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The Citadel Of Mars (RCT3)

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This is a project I started a few weeks back, but never had the time to resize the photos until today so here it is.


After constantly hearing all the whining and complaining about the game's scenery, I decided to create a project with a much detail and skill as many great CS parks, but with NO hacks, NO cheats (including the path/scenery intersection cheat) and NO custom content.


SO all those who doubt what you can do without CS, may I present a counter arguement.


This is an absolutely massive project packed to the gills with detail. When I release a download I encourage you to go through the park as the pictures just don't do it justice.

Shot0649 (Copy).bmp

Starting out small, the Citadel was a quaint little thing. But that's not impressive. What comes next....

Shot0651 (Copy).bmp

Is a bit more grand...but...

Shot0650 (Copy).bmp

it's not THAT great right? I mean, it's just lit up.

Shot0654 (Copy).bmp

Then I hope you like the new suspended monorail system that runs under the pedestrian bridges between the two other towers. I know, it's just a monorail.

Shot0655 (Copy).bmp

Still looks cool at night.

Shot0657 (Copy).bmp

Here's the main monorail station inside the main tower.


But those who are NCS skeptics are probably thinking: Where's all this detail he promised us? I could so do this in CS and make it 100x better.

Shot0662 (Copy).bmp

I will have to apologize though, it appears as if the East Tower won't be ready when the download is released, I'm so terribly sorry.

Shot0665 (Copy).bmp

At least there's all this wonderful construction to look at.

Shot0665 (Copy).bmp

But hey! The monorail still runs through the tower. You an see how the work looks from the inside!

Shot0663 (Copy).bmp

I'll leave you with this last shot of the Citadel.

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You amaze me with the best game out of the rct trio. I think I should give rct3 another chance but iwanna stay involved in rct2.




Anyway, I finished the Rail station.

Shot0672 (Copy).bmp

The station entrance, facing away from the Citadel.

Shot0673 (Copy).bmp


Shot0674 (Copy).bmp

backside, a pipeline runs along the length of the above ground rail area.

Shot0675 (Copy).bmp

on the tracks

Shot0676 (Copy).bmp

Another shot of the construction site at night.

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And please...



Shot0724 (Copy).bmp

New skyline is gracing the Citadel

Shot0725 (Copy).bmp

The construction hangar

Shot0726 (Copy).bmp

Construction site station

Shot0727 (Copy).bmp

The new lookout tower.


"Hey K, do these still work?"

Shot0728 (Copy).bmp

A closer, more detailed look at the hangar.

Shot0729 (Copy).bmp


Shot0730 (Copy).bmp


Shot0731 (Copy).bmp

cart tracks leading to the construction zone

Shot0732 (Copy).bmp

Leading towards the site

Shot0733 (Copy).bmp

What's that?

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