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Any coaster/attraction that was a mistake from day one?

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Nope, Magnum opened with upstop plates, which is hilarious because that means Arrow didn't think the ride would have airtime. I know it was the 80's but jeez, didn't they know the forces before they built it?


Still, gotta love Arrow! lmao


OK, I need an education, anyone have a picture of these upstop plates, and when were they installed?

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OK, I need an education, anyone have a picture of these upstop plates, and when were they installed?


I found an article on ultimate roller coaster:


It is interesting to note that during Magnum's first season it ran with upstop plates under the trains, much like the other large Arrow steel at the park, the Gemini. Upstop wheels replaced these plates the following season. This is one of those instances where you shake your head and wonder, "What were they thinking?!" Ron Toomer created lots of great coasters, but engineers had to wonder what was going on when they built the cars as if they were running on a mine train, not a 200-foot monster.


After searching rcdb, I think I found a picture. Its hard to see, but you can kind of see just a standard metal plate where the upstop wheels would be.


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^^^I need to reword the questions...


When where the upstop WHEELS installed on magnum? I know when the coaster itself was built, I was there as a graduation gift.


Does anyone have pictures of Magnum with the upstop plates?!?!


I have an undated photo, which i thought was from 1989, that shows wheels, not plates. (Yes, I found it. LOL)

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Pictures of Magnum's upstop plates are pretty hard to come by. I have never seen it in person, but I did see one picture once (can't remember where). You can still see the same upstops on the Gemini (unless they have been changed also).


The upstop wheels were added the first season (89?) at the same time as the following:


- Padding added to cars

- Seatbelts

- Anemometers added to lifthill (Car vallied between drops 1 and 2 due to wind)


About three years after it opened the 2nd drop was shortened.


Somewhere around 95-96, the Pretzel turnaround was modified considerable. I think some of the banking was actually taken out of it.


Hope this is fairly accurate and helps

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The article says magnum ran the first season with the plates, and they were added the following season. I dont know the exact date/year, but I tried to find an article that helped.


Also, since I couldnt find a pic of magnum with the upstop plates, I found a picture of a coaster with upstop plates, an arrow mine train. which in the article it says its the same plates arrow used on their mine trains.


Good luck finding your answers, sorry I couldnt help.

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Can't think of a single worthy Togo in my book.

I can the stand up's like shockwave at PKD!

Jarmor...can you read minds? I swear you can, because Shockwave at PKD was the ONE Togo I had in mind (aside from Viper). I HATE the Shockwave with a passion. I hope they tear the b*tch down, cause I will never miss it. Like I said in another post, any stand-up coaster with airtime, or in this case, bunnyhops, is a work of evil, sadistic Japanese engineers who enjoy making men (and women) sterile.

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uhhh...can you read post lol lol im not saying shockwave is a bad coaster, im saying its a good coaster!


Uhhhh....I can read posts and am totally aware of you liking Shockwave. When I said Shockwave came to mind, it's because I don't like the ride.

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As far as togo standups go, I've had one brilliant ride on Skyrider in Canada's Wonderland... insane air in the helix, powerful loop, air all over the place in the second half. The other 30 or so times I've ridden it it's been a steaming pile of crap. As far as sterilizing, as long as you treat it like a bike seat, you should be okay (barring enormity to the point of deformity)


I know Arrow pipelines were never really built--- but didn't they make one at their factory in Utah? That might be the most pointless coaster ever built.


Isn't Twister II @ SFEG a pretty rotten imitation of a coaster that already existed and was owned by the park?


Kings Island Bat is perhaps the most obvious poor planning, but didn't WOF put stand up trains on a corkscrew once? Another idiotic idea.

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Hello, I would like you to post an idea of an amusement park that wasn't a good choice of them. posting a picture is optional, but please keep this clean and no fighting!


To get started, I think Holiday World should-have given up on the Timberliners for a long time,they needed to stop delaying because I knew they weren't going to do it!


Could they have done it?

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Six Flags renaming the former Tony Hawk coasters as "Pandemonium". Besides what does pandemonium have to with skateboarding ? Frankly I much rather have Six Flags either keep the "Big Spin" name (without Tony Hawk) or retheme the remaining American "Big Spin" coasters (SFOT, SFFT, and SFStL) as Joker (ala Six Flags Mexico).

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