely. That's why Banshee is going its to big of a inverted coaster and I am hoping to find something for a better package for the ride.


4. Flat rides are coming (Particularly towers)


5. Glad you like Dinosaurs alive and Boomerang Bay. Those were the most fun area to build I felt.


Overall I appreciate both of your comments and will work on making the park better.


Here is some overall pictures of different areas so you can see more of the park






Boomerang Bay



Cinema Entrance (New Name Soon) Main Shops and Dining



Kids Area

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