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Screamin' Adventures [RCT2]

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Now, I am going to say one thing, I am no longer going to update Tundra Adventures and I am putting Screamin' Adventures on hold. I wanted to work a bit with some custom stuff and I decided to start another park. So, I will have two projects going on, but right now it is the new park. The park is called Thrillin' Adventure. Lots of construction is going on right now as there is a TON of construction going on! The park opened as more of a place to eat and shop, then they added the Main Street Carousel, a double decker carousel. The Main Street Area was based off of the Great America parks as a tribute (this is for you Kris) to the parks. Not much stands, but a new area is under construction and the coaster over in that area is done with its trackwork, now its next step is the station and some of the scenery. Also, there is some work with the Main Street Shopping District going on right now. They are working on roofs on the first shop. Well, here are the first released shots of Thrillin' Adventure. There may be some missing parts. Sorry, the park only provided me with these pictures.


How bout we begin with the park entrance? Inside the building are the ticket booths, and when you get past those, you can go to the Entrance Plaza.


Here is one of the buildings connected to the Entrance Building and part of the Plaza. In there is food and shopping. Also is the way to the exit.

1-Main Street Carousel.BMP

Here is the Main Street Carousel and its gardens.

1-Main Street.BMP

The rest of Main Street looks nice right now, cannot wait for the shops to be completed.

1-Adventure Peak Entrance.BMP

There is the entrance to the new section. I am not sure what the name of the section is or what its theme is, but I think we'll find out soon! An announcement is coming soon!

1-Mine Train.BMP

The park apparently has more pictures of this coaster for the section, but refused to give me them.

1-Mine Train Overview.BMP

They also did give me this one.

1-Park Overview.BMP

And they also gave me this photo showing an overview of the whole park.

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UPDATE: 2/13/12

Thrillin' Adventure


Construction Update!


Adventure Peak Announced! Will feature four new rides!!!!!!




Well, the announcement was made. Adventure Peak is now announced as the new section of the park, and the third in the park (The other two are the Entrance Plaza and Main Street). Here is the official statement from the owner and operator of the park, Donnie Harrison:


I am proud to announce Adventure Peak Recreation Area. This area will feature some of the best rides on the whole East Coast. I am here to tell you about some of them. Here is the first ride. It is known as Adventure Peak: The Experience. It is a motion simulator experience taking you through the huge forests of the East Coast, all of them engulfed in flames. You, then, arrive at Adventure Peak, and are ready to destroy the fire at Adventure Peak first, before its too late. It is an exciting attraction experience. The next ride is a large one, and the tallest part of the park right now. It is known as Cliff Drop. It may not be the biggest drop tower, or the fastest, but it still is pretty awesome. 180 ft. at top speeds of 63 mph, this ride will make you fly right outta your seat! The next ride is one of the most unique flat ride concepts in a while. It is the Adventure Peak Sky Tours. It simulates the effect of flying without going too high! Basically, it is a flying coaster that doesn't have a chain or inversions. Just high speed fun! And the last ride you have seen before, it is the Creekside Mine Ride. This ride blasts you through high speed turns and a bunch of sudden drops and shoots you outta your seat with some of the wildest airtime ever! This ride will also be known for its main chain lift that takes you right out of Adventure Peak and right around the iconic waterfall getting you pretty wet in the process! Those are all of the rides in the section. Also, we have some small features in this section as well. We have decided to add the Gaming District where you can play some awesome games and win some awesome prizes. Also, Creekside Mine Ride will also have its own set of stalls for riders only known as the Creekside Trading Lane. Food places will also be added, but we haven't decided any places or potential names yet. I hope you are excited for Adventure Peak like I am.


There you go! Adventure Peak Recreation Area. What a section this will be. I have also found some plans I think I shouldn't have, but I found one for a new coaster for the area and a couple new flats. I cannot tell you anything or else I will never get another picture from this park again! Well, here is the picture update, showing all of this CRAZY construction going on here!

2-Main Street Work.BMP

Well, I was given a picture of some work on Main Street. Not much progress, but I heard they were taking their time with this project.

2-Sign Update.BMP

The Adventure Peak sign was changed. It now says "10 Year Anniv. Be there." Guess we know when it opens.

2-Simulation Experience.BMP

Here is Adventure Peak: The Experience. It is the only completed ride in the section right now.

2-Cliff Drop.BMP

Let's head over to the huge Cliff Drop ride. This ride is looking nice. All they have to work on is the queue.

2-Gaming District.BMP

Here is a picture of the Gaming District, featuring four fun games for the guests to play.

2-Creekside Mine Ride.BMP

Now, here is a view of two attractions. On the left, you see Adventure Peak Sky Tours. In the center, you see Creekside Mine Ride, the amazing mine train!

2-Adventure Peak Overview.BMP

Here is a view of all of the Adventure Peak Recreation Area. In the corner, you can see the Mine Ride going around the "falling turn."

2-Park Overview.BMP

Here is a skyview of the entire park.

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EXCEPTIONAL work there Molemaster! This is a huge step forward past Tundra Adventures! I'm looking forwards to your park and I want to know, in the gaming district photo thing, what is the path? Please tell me and this is MUCH better work then your first two parks (no offense) and possibly greater than mine!

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EXCEPTIONAL work there Molemaster! This is a huge step forward past Tundra Adventures! I'm looking forwards to your park and I want to know, in the gaming district photo thing, what is the path? Please tell me and this is MUCH better work then your first two parks (no offense) and possibly greater than mine!


I know where the name is and I'll PM it to you as soon as possible.


February 14, 2012


Thrillin' Adventure




Here is a mini update for Thrillin' Adventure, showing another ride in Adventure Peak and some more progress. Anyone else eagerly anticipating the section's opening?

3-The Emporium Done.BMP

Here is a good thing to know. The Emporium was finally completed! Yes! One shop down, another 4-5 to go!

3-Adventure Peak Auto Show.BMP

Here is the newest ride in Adventure Peak, the Adventure Peak Auto Show.

3-New Building.BMP

A new building is under construction here. New shop/food stand?

3-New Building-Creekside.BMP

Also, a nice mini distortion tunnel has been added to Creekside just for fun.

3-Park Overview.BMP

Here is a park overview.

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Update!!! Adventure Peak Officially Open!


February 18, 2012


Thrillin' Adventure




The Adventure Peak Recreation Area has officially opened!!!!!! This is a huge moment for Thrillin' Adventure. All five of the rides have put this park on the map of "very small parks" right now. The Creekside Mine Ride has been a very popular attraction and many people love the rides sudden drops and turns, especially the pitch black ride underground. Also, lots of people are loving the new shop on Main Street, the Main Street Pizzeria. Also, a new building is being planned out in Main Street, but it results in the movement of three stalls. One of the stalls was actually removed! Check out this HUGE photo update, as this is the largest of 'em all!

4-Main Street Souvenirs.BMP

First, let's start with Main Street. Here is the Main St. Souvenir Store. If you look in the corner, you can see one of the moved stalls, the Main Street Ice Cream Shoppe.

4-Main St. Pizzeria.BMP

Here is the Main St. Pizzeria, featuring the best pizza in town and ICEEs!

4-Main Street Plot.BMP

This massive plot of land moved those 3 small stands. What is gonna go here?

4-Auto Show.BMP

Now, time to head into Adventure Peak. The Adventure Peak Auto Show is looking nice and is drawing crowds.

4-Creekside Cafe.BMP

Here is the only place to eat in Adventure Peak, the Creekside Cafe.

4-Sky Tours.BMP

The Adventure Peak Sky Tours haven't been drawing huge crowds, but people still enjoy this ride.

4-Cliff Drop.BMP

Here is Cliff Drop, also not drawing large crowds. It still is a popular ride and a lot of guests LOVE IT!

4-Mine Ride-Simulator.BMP

Here are the lines for Adventure Peak: The Experience and Creekside Mine Ride. Creekside may not have a huge line, but it is the most popular ride in the park!

4-Adventure Peak.BMP

Here is a skyview of Adventure Peak, filled with guests.

4-Park Overview.BMP

Here is the skyview of the whole park.

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UPDATE!!! The Main Street Plan


February 21, 2012


Thrillin' Adventure




Ever since the Adventure Peak Recreation Area opened, business has been booming. Since the park opened the Adventure Peak Recreation Area, the amount of guests in the park increased by nearly 100%. Even the park owner is shocked at the increase of park guests. The owner is right now planning a huge expansion to finish Main Street. He is planning on adding two more buildings, one being a shopping area and the other being a food place. Also, the new restaurant is completed and is known as Parque Ristorante. The reason they have two different words in two different languages to represent all of the different foods inside.


Today, I heard something VERY interesting involving the park. I heard that a ride for Adventure Peak was being planned, but nothing has been confirmed. I also heard that Hot Diggity Dogs may return to the park, as it was taken out of the park when Parque Ristorante was being built. I heard it may go into Adventure Peak, or it will go into the Entrance Plaza. Guess we'll have to wait.


Here are some nice photos of some of the happenings at the park.

5-Parque Ristorante and Lake Bushes.BMP

Here is the Parque Ristorante. It has more food options than any other place in the park. Also, you can see that the small lake leading up to the Main Street Carousel got some bushes.

5-New pathways-Main St..BMP

There are the new pathways. These pathways are supposed to be for the new buildings in Main Street, but I heard somewhere that these plans could be cancelled. Well, guess we have to wait.

5-Park Overview.BMP

Here is a skyview of the entire park. Hope you enjoyed this update!

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One little tidbit - I don't really like the repetitiveness and blockiness of the Main Street buildings. Everything looks good and your park has great potential. Its a great park, don't get me wrong, but it looks too copy-and-pasted. You know what I mean? Add some balconies, maybe a tower, even a garden courtyard or two

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@ galindoverhere - Thank you very much! Means a lot!


@ RCTrioFan - Ok, I might leave the Main Street area generally the same, but I will work a little bit on the Main St. Pizzeria and Parque Ristorante. The shape will stay, but some small new things will be added. Also, I am adding some nice little tidbits to Adventure Peak to improve the theming.




UPDATE!!! New ride in Adventure Peak?


February 22, 2012


Thrillin' Adventure






A HUGE new plot of land has been cleared near Adventure Peak Sky Tours and Creekside Cafe. Parts have arrived and a hole has been dug. Does anyone wonder what will go here????


Anyways, this update will be about the plot of land and some of the parks hidden paths that you have never seen. I actually just discovered them myself. Hope you enjoy these pictures!

6-Hot Diggity Dogs.BMP

To begin the update, I saw that Hot Diggity Dogs was open, so I decided to get a hot dog right when I entered.

6-Entrance, Emporium, Main St. Souv.BMP

Time to start with the "secret" paths. Here is a path from the Emporium to Main St. Souvenirs. These secret paths were placed to reduce congestion in specific areas, and it worked.

6-McD, Pizzeria, Parque.BMP

Here are some more entrances. There is one from McD's to the Main St. Pizzeria and from the Main St. Pizzeria to Parque Risorante. There are 2 more secret paths in the Entrance Building, but I was not given them.

6-Emporium Secret Entrance.BMP

Also, there is a secret entrance from the Emporium into Adventure Peak.

6-Coming Soon.BMP

A new sign has been placed up near the Adventure Peak Sky Tours.

6-Adventure Peak-Plot of Land.BMP

Look at this HUGE plot of land. Parts are there and even a hole was dug up.

6-Park Overview.BMP

Here is the skyview of the park. Hope you enjoyed this update!

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Thrillin' Adventure has been completely destroyed!


Yesterday at 9:53 AM, a large series of explosions occurred at the Thrillin' Adventure Theme Park. It all started at the motion simulator attraction, Adventure Peak: The Experience. A fire broke out at the ride and caused a large explosion, which then caused more fires at the Creekside Mine Ride, Cliff Drop, and The Emporium. Another explosion, larger than the first, happened at the Creekside Mine Ride station and destroyed the Adventure Peak Sky Tours and the Adventure Peak Sky Divers flat rides. The Creekside Cafe and Adventure Peak Auto Show both were destroyed after huge flames erupted. The Cliff Drop partially collapsed when it was hit with the fire. Some debris fell onto the nearby Creekside Mine Ride turn around Adventure Peak and caused the mountain to cave in and destroy lots of Creekside Mine Ride. All of the underground pathways from Adventure Peak to the Exit area also caved in. After the fire destroyed the Emporium, it completely mangled and mauled the Main St. Souvenirs and entrance building, which then lead it to destroying the Guest Services and McDonald's. The Main St. Pizzeria and Parque Ristorante then fell victim to large fires. All of this happened in about 10 minutes. Right after Parque Ristorante was destroyed, fire crews arrived and took out the fire in about 1 hour. Not much remained standing. The new roller coaster planned for Adventure Peak only suffered minor damage to its track and the Main St. Carousel suffered little to no damage at all. During the fire, 7 people died and 15 have minor-major injuries. The park is suing the maker of Adventure Peak: The Experience, Dynamic Structures (Also maker of Soarin', Test Track, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey) for a large sum of money which is unknown. Families are, shockingly, joining with the park against Dynamic Structures in a huge legal battle. This is one of the largest amusement park incidents in history. We hope that your thoughts and prayers are with the families who lost loved ones in this fire. Also, we'd like to say one more thing: RIP Thrillin' Adventure.


There you go. I heard somewhere a huge announcement regarding Thrillin' Adventure is supposed to come on Sunday. Guess we'll just have to wait...

Edited by A.J.
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Update 3/4/2012


Thrillin' Adventure




Announcement from Thrillin' Adventure Manager, Joel Masters


Hello theme park lovers and theme park goers. I am here to discuss the fate of the once-great Thrillin' Adventure Theme Park. Thrillin' Adventure opened up with the Emporium and McDonald's. Then, Main Street opened with its famous double deck carousel, The Main Street Carousel. Then, Adventure Peak Recreation Area opened up, turning this park into a quality small park. And in the middle of the expansion of Adventure Peak, the explosion happened. 7 people. 7 people died as a result of Adventure Peak: The Experience. Well. Since Thrillin' Adventure went out, I have been heartbroken. I have thought day and night about Thrillin' Adventure and talked with other members of the Board and Management. We have come to a group consensus on the fate of Thrillin' Adventure...


We have decided to rebuild Thrillin' Adventure and reopen it. Also, we will be working on a new Four Seasons Resort as a replacement for the old Tundra Adventures park which we sold of awhile ago. Thrillin' Adventure will be rebuilt in its entirety, with the exception of Adventure Peak: The Experience. We are going to put the Adventure Peak Sky Tours where Adventure Peak: The Experience was. So, the park will be revived, featuring all the original rides, attractions, and shops (with the exception of Adventure Peak: The Experience). We are going to have some minor modifications to the entrance. There will no longer be a large entrance building. We are going to scale down the size a bit. That is the primary difference between the old and the new, but nothing else drastic. Now, onto the new Four Seasons Resort. The new resort does not have a name, but we are trying to think of one. This resort complex will be large when it opens, as it will feature tons of things for you to do. During the winter, you can hit the slopes and go skiing or go racing down one of our high speed ice paths. Or, you can ice skate or ride the Ice Drift on the freezing lake. During the summer, you can hit the park, featuring pools, slides, and rides! You can also challenge your friends to a race around the high speed go karts or play a round of mini-golf. Also, you can drive your own speedboat, and you can skateboard! We also have some awesome year-round activities too. You can do many of our activities indoors too, like swimming, ice skating, skateboard, go-karts, and mini-golf. We also have some pretty awesome horse races every once in awhile. The hotel itself will feature an arcade, sports bar, plenty of restaurants (sit-down and fast food), and amazing rooms! I cannot wait for both of these projects to be finished, and I hope we can get each of these huge projects up and running very soon!


Well, I guess we'll be able to see Creekside Mine Ride again! I heard somewhere that the original Main Street Carousel is going into Thrillin' Adventure, but it is just a rumor. I cannot wait for the resort because it looks AMAZING.


Also, there is supposed to be an auction for any remaining parts that somehow survived the fire. They've found parts of Creekside Mine Ride, Cliff Drop, and Adventure Peak Sky Tours.


That is all for this HUGE update! Hope you all enjoyed!!!!

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UPDATE: 3/5/2012


The Four Seasons Adventure Resort


More Features Announced




I just found out that there are some huge new things coming to the newly named Four Seasons Adventure Resort. Here is the official announcement from the resort's website:


The Four Seasons Adventure Resort is proud to announce a new feature for our resort! We are going to be adding a football field for public use, as well as games that aren't super major. It will, however, not feature stadium seating. It will feature a concession stand and a souvenir booth.


Wow. This resort, when it opens, is going to be AMAZING!!!! I heard more announcements are going to be released daily until the first construction update is released.

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Nearly three weeks without a photo? What's going on here?


Next update will feature lots of photos- or this thread is getting a nice "lock" placed on it- as at this point, all you're doing is bumping your own topic for the sake of bumping.



Games Forum Moderating Team

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Hey everybody, I decided I should do a little bit of work on Screamin' Adventures. Here is the update for you guys and girls, enjoy!




Screamin' Adventures has been looking very nice lately. A lot of people have been worried about Screamer, and many false rumors surfaced. Some people thought it was dismantled and sold. Some people thought it was a fire. Some people (not the brightest people) thought robbers went and stole all of the wood. Well, I am putting all of the rumors to rest, Screamer is reborn. Featuring new high speed banked turns through huge dips and swooping turns, Screamer is now a force to be reckoned with in the coaster world. A memorable part of the ride has been made extreme. The turn over the lake is now a swooping turn. Screamer, however, hasn't opened. There have been a few signs up on the construction walls.


In other news, a new large food court known as the Screamin' Food Court has opened. It features a lookout walkway that almost goes around the entire building. It looks great.


Besides those things, not much is going on here. The Big Rehab Plan is scheduled to continue with the Junior Dips whenever Screamer is completed.


Now onto the pics:


Here is a mini-update. The Forest Splashdown drop has been modified.


Check it out. The new Screamin' Food Court, featuring more food options than any other place in the park.


These signs on the front of the Screamer construction walls always freak me out a little inside.


She's coming back baby! Check out the new Screamer's modifications. Huge new donut turn as the park calls it.


Take on this mess of twists and turns and a HUGE swooping turn!


Here is the rest of the layout of the famed attraction.


Here is a skyview of the park. Thanks for checking out this update!

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