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What are some loud rides and coasters?

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Road Runner at SFFT. I didn't notice just how loud that lift hill was until it was down for two months and then reopened but jeez it's so loud you can hear it everywhere in the water park and probably over half of the dry park lol

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Batman & Robin: The Chiller was definitely the loudest coaster I've ever heard, you could hear when it was cycling throughout the park, and standing by it or in the exit tunnel under the launch was deafening. I remember running down the exit path a few times to try and beat the next cycle so I wouldn't go deaf


This is my vote, too. It was insanely loud when both sides were actually open. One train would be mid-launch while the other would be just exiting its final element. If you were anywhere near that exit tunnel you'd pretty much have to cover your ears. They were so loud that I could hear them in the distance while on the stairs of the HH slides.

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Also Goliath at SFNE is pretty loud.....for whatever reason it’s still shut down this year.....


I agree that Goliath at Six Flags New England is pretty loud. When I had visited the park for the first time earlier this July, it was closed for most of the day, and then had opened later that day. I took a ride on it shortly after it had opened and all you could here was the rumbling and rustling of the track, which was quite deafening!


Other loud rides and roller coasters that come to mind are Orbiter at Canada's Wonderland (even though I greatly enjoy the ride, its motor is very loud) and Green Lantern at Six Flags Great Adventure (which had the very iconic B&M roar).

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