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Chad and Jake Visit Shock Wave, The Holy Shrine of Anton!

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Yesterday I met up with Jake(Jakizle) at Six Flags over Texas to properly pay our respects to Anton by visiting his Holy Shrine, Shock Wave. For those who have never ridden one of Anton's greatest works you are missing out. Anton gave us some unexpected airtime both in the front and in the rear. He took us up and brought us down with a quickness that was neither too hard nor too soft; it was just the way we liked it. The intensity we felt was like no other as we sat and he spun. In fact there were times that he gave it to us with such intensity that he put us on the verge of a blackout.


One thing that did not go unnoticed was his ability to give it to us with the same intensity and heart pounding action time after time without slowing down or taking a break. It was that that kept us screaming for more again and again before finally wearing us out.


But even while we took a break and enjoyed a beverage we watched as Anton delivered enjoyment to 28 people, all at once.


Shock Wave is a true design marvel and everyone is highly encouraged to visit SFOT and let Shock Wave, and Anton, give it to you just the way it was given to us, smooth yet forceful.


Jake and I hope you enjoy the photos we took of Shock Wave, and while looking at the photos might not be as good for you as it was for us, you will be able to fully enjoy this great work.


And there he is, all primed and ready for us.


This excites us.




Lift hill porn!


Lift motor porn!


I think I just.....never mind, I was about to share too much with you people.


Shock Wave was flying, just like that plane!


So beautiful.


No expense was spared in the equipment used to photograph this masterpiece.




Brake porn. I just about lost it marveling at the mechanical aspects of this system.


Yellow train has satisfied yet another 28 people.




Sexy station drive wheels.


And the blue train arrives and shows us...


...his naughty parts.


Mmm Mmm. I prefer it in the rear.


More satisfied riders.


Taking a look out the back door.


Look Ma! No OTSR's!


So how many loops does Shock Wave have? Is it one?


Or two?


If you said two, you are wrong. It has a horizontal loop out back :p


How about some transfer track porn? Yes you say? OK.


Look at that drive wheel being all naughty


Wouldn't you just love to cuddle with it?


Oh my, what do we have here?


This must be where Anton get's freshened up each morning.


Whew, the plane was able to fly thru


Delivering action to those who want it.


We take a quick break to show you this upskirt action.


This pole is not small, it's average.


Put your hands up in the air, ride it like you just don't care


Oh. My. Gawd. This is effing amazing. Just look at that perfection.


Taking a look at Anton's rear station entrance....


...before enjoying yet another ride.


Now you see it.


And now you don't.


Even tho it was cold outside, Anton warmed us up.


Time and time again.


Double pole action keeps things stiff, yet flexible.


And after numerous sessions with Anton, we were worn out....


and left feeling satisfied. Only Anton can provide you with that feeling.

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(I think I just ruined two towels, too....)


Great photos of Anton's finest doing what it does best: Making me sweat, breathe hard, and generally doing things to me that no one else can...



"Certified Schwarzkopf 'enthusiast'"

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Loved the report!!! Even though I ride this almost every other week it's nice to look at. The only thing I have to say negitive about shockwave is looks like it needs a cleaning and a paint job, same colors just a nice new coat.

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great report, like the pictures a lot. I have always loved coasters by Anton Schwarzkopf, I wish they hadn't gotten rid of the one at Six Flags St. Louis, it was a great ride. haven't ridden this one yet, but have always enjoyed seeing videos of it in action. the only 2 Schwarzkopf coasters I have ridden are Revolution at Magic Mountain and the one that was at my home park, The Jetscream. Looking forward to riding Mind Bender next year.


Thanks for the awesome report and pictures

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Thanks guys, glad you are enjoying Jake and I's time with Anton!


Isn't it amazing how smooth and beautiful those Anton rides STILL are after all these years? They're just awesome.


I know right? I think I have ridden all current installations of the non-wildcat's in the U.S. and I am amazed each time at how well they deliver. You just can't put it into words.


I am still recovering from the session we had with Anton...


Me too man, me too. He wore me out like no other has in quite sometime.


Well, at least I can look at pictures of it since two people (who will remain nameless) broke it during ERT on a certain day back in May!!!


I need to get back to this park. Maybe in the spring. I think I'll go look at flights!


Just don't come until late April Jo, Anton will be toning up this off-season as he continues a 5 year restoration!

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One of the best memories of Texas Giant Bash was not only enjoying the fantastic Rocky Mountain on Texas Giant, but discovering this gem. I was looking forward to riding this regardless but what a surprise it was. I think our group marathoned this most of the day. Just a fantastic ride, especially with the chaser lights on at night.


This report does this ride justice

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I don't understand the love than Schwarzkopf gets here. I mean, the ride is more than 30 years old. Get with the modern times


I am only guessing that you also don't see why people love Racer, Jack Rabbit, or Thunderbolt at Kennywood, all over 75 years old or any of the Batman clones the first of which is coming up on 20 years old?


Anton is the only builder out there that figured out how to make a consistent throughout, intense loop that still delivers to this day. Other designers have copied him in many aspects of that.


The love for his designs aren't just shown by coaster lovers, but by the public as well. On any given day the wait for his works can easily stretch beyond 30 minutes. If the public wasn't riding them, the parks would pull them out and I don't see Shock Wave or Mind Bender at SFOG going anywhere anytime soon and neither do their respective park Presidents.


So not sure how else to explain it.

Edited by chadster
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Thank you for posting this! More, indeed. Shockwave is top 5 steel for me, but Mind Bender (Six Flags Over Georgia) is def #1. Tops most woodies I've ridden. I often say these 2 Anton's are like "a very smooth woodie with loops." Basically, the best of all worlds. Simple, to the point. Pacing, check. Comfort, check. Perfect loops and airtime, check. The new "Intamin" rides are nice, but don't hold a candle to these old Anton/Intamin creations. Those new T-lap bars suck.


I also love how these Anton rides have 'give' in them; you can get a smooth ride but still feel the wheels leaving the track and landing back down - softly. I'm glad they are constantly rehabbing Shockwave (and Mind Bender!) and keeping them fresh and lubed. Shocker has had several horrid paint jobs consecutively. Those trains and track deserve a great paint job; my favorite was when the track was silver with blue supports and blue trains. Here is a little 'tribute' video I did a while back to all things Shockwave:


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