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What are some loud rides and coasters?

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Colossus the firedragon at lagoon...[Doppel Looping]


The thing is louder than hell, and the worst part is, when you get in line, you litterally get like two feet away from the track... And since it's a schwarzkopf, it's got the "Clack clack -bowling pins falling down- clack clack" noise.


And it's for a schwarzkopf it's size, it is LOUD!!!

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I haven't experienced anything that tops SOB's lift hill as far as deafening clanky noises. As for station noise, Flight of Fear and Vekoma Boomerangs/Invertigos/etc. would have to top my list. During the actual course of the coaster (not including lift hills), I really don't notice most of the noise, since I expect it anyway.

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Dominator is not exactly the quietest coaster ever. Especially when it comes around that first turn.


I agree I find Dominator relativly loud at least at KD it is. The roar is just alot louder than your typical B&M.


Also Hypersonic was loud too, during launch and especially the brakes, oh man the brakes.

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