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(RCT2) RCTrioFan's Micro Parks

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Hello! RCTrioFan here, brining a new series of RCT2 parks that are 15x15.(Credit to PSIrockin for the Lighthouse Coast which I used for my base) This will not be updated regularly, but rather as a time-consumer, but you never know when I'll update it. I was originally gonna enter them into the Monthly Micro challenge until it went dead, so this may be your third time seeing this one entitled "Goliath's Rage" featuring a launched B&M and a spiral slide named "Venomshark."



View one.



View two.



View three.



View four.



Update woodie catwalk.

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It's a bit silly with the woody elements/supports, but I quite like the piece as a whole. There is just something fun about the size, and also that is the most creative use of the Goliath sign I have EVER seen!


Thanks! Would you prefer multidimension track instead?

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I like the double supports going up the lift hill but maybe make them the same color. Creative idea with the coaster going into water bit it is not realistic for something of that size. Good use of the rock wall on that wall, no one seems to do that enough especially when it looks really good.

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