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What are some loud rides and coasters?

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Woodies with a "fly-through-the-station" element (namely Apocalypse @ SFMM). Great elements onride and on paper, but not very fun to listen to when waiting to board a train. I feel sad for those operators as well. Kumba's pretty loud, but at least its intensity is there to match! Superman: EFK (haven't ridden it since The Escape era) is mind-numbingly loud as well when you're anywhere close to it, but it's one of the coolest things to hear from far away imo.

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Great Bear at Hersheypark is extremely loud. It has the distinctive B&M roar but due to its location right over the walkway and the natural ampitheather-like geography of "The Hollow" section of the park, it is impossible to hold a conversation in the immediate area when Great Bear is being consistently dispatched.

It really is loud. It might get annoying some times but I still wish all B&Ms were like that. I think it makes the ride seem more imposing and builds up the anticipation even more. Plus, there is the advantage that you don't have to be so near by to know if it's running or not (not that that's a problem with B&Ms)

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One coaster that was surprisingly loud for its size I thought was Catwoman's Whip. It has an unusual whooshing noise that I really didn't expect. I know it's a family ride but next time I go to that park I'm going to ride it.


Bizarro SFNE was pretty loud, but no louder than some of the other rides at the park. If anything it gave me nostalgia about my old house and how I had freight trains running behind it.


Cyclone was loud as hell, especially since the trains screeched when they went around bends; someone here said it was down to a lubrication issue and I guess since the ride was to be shut down soon (I went on the 17th) they weren't going to do much about it.


Recalling from memory I remember Scooby Doo (now Woodstock Express) at KD to be louder than I expected it to be. Surprisingly good ride too!


Also, is Batman: The Dark Knight sanded or not? I was standing next to it expecting a B&M roar and really all I got was the sound of the trains going down the track, not unlike Bizarro really.

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What's the most recent B&M that has that signature roar? Scream at Magic Mountain is the latest example that comes to my mind. And related to this, does anyone know if the newer B&Ms still use Talon's sand-filling approach, or has there been some other modification that allows them to behave quietly?


Now that I think of it, the loud "nyuck-nyuck-nyuck" of the anti-rollbacks on B&Ms has also been swapped out for a subdued, business-like hum in recent years. Everything became quieter just as I was starting to appreciate sheer noisiness.

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Superman at SFMM is by far the loudest, most piercing roller coaster ever. It's to the point where it's incredibly obnoxious to walk anywhere near it when it launches.

That ride scared the sh*t out of me when I first visited the park. I walked underneath it just as it took off; it sounded like a jet flying 100 ft. over my head.


Riddler, Scream, and Batman have the signature B&M roar, and Viper has the good old Arrow lift hill noise, which are two of my favorite coaster sounds. Scream's roar is the first noise I hear when I get out of the car, and I can hear Viper from halfway across the park. Goliath's lift hill is also quite loud, but I noticed one train is quieter than the other.

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The Surfrider here in Jeddah is painfully loud. The LSMs seem to screech like chalks on a chalkboard instead of that Intamin roar we're all used to. Especially since the park is very quiet most of the time, and the only noise you hear is the Surfrider.


Honorable mention to every single S&S drop tower in existence.

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Daemonen can be pretty loud with the B&M roar especially since you're so close to it. My favorite is when the train enters the station though... TA BOOM BOOM TA BOOM BOOM TA BOOM BOOM


Also any coaster or ride that does the PFFSCHT sound. Used to scare the crap out of me.

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