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Photo TR: Guangzhou (Dec. 31, 2011) / Nanning (Jan. 1, 2012)

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Ancient Chinese Proverb:


You don't stop playing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop playing.


This past weekend, I took two roller coaster trips. I took my last coaster trip of 2011 and my first coaster trip of 2012.

I left home on Saturday (December 31) to go to Nanning. I had to catch a train in Guangzhou. Due to the long layover, I decided to check out Xiaogang Park because I knew it had some rides. As it turns out, there is a small coaster there. The coaster is not on RCDB. It appears to be a new coaster and many of the rides at the park appear to be new as well. I rode the coaster and then went to catch the train to Nanning.


I arrived in Nanning at 9:00am on Sunday morning (January 1) and headed to People's Park. RCDB lists two coasters here. My first coaster of 2012 was Spinning Coaster. I have ridden about 25 of these-most are in China. Shuttle is a kiddie coaster that is not listed on RCDB. I took a ride on it and then went to Roller Coaster. Roller Coaster became my 750th coaster. Roller Coaster has a 6 car train and each car seats two people for a total of 12 passengers per train. Roller Coaster also has the same layout as Roller Coaster at Yinxian Resort in Dongguan. I was at Yingxian Resort in 2010.


My second park in Nanning was Shishan Park. The Jungle Mouse at Shishan is smooth. It is not yet listed on the RCDB. Shishan Park only has basic rides, but one of them is a Chinese knock-off of the Tilt-A-Whirl.


The third park of the day was Xinxiu Park. This is a new park and it is very clean. There are many rides here, but there is no coaster. I say they will add one eventually. Give them time. The park was very busy. Most of the rides at Xinxiu Park are family rides.


My next stop was Nanning Zoo. Two coasters called the zoo home. There is Spinning Coaster, which was great fun and Shenlong Roller Coaster, which, for a knock-off loop and screw was really smooth. I rode both coasters. The zoo was packed and I had to wait 45 minutes for Shenlong Roller Coaster and 30 minutes for Spinning Coaster.


My last park of the day was Jinhuacha Park. Jinhuacha Park has many rides, but does not have a coaster. After Jinhuacha Park, it was time to leave Nanning. I had a great time there and I managed to visit five parks in one day. This is only the second time I have done this. The first time was in 2011 when I visited five parks in one day in Shanghai.


I discovered three coasters this past weekend that are not listed on the RCDB. In addition to these three, I just learned about Water Park in Shijiazhuang, near Beijing that has a Jungle Mouse. I have now discovered 79 coasters before they were listed on the RCDB or ACE's Coaster Census.


I have arrived at Xiaogang Park-my first park of the trip.


This is the lake in Xiaogang Park.


The midway at Xiaogang Park features several different rides.


A Merry Go Round is here at Xiaogang Park.


A Moon Cars ride is here too.


Yes! Xiaogang Park has a coaster that is not on any coaster directory. Yet another discovery for me here in Asia.


This is a very colorful coaster.


I am ready for my ride to begin.


Here is an on ride shot of my final coaster ride of 2011.


I have arrived in Nanning-my first stop is People's Park.


I have entered People's Park of Nanning.


Here is a random scene inside of People's Park.


There is a Merry Go Round at People's Park.


There is a large wheel here too.


People's Park has a Tagada. I love these.


Here is Spinning Coaster-my first coaster of 2012.


A kiddie coaster called Shuttle is here. RCDB doesn't list this one.


Roller Coaster at People's Park became my 750th coaster.


This is the lead car on Roller Coaster at People's Park.


Here is Shishan Park.


Here is a photo of Shishan's Merry Go Round.


Shishan Park has this Chinese made version of the Tilt A Whirl.


A swinging pirate ship called Twin Dragon is here.


This was one of several rides at Shishan Park.


Shishan Park has the Jungle Mouse. This one is not listed on RCDB.


Here is a car from the Jungle Mouse.


I took this photo while riding the Jungle Mouse.


Here is my third park of the day. Xinxiu Park.


This scene was just inside one of Xinxiu Park's gates.


A Merry Go Round is here.


Here is a ride at Xinxiu Park.


This is another ride at Xinxiu Park.


Here is the Merry Go Round at Nanning Zoo.


Spinning Coaster is at Nanning Zoo.


Spinning Coaster is great fun.


Here is Shenlong Roller Coaster at Nanning Zoo.


Shenlong Roller Coaster goes through the loop.


Here is my final park of the day. This is Jinhuacha Park.


This bridge was in Jinhuacha Park.


Jinhuacha Park has bumper cars.


Here is a photo of Jinhuacha Park's Merry Go Round to finish off this trip report.

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