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Thrill Mountain Amusement Park (RCT3)

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Unknown Park


Six years ago, a large chain company wanted to construct an amusement park, so they started construction here. The company fell under new management who didn't want to pursue the amusement park.


The park was abandoned, leaving buildings, rides and products sitting around with no owner.


Even this immaculate ferris wheel was installed completely, yet now is missing gondolas and needs severe work.


Huge plots of land were unearthed just to lay empty for years.


Record breaking rides at the time, were never operated, and were eventually surpassed.


Now, the park's signature attraction lays dormant.


The city of Gladas Heights will vote to have the property leveled on November 1. Something inside of me wants this park to have a second chance. Only time may tell us..

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Jason Thompson


I've received word that all the recent activity at the site of the park is from a developer known as Jason Thompson. I contacted Jason with a request for more information. He responded with a job offer in Public Relations and some photos of the park. I accepted his offer and I'm starting in just a few days. I'll be keeping you all up to date. I thought I'd tease you with some photos:


A new Intamin creation will grace the park come May 30th! (Name pending..)


Testing has begun on the newly revamped water flume, Vortex.


With a new coat of paint and trains, Typhoon will shock riders with seven inversions!


Also, just a small detail, the park will open on May 30th as Thrill Mountain Amusement Park.

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Heating Up


Things are heating up here as there's only ONE WEEK until opening day! Wow how the days have flown past us!


I was authorized to share a few photos from last night's testing session:


Soar at speeds of up to 70mph after a heart pounding launch on Demon's Inferno!


Things are still hot across the pond at Typhoon with seven inversions!


But, it's finally time to cool off over at Vortex with a bone chilling 65ft drop!


Demon's Inferno is blazing over here!


More in just a week!

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Opening Day


Well, the big day is here, the park has had it's grand opening, and we've opened the doors to over 10,000 unique guests on our first day of operations! We're very excited for the future of the park, and we know you will be too. Yes, I know something you don't know and I'll be teasing you forever!


Onto the pictures:


Unfortunetly, Demon's Inferno just isn't ready for opening. We won't open a ride unless we know it's 110% safe!


Many families enjoyed this garden as an area to cool off from the heat this weekend!


The Typhoon is here! Riders absolutely LOVE Typhoon!


many chose Vortex to help relieve themselves from the immense heat!


The unique backwards drop creates an insane sensation of disbelief!


While not the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world, ours is quite a stunner!


Without a doubt, riders are in for a treat! (A bitter-sweet treat!!)


King Chaos is a true chaos machine!


Even though Demon's Inferno was closed, the effects and trains were testing all day, we're aiming for a mid-June opening!


The story is one of tragedy. This aircraft crashed into a construction site in an industrial district. We plan to theme all of our rides!


Vortex is one nice water flume!


Be prepared to endure the Demon's Inferno!


More VERY soon!

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June 30

Demon's Inferno Now Open!


It's taken a bit of hard work, but it's all payed off, because Demon's Inferno is finally open, and has passed the strict inspection codes of the city of Gallos Heights. We're please to present to you, yet another update of the happenings at Thrill Mountain!


We're no responsible for the loss of your soul.


We're already hard at work on the future of the park. I can guarantee BIG things!


A midway full of happy guests!


Even more clearing?! We are up to something, aren't we!


Now, to leave you with a smile!

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Just a quick update, we've been making great progress on our new attractions (YES, MORE THAN ONE!) lined up for next year! More information on them soon!


It's a bird... It's a plane.. It's CONSTRUCTION.


I don't know what this contraction is. But it looks AWESOME!


I spy with my little eye... CONCRETE!


More yellow poles. I just cannot fathom what this could be!

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