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[RCT 2] Anton Gardens

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Over the past few months, I've been tinkering around with different rides and layouts of parks, and decided it was time for me to put my passion towards my favorite rides into a park.


Welcome to Anton Gardens: A RedLine Park property


Most of the park is based upon the existing RedLine Parks chain, but with some key differences:


1.) The park itself will be broader in scale and scope than existing parks, featuring more in-depth attractions and higher levels of theming plus other technical changes to the layouts, the arrangement of trees, etc. that I've found I like better than styles in the past.

2.) An emphasis on trying new types of rides, shows and attractions to boost attendance

3.) Re-thinking a lot of the people-movements, and balancing out the park to become more in tune to larger parks that currently exist. This means parks that I've been to will be some area basis for themes and structures


The initial build of the park is now complete, and I've done some basic structural works are now complete. Other facets have yet to be built in, but I like to have a few 'key' attractions installed prior to starting large scale construction of the remaining park.


The first few shots are starting with the entry plaza areas:



The entry plaza, ticketing booths, and customer service buildings, plus the park's administration offices



Trees and landscaping are added. Beyond the entry plaza is the berm for a future in-park transport system (TBD)


The park is opened with a single coaster, a Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop known as Flashback, a Schwarzkopf Enterprise (Apple Turnover, in tribute to my first Anton ride from (CLASSIFIED) years ago, a Circus, as well as bumper Cars (Crashendo) and the Pirate Ship ride themed to a trip in the Nile River (Night Boat to Cairo). A Drop Tower, the 2Tone Plunge follows to balance out the park's capacities while further ride additions are added, and scenery is added.


Following the completion and balancing of the budget to the park, the second (and first 'permanent' installation) coaster is added: Blue Streak. This ride is based upon the ShockWave, Mindbender (SFoG) and Revolution coasters by Schwarzkopf, and was built as a prefab coaster- It was initially built in another test park, and proved so successful at eating crowds that it made it's way into Anton Gardens.



Blue Streak: This is a pre-made coaster that I've installed in a test park prior to Anton Gardens.


Once opened, I wanted a more 'groomed' look to the area surrounding and under the coaster. As the ride is elevated off of the ground, it made it an easy choice to be a 'mowed lawn' area. Fencing around the ride is added, and fruit trees are added to give some depth and color to the ride's pathways.




Blue Streak and Flashback are good, solid profitmakers, allowing remaining debt to be paid off, and attention to the scenery and grooming is now allowed. Walnut trees, small Juniper bushes and other small details are then added between the food booths, restrooms and other park facilities. Currently, the park is operating with a capacity of 3,000 guests, but we are averaging around 1500 guests.


The second 'pernmanent' coaster to be added is "Infinity". This coaster is based upon the technologies of the Compact Looping portable coasters from Schwarzkopf. A four train capacity makes this speed demon a people eater, with a 3200 PPH capacity.



Triple Looping, known at Anton Gardens as "Infinity"



Infinity, ready to open, and waiting to thrill.


To continue with the 'Scenery/Realistic' aspect, I felt that the front of the park needed a hotel for guests. While the building itself is a 'shell' building, if it WERE to exist, it would feature 79 rooms, a tropical pool, and several restaurants to serve guests. As this is RCT II, we can but dream of that.



Schwarzkopf Garden Inn under construction. Several changes had to be made to facilitate the opening of the building, and it's not complete- yet.



The completed Schwarzkopf Garden Inn, featuring the pool, entry paths, and some plant theming.


Now that these basics are in place, the next step is to extend the main midway towards the center of the map. This extension will allow for the first of the park's theme areas to be built- and I'm thinking of going for a Space/Astronautical theme area to start with.



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This is AWESOME! I love everything... especially the name Nightboat to Cairo! Also love 2Tone plunge, it looks like the pair of vans my sisters are giving me for Christmas. #Churchofschwarzkopf


hehehehehe... You're the only one who's picked up on the sub-theme of the park... This is also a WIP for something I've been thinking about now for a long while.


Let's move this song along... and try to find the plot: Construction update #1a: Expansion and changes.


Now that the park is making money, I do something I normally don't do: The coasters make up the vast bulk of income, so I reduced the prices on all the flat and tower rides to... $0.00. The guests LOVE this, and we're still making good money with the existing rides.


The park's first internal expansion occurs off the central spike, and ends up creating the hub. At this point, however, it's a dead-end, crowned off by a Schwarzkopf MK3a Custom Speedracer. Other changes have also begun as the park begins to evolve into a larger scale attraction.


Rides themselves are shuffled within the park, to open more space, and create a noise buffer for the now-expanded hotel. 2Tone Plunge has been moved towards the hub on the new Main Street III area. A spinning flowers attraction (Twisting Tulips) is also added, as are the standard shops and park facilities.



The first major expansion area- Main Street III.




On the former site of the 2Tone plunge, I've added a go-karts raceway, themed to middle-America driving: The new Autopia Freeway ride has a winding but compact course, and is far quieter for the hotel nearby. It is not entirely unreasonable that a second go-karts attraction could be built within the park.



And now with scenery and landscaping.



The layout for Autopia Freeway.


The hotel is expanded vertically, adding 60 more rooms and bringing the capacity to 139 rooms at any given time. This is the maximum height for the hotel, so other options are being considered- including extending the hotels' wing outward, as well as a second building on site. Other options are a second hotel/resort on property, perhaps mixed into a future theme area, or even as part of the in-park railway/transport system.



And up it goes.. Hotel under construction. Please pardon our dust.



The completed seven story Schwarzkopf Inn


Once the hotel addition is complete, it's time to turn to building more permanent attractions and facilities. As the cornerstone of the first large-scale expansion, I decided to make a mine train... on steroids. Since there is -plenty- of open space here, I let my imagination go a little wild, and created what amounts to a 6,600 foot long, three-lift mine train. Six or Seven trains can operate along it's course when opened- however, in keeping with the premise of this park's building, I want it to have more bang for it's buck: What you see here is the layout- and not the complete package. Theming elements will be used- and, quite stereotypically, the mine train/western theming. This ride will be the cornerstone to the new Western theme area, which will be to the left of the hub as you face the rear of the park.



Transfer track, storage tracks, platform and brake stations.



One view of the course- as seen from the front park perspective.



An overview of the complete circuit. Some minor tweaks to the layout have already been put in to 'smooth out' the flow.


So sometime in the next 48 hours or so, I plan on finishing the Mine Train's layout- and give it a name as well. The western theme area's primary build will begin, which may include the first segments to the in-park transportation system.



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After the Mine Train is opened, I felt it was time to 'broaden' the park's themed areas. Part of the reason I went with the mine train in the first place was that it would tie in well with the first major expansion of the park, a western/fort themed area.


This is also the first time I've branched out into broader territories of structures. I've been experimenting with things for a while, but wanted to try out a 'deeper' and richer feel to the buildings, as well as to incorporate structures into a larger-scale attraction, in this case, it's the in-park train system. To begin with, I started by adding the first 'bunker walls' to surround the area, basically sealing it off from the rest of the park, for theme reasons. Internally, the space is much wider, with larger avenues and general buildings fit to the era.


Let's take a look at what's gone on so far:


The Mine train starts to develop a general 'themed' feel to it, adding not only a shed, but also the platform building and queue house.



The Mine train coaster, as structures are applied to it for feel and space.



The completed queue building and shed



I'm not so sure about the soil additions, but some mine equipment is added for effect to the 'underground' segment of the coaster. I'm still undecided as to what else to put in there- at least for now.


Once I'd finished 'dressing' the mine train, the next step was to come up with a better way to start the western/fort theme area. Seeing how other people do their parks, and using what I've studied over the past 9 years, I figured out that to avoid unhappy (and LOST) guests, the flow would have to remain true to the 'people theory' of no lost intersections. To do this, you'll notice a general 'shape' to the open areas.



Pathway layout- preliminary.



The 'fort' bunker and towers are added: Only 1/3rd of the bunkers are completed- and will be finished once the area is ready to open.



A Huss Top-Spin, known as Catapult is added, as are the first few buildings. The Red structure houses Burgers and Lemonade, the khaki structure restrooms, ATM and First Aid station.



In the green building, known as "Miss Kitty's house of FUN, is a wacky shack. The building is themed as a 'Establishment of ill refute'.



The General Store is added- with it's fair share of shops inside.



A few additional items are added for guest use (Benches, lamps and trash cans; The trash cans will be replaced with 'theme appropriate' ones before the area is opened to the public.


As part of my 'adding details' aspect, I've decided to add a second hotel at this point. Looking at examples from other major parks, I wanted to put in something that would really 'pop' as part of the fort area, so using the train station for this area made good sense. This hotel, themed to a lodge of the era, would surround the train's platform, as well as direct access into the park.



The basic layout of the Lodge is done; there is enough space to the rear of the building for additonal structures to be added in the future (A second wing, if you will.)



The first 'wing' of the Lodge is completed. Mind you, the suites on the end would be for our 'theme-park' minded guests. (Yes, a MAJOR miscalculation on my part.


Two more rides are scheduled for this area, but are still in 'development' for the future. A 'Round Up' ride, as well as a dark ride/ride through are also planned, but I'm still fleshing those out in my mind before starting construction on them.



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Nice, good to see you're using realistically-wide paths, and that B&M minetrain looks awesomesausictasticalness. Or simply this:


Wide paths in RCT2 look nice, that's the way to make it look realistic. If you have a two (whatever they are called) square-filled paths then it's pretty unrealistic.


Nice work on everything really, RD! Those buildings are square and quaint, I like them like that!

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Nice, good to see you're using realistically-wide paths, and that B&M minetrain looks awesomesausictasticalness. Or simply this:


Wide paths in RCT2 look nice, that's the way to make it look realistic. If you have a two (whatever they are called) square-filled paths then it's pretty unrealistic.


Nice work on everything really, RD! Those buildings are square and quaint, I like them like that!


Umm, I meant it in the fort area. Where its like 5 wide.

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I will have to give our 'realism' players credit: Building scenery is a ginormous pain in the tuchis. I'm a bit stunned at how long it has taken to build one theme area out of three, and it's exhausting work. With that having been said: Fort Munsterhausen is now done, and opened for business. Let's take a look at the completed project, and the addition of new rides.


The fort, like the nearby Minetrain (The New Braunfels Raliway co.) has roots in the German traditions of Anton Schwarzkopf. Munsterhausen is where one of his factories was located- and thus the name. As for New Braunfels, that's based in the German-American population between San Antonio and Austin, TX. As of this writing, the area is open- but is still yet to be finished.


At the same time, the Lodge at Anton Gardens is now ready and opened. The 132 room property features some of the best (AND WORST!) views of the park, as you'll see in the pictures.



The Lodge as it appears in 'building ready' state. Scenery, and some other final touches, is yet to be installed.



The fort's perimeter walls are extended, as the process of enclosing the area approaches completion.



The now complete enclosure. I'm still debating as to whether or not to extend the fort outward some to allow for another set of attractions, and some room to grow in the future.



While the rest of the area is being developed, I didn't want to leave open spaces... so I added a small garden area to occupy the land until it is needed.


As the fort was completed, another attraction as well as another service building are added to fill in the space. This new building houses garden variety foods, as well as restrooms and an ATM. Known as Garden Shop, it is considered a temporary building until the area behind it can be developed further. In front of the Garden Shop is the Thrasher, a standard round-up ride themed to a... wheat thrasher. Additional garden scenery and related is added as well.



Garden Shop, the Thrasher, and the rest of the fort area.


Let's take a look at the park from the air: As you can see, growth is slow but steady, and there are already delineations developing in the current layout. Some rides and attractions (Infinity, and the Speedracer) are temporary builds to accomodate the surge of crowds. As of now, they will be staying, but in the case of the Speedracer, not for long.



An overview of the park as Phase IIA and IIB construction is completed.


As part of the park's design, an in-park transport was planned into the first build. Now that there is a second point for it to operate, I've built the first section of the ParkLink Monorail- which starts off at Main Gate, and ends at the fort. In part it is designed to shuffle people from one end of the park to another. When completed, it will circle through two more stations in the two remaining themed areas, as well as the main gate.



The Main Gate station of ParkLink



And the Fort end inside the Lodge (Yes, stolen a bit from the Contemporary Resort there...)


As of this writing, I'm still unsure as to what to put in next; The area next to Blue Streak and across from the Fort is on the 'grid' right now- but will be in development while I think of how I'd like to work with it. I'm leaning towards a 'space/tommorowland' theme area, but as of yet I'm still thinking it out.



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After some time to think it out, I went ahead with the plan to build out the "Space" themed area for Anton Gardens. Occupying the space towards the right middle of the park, the new StarPort City theme are encompasses four new 'flat/tower' rides plus the fully enclosed coaster known as Black Hole.


Let's take a look into the latest expansion area, and the rides behind the scenes.



Here is the initial layout of new StarPort City area: Mind you, this is the first layout- and several changes took place prior to the area opening.



Looking at the first rides, a double S&S tower is added. "Blastoff" and "Re-Entry" mirror each other as the 'tall' rides for StarPort City. Across the plaza is the building housing a multi-dimensional ride known as Astral Orbiter.



The first three rides, as well as the Canteen Plaza building are added


To replace the existing SpeedRacer coaster, a permanent installation was decided on- which fit with the park's need for a high-speed thrill coaster. Introducing "BLACK HOLE"- our themed and enclosed Speedracer coaster, featuring special effects, visual events and other projections to give a fully immersive experience.



Introducing BLACK HOLE



StarPort City approaches completion with the addition of trees, shrubs, gardens and a second building (Launchpad Gifts) to fill in the basic area.


To link the new theme area with 'the hub' of the park, a second pathway link is added- and a fourth ride/attraction is added: The Flying Saucers- known here as the Comet Collision. A third food/service plaza building is added (Mission Control)



Comet Collision and Mission Control are added.


What's next: I'm already planning a second expansion to the StarPort City area- including a set of simulators, as well as starting groundwork on a second coaster there. Where Infinity currently stands, either a River Rapids OR a Splashwater falls ride will be installed (The type has yet to be determined) and a log-flume attraction will be coming to Fort Munsterhausen as well. Here's an overview of the park as the expansion continues.



Park Overview


Enjoy the expansion projects- more to come, of course!

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Minor expansions- and some changes to the park:


The new expansion did take some of the stress off of a few key rides in the park, and began to spread people better, eliminating the 'It's Too Crowded Here' messages that were popping up. The new coaster was an instant hit, and has run quite well in the new area, and allowed for the removal of the existing SpeedRacer coaster.


Further work had already started as of the last update. First, simulators would be a must for the the theme area, especially since they tie in quite well with the 'space' feel of the area. They also allowed the construction of a new food/gift area as well by using all the space in the new building to the best advantage of the park.



The general layout and base attractions to the SimEx building are added.


In order to balance ride capacity with demand, and for that matter I like them too much, I re-installed a Flywheel Drive (Mk 1B) Shuttle Loop from... Schwarzkopf. Occupying the plot of ground opposite the SimEx building, the flow to these attractions is quite good- and it has helped the over-stress of other rides in the park as well.



The new coaster, and the completed SimEx building.



The new coaster gets a set of coverings, and the new section gets landscaping and other useful things.


Once these new attractions are opened up for the public, I turned to the front of the park again. With Infinity showing it's age (and a drop in attendance) I decided it was time to replace it with a permanent attraction. The keys to this part of the expansion was a ride with good capacity, could fit in a restricted plot, and could be adapted to fit into the area well.


The result was a Splashwater falls ride: Moonshiner Falls. This ride combines a ride through portion (Into the 'moonshiners' world) with the thrills of a Splashwater falls ride. It also squeezes itself into the same plot of ground that Infinity was built on- but offers a much higher capacity overall. The results are (for my needs) perfect- and fill in that corner with a blockbuster ride and plenty of capacity to spare.



Introducing Moonshiner Falls, from the fine folks at Intamin A.G.



Trees, theme elements, and the queue/exit paths are added, and final touches are added to the ride itself.


Here's a view of the park prior to the second expansion...



Park Overview.


In another 'balancing act' I wanted to continue to use the Fort area for further attraction expansions. The size of the original building area was a bit too small to 'shoehorn' in another major ride, so I expanded it out, and added another flat, as well as the new Muenster River Log Co. flume.



Fort expansion begins.



The bunker is expanded: this one has fewer 'kinks' in it due to the future theme area behind it; I'm trying to make sure the park doesn't become too much of one area.


The first attraction, the Fort Fling is added. I'm still trying to 'theme up' the rides a bit, other than the 'basic' stuff that's there right now. In the not too distant future, this will be fixed, hopefully with the desired results.



The Fort Fling, the expansion Midway area and the future Log Flume site.


Building the Log flume for me was a lot of fun; I tend to enjoy building them- and have not ruled out adding a second one to the park in the future. Using the space provided (And allowing for the ParkLink trains access) proved challenging, but in the end worked out quite well all around.



Muenster River Log Co. before...



And after. Structures, trees, a tunnel as well as the 'theme fix' to the Fort walls is done.


Upon opening the new flume, the response was immediate- and intense. Fortunately, the ride moves a lot of people through quickly, and is long enough to garner it a good thrill at the same time.


Overall, I'm quite happy with the park- and it's new additions, plus the general 'feel' of the park. It's taken a LOT longer than any of my previous parks has, but in the end I think it's worth it.


The next major expansion is already in the works, and will fill in some of the 'gaps' in the existing park, as well as adding a new theme area behind the Fort- and towards the Main Midway area. Other changes are already planned (The Mine train, for example, will be redesigned and changed a bit) as well as some new entities are in the planning phase. One thing is for sure, nothing is ever set in concrete in this park!



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So a few days back, my little Guinea Pig, Mr. Mouseburger, started reminding me that Anton Gardens didn't have a good 'family' theme area, with gentle rides and scaled-down versions of larger ones. After digging around older parks I've made, I took some pages from other parks, and decided...


It was time for Ginn E. Pigg to return.


Now this expansion is challenging in quite a few ways: The site is narrow compared to the others in the park, and two other theme areas are bordering on it; The land use has to be optimal, as there isn't much room to grow 'out' with the new area (There are still two more theme areas to be built) and the park has to be able to maintain function while the new area is built. These complications aside, I think I came up with a good solution to the process of building the Ginn E. Pigg area- as well as preparing for the last two 'original' lands to be built.


First, let's look at the base area as it grows out:


Using the land that was formerly occupied by SpeedRacer was easy- there was no issues with the berm for the fort, and plenty of room for the first plaza.



The first 'core' area is added.



Two attractions are added to the first plaza, as well as a junior log flume and car ride next to it.


Since the parks' variety of coasters was lacking something for the kids, a small Zierer coaster is added. Theme still to be determined when the picture is taken- but I had some ideas in mind.



A small Zierer junior coaster is added, to compliment the parks' collection of larger rides.


Scaling down the coasters wasn't the only priority. A junior flume, as well as an autocar ride are added- and intertwined for effect.



A close up of Rainbow Falls and Ginn E. Pigg's Freeway system prior to theme elements and scenery being added.


The 'cornerstone ride for ANY Ginn E. Pigg area is... Ginn E. Pigg's Barnyard Adventure: A tamed-down wild mouse built around Ginn E. Pigg's search for vegetables. However, due to an error I made in the initial building of the scenario, not all the elements I'd have liked were in there: Primarily, carrots and large grass. Undaunted, though, I did figure out a good solution...



Ginn E. Pigg is assembled- and ready for theming and scenery additions.



The Big Red Barn where Ginn E. Pigg lives- and a staple of her attractions!



The Big Red Barn, plus the garden/farm elements added in. Instead of grass, trees are used, but with some creativitiy, Ginn E. Pigg will find her food!


Once the core rides are in place, and basic pathway attention is done, focus turns on completing the building structures, including the various food and park facilities. Here was where I wanted to have some variety of building structures. In addition, in keeping with the 'lighter' aspects of the Ginn E. Pigg theme area, colors are bright, cheerful and eye-catching.



Core rides and basic gardens are added. This is the final layout for this scenery area.


Now let's take a closer look at Ginn E. Pigg's farm, up close.


First, the key to the rides is 'gentle is good' to keep with the family friendly ideals of this theme area. Nothing has a high intensity, and rides are 'Thrilling, but fun.'


Two flat rides are in the first plaza; Ginn E. Pigg's Circus (Circus attraction) plus Twirling Teacups (Teacup ride) are on the first plaza, along with park services. Across from this plaza is Rainbow Falls, an Arrow Junior flume.



Looking at the forward part of the area, we can see the attractions with guests waiting to ride.


Running underneath and around Rainbow Falls is the Ginn E. Pigg Freeway system, a toned-down version of Autopia. Across from this is the Hamster Run- the junior coaster themed around cute fuzzy rodents running around in circles- as they are well known to do.



Here you can see Ginn E. Pigg's Freeway System and the Hampster Run junior coaster.


Now that this area is completed, let's take a closer look at the whole park- as you can clearly see the two remaining plots of land for building.



Anton Gardens: Phase IV completed... and room to grow!


With this area now complete, and attendance up, it's time to turn to finishing out the first of the two 'original' theme areas. One of these will feature a third hotel addition, as well as two 'core' attractions. While I'm still thinking about how to finish these areas out, I've got a pretty good leaning that one will be a Castle theme area, while the fifth area is still TBD. I have a few more themes I can work with, so it's not a priority, either.



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