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[RCT3] ~Cranbal Lake Amusement Park~ "A couple hours!"

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Hey guys! This is the only creation in RCT3 that is inspiring me right now, and I've finally decided to post it. I started this right after Lasso, so I have been working on this for a few weeks. Enjoy these pictures!




A few hours from opening!


Cranbal Lake is getting ready for its 100th year of operation. In two or three hours we will be celebrating the opening of the park! Cranbal was also fortunate to open their third roller coaster, Rex. It was made by Maurer Sohne and started construction last September. It was pretty exciting since the park hadn't opened a coaster in 11 years! So while waiting for the park to open, I snatched a few pictures. Oh!-- but maybe I should tell you about the big rides first...


Wildcat -- A GCI-built wooden roller coaster standing about 80 feet tall

Rex -- The park's newest coaster built by Maurer Sohne. It stands something like 60 feet tall.

Xcelerator -- An 80-foot S&S Double Shot which opened in 1999


Those are really the only "big" rides, but anyways, time for those pictures I was talking about!









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I'm really liking the look of this park! The coaster line up in my opinion is perfect.

I really want to see some pictures from inside the park a bit. Especially the woodie. I can't wait for more updates!


Thanks! Don't worry, you'll get to see more in the next update.


Any more comments..?

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