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Fort Fun is sold-Plans to build a bigger international Park

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I didn´t find an Official Discussion Thread of Fort Fun, so I opened a new Topic:


Fort Fun is sold to the One World Holding GmbH & Co. KG (a family company by Ziegler) since 23-Dec-2011.

(just for decoration reasons I stole a picture of Hanno´s Trip report... forgive me


Here is the official press release fortfun.de/images/stories/pdf/PM-OW-020112.pdf, but it´s written in german, so I´ll try my best, to translate it, hopefully correct


Big plans for the Fort Fun Adventure Land

Amusement park sold in Bestwig


Bestwig, 2nd January 2012


On 23 December, the One World Holding GmbH & Co.

KG, a member of the Ziegler family business, acquired the Grevin Germany GmbH and the Fort

Fun Adventure Land in Bestwig. The Grevin Germany GmbH will continue it´s work in the

One World Group under the name One World North Rhine-

Westfalen GmbH.


A unique opportunity for the future


"Some years ago we decided to restructure our family business. The amusement park industry has always fascinated us. Therefore we were able to make a quick decision for this industry, "said Matthäus Ziegler, the creative head of the family. "I am lucky to find the right park for our expansion plans with Fort Fun and have to thank again the Compagnie des Alpes - the former owner of the Fort Fun Park - for the smooth transfer. The park will now be again a family-run Company and the perfect complement for the portfolio. The short and flexible Decision-making in our family, the access to our know-how and the resources of the group are the ideal conditions for a future expansion."


The One World Group is headquartered in Baden-Wuerttemberg, but with the acquisition of Fort Fun, the headquarter and all business will be relocated to Bestwig at Fort Fun. With this decision, the expansion and extension of the park can be done flexibly and quickly.


The Park will stay opened during the expansion and renovations, while the former Fort Fun Abenteuerland be transformed step by step into an international theme park. Although the first construction start in a few weeks, the Season 2012 will offer even more opening days, longer opening times, events and some new features. The park will also stay opened for the visitors during the entire future rebuilding phase.


"With minor renovations and new smaller attractions in existing parts of the park and the newly designed "Davy Crockett Village", we will delight the guests in 2012, even if they can recognize the construction cranes already in the horizon, "says Ziegler.



The rest is a histroy description about Fort Fun and a Short Description about ONE WORLD GROUP


I never really heard about this group, so I searched for them. Here are some links I did find - first the only real informative Facebook Link, the rest seems to be still under development:


  • -
Facebook Link of One World Studios and another exciting news about a new Park in Lebanon "LalaLand"
- One World Group - Official page take a look at the news at the bottom
- One World Studios - Official page

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  • 3 weeks later...

SHOCKING NEWS: The owner of Fort Fun (Michael Ziegler) is in jail. I'm not sure how to translate correct, my dictionary says "imprisonment on remand"? There are investigation proceedings to prove the suspicion of cheat associated with the purchase of Fort Fun! Seems they even don't have had the money to buy the Park?

Link to the pressrelease by the police of Meschede (written in German)


That's the actual statement of the park: (LINK)

das gesamte Team des FORT FUN ist von der aktuellen Entwicklung bezüglich der Ermittlungen gegen die Geschäftsführerin und den Prokuristen der den Freizeitpark betreibenden Gesellschaft überrascht worden. Wir haben umgehend ein Team einberufen, um die Sachlage zu klären und den Betrieb aufrecht zu halten. Wir sind auf das Äußerste bemüht, euch über die aktuellen Entwicklungen auf dem Laufenden zu halten und bitten um euer Verständnis, dass wir zur Zeit keine Fragen beantworten können, da wir selbst die gesamten Hintergründe erst klären müssen. Die aktuelle Pressemitteilung der Kreispolizeibehörde Hochsauerlandkreis zu dem Ermittlungsverfahren findet ihr hier.


The entire team of FORT FUN has been surprised by the latest developments regarding the investigation of the manager and the manager of the amusement park operated company. We have a team immediately convened to clarify the situation and keep the operations going. We are at the utmost effort to keep you on the latest developments to date and ask for your understanding that we can answer any questions at the time, even as we clear the whole background it first

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^Google translate isn't perfect, but it sounds like some kind of fraud.


Meschede (ots) - The prosecution Arnsberg leads an investigation on suspicion of fraud against the manager and the manager of the amusement park Fort Fun in Bestwig since the end of 2011 operated company. The company has been sold by end of December 2011 the former French operators. It is suspected that in the context of contract negotiations, incorrect information has been made ​​to the collateral to secure payment of the purchase price. The offices of the company yesterday afternoon due to a search warrant of the District Court Arnsberg been searched by officers of the district police authorities of Hochsauerlandkreises and two prosecutors. Evidence has been secured. Against the attorney, the District Court has today issued the afternoon at the request of prosecutors because of the urgent suspicion of fraud in especially serious cases warrant. By the press department heads of the prosecution Arnsberg, Mr. Attorney General Wolff, it is noted that further details are currently out of tactical investigative reasons are not possible.
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The contract gets annulled...


Fort Fun back in the hands of the Compagnie des Alpes


This secured the start of the upcoming season for the theme park in Bestwig. The old and new owner will however continue to have the intention to sell the Fort Fun.





Good Luck to the Park and all their workers!

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