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Thrill Mountain Amusement Park (RCT3)

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^ We understand your concern. Please take a look at this message from Park President Alie Gaffan:


Hello fellow enthusiasts! It's been great to lead this amazing park for the past few months, and I cannot wait to have more fantastic experiences with all of you! Today, we're going to be issuing a few measures to insure the park will be with us for decades to come. While for the last seven seasons, the park has received large additions, including a coaster every season. This practice will have to come to an end. In order to attract more guests, it's important that we cater to a larger variety of guests including our little thrill seekers. Within the coming years, we will see some great changes at the park, including new up-charge attractions, more expansion as a resort, and further themed expansions. We will also shift the focus from costly extreme thrills to more reliable thrill rides and coasters within the park's means. We hope you stick with us as we reshape this fantastic park!



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Small Update - Interview with Alie Gaffan


Max here, as always! I thought I'd share this interview with our local news and our Park President Alie Gaffan:


Reporter: Ms. Gaffan, You're not a stranger to the tourism industry, but how is this park any different from your other ventures?


Gaffan: Well, for starters, our company has never owned an amusement park. This is our first venture into this industry, and we're really enjoying it!


Reporter: Does this mean Pacifica will begin purchasing more parks?


Gaffan: I can't comment on anything related to our expansion plans, but we are very happy with our progress in the industry.


Reporter: We've seen the park remove the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world, why? And what will replace it?


Gaffan: When we entered the park, there were a few things we HAD to do. We had to swift adjustments to the linup to cater to a more large variety of guests, and we had to make the park more efficient. We performed three market studies, Having the tallest coaster in the world wasn't bringing in any additional guests.


Reporter: What will replace it?


Gaffan: I can't comment on that, but it will definitely cater to more than just thrill seekers.


Reporter: What changes have happened at the park that you think are notable?


Gaffan: Well, if you take a stroll down the midway two years ago, we had empty planters, random spaces of emptiness, and rides which desperately required some TLC. We're proud to say that we've fixed the majority of these problems. This year alone, we've repainted two major attractions. One of which was an entire re-theme. We've also repainted our log flume, and renamed it.


Reporter: What is the new name?


Gaffan: Well prior to today, it was known as "Vortex" a very random and un-fitting name. After today, it will be known as Typhoon, and will include water effects.


Reporter: Where does the park have funds to continuously make changes of this nature?


Gaffan: Well, it's quite simple. The changes we make are very inexpensive and attract guests. The more guests that are brought in, the more cash flow we receive to make more great additions.


Reporter: What do you think is missing from the park?


Gaffan: On the low end side, I think we really need an area dedicated to families and children under the age of seven. On the high-end side, we have a phenomenal line-up, but we still need a wooden roller coaster.


Reporter: Thank you Ms. Gaffan.



Lots of exciting news there! I have two photos that you may enjoy EVEN MORE!


So much vacancy!


Something really big is happening here!


More soon!

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Woah has it been a while since I've seen you all! How are you?! No time to chit-chat, lot's of new pictures to share!


Trenches? Hmm...


Wonderful new teal colors look great! Is that sign familiar to anyone?


Swings are going through some rehab work and will be closed through October and into November.


We've expanded our l0ckers to better serve YOU ALL!


We've also added $1 l0ckers at all coasters to help benefit our guests!


We snuck a new ride in! Come on in and enjoy the new Tree Swings!


Confederate Cafe is undergoing some changes on the interior to better serve YOU!


Happy Guests = Happy Me!


Aerial View Courtesy of ABC NEWS.


What do you think of Typhoon's new splash fountains? You're bound to get drenched!


Doesn't look like there's something new here for next season. But what could go here?


Will it be from Intamin, like Gun Stringer?


Will it be from the great designers at B&M like Goliath?


Or will it be from our friends at Vekoma, like Poseidon?


We may never know.. But we probably will!

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The days are getting chillier, but attendance is still strong! We can't wait for our announcements on DECEMBER 1! It's our holiday gift to you! Now to some updates!


Looks like Poseidon will have a friend next season!


We've gotten some great feedback about our new Tree Swings!


Our guests from out of state also appreciate having the Hilton on premises. I can't say much, but keep a keen eye HERE!


No worries, swings will be back very soon! We're doing a bit more detailed work, and are expecting to have it back up in a few days.


Did anyone notice that the Ancient Rome Guest Relations center was removed? No one ever used it!


Keep an eye out here!


I realized, Tumble Bug is one of the only attractions that haven't changed at all since the park reopened eight years ago!


I really love Typhoon's new colors!


This looks interesting! A maze of footers!


Still no activity here... hmmm...


Can you take on some of the amazing EXPERIENCES at Thrill Mountain?!


See you on December 1 for the announcement!

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It takes a true dare devil to take on a space project. But, are you brave enough to explore planet X?


Discover new elements on this unfamiliar planet.


Beware of flaming infernos on the planet bed.


Endure these challenges with nothing below you.


And you're challenge is: APOLLO X



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You replaced an Intamin rocket coaster with an SLC

Not a great decision IMO considering the park already has a Vekoma GIB. A B&M Invert would've been ten times better in my opinion.

Oh well, at least it'll be photogenic! Also, its a very good looking CFR. I would love to know where you downloaded it.


And with that survey, the idea of a 200ft woodie is cool but a bit too much IMO. I believe a medium sized GCI or Gravity Group coaster would be a much better option.

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