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Favorite Buildings..


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1 World Trade Center is shaping up to be a nice looking building. Maybe it shouldn't have been built because of the brutal cost (latest estimate $3.9 billion), but it is a very respectable effort. It'll be interesting to see what they do to make the windowless, reinforced concrete base look more appealing. Not much to see down there currently.



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^Agreed. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person soon, especially with the way it's been progressing lately. I've read a lot of hate on the design, and I'll admit I'm not positive how I feel about it yet, but I have kind of a random taste in buildings and this seems to work for me. Okay, and I also really like how tall and visible it is.

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^I personally think it's a very attractive step into the future, and IMO a much needed step into the future for NYC; while there are several buildings that are nice, the landscape always seemed older to me, not entirely in the good way either, though I admit seeing so many skyscrapers in one place is pretty impressive.


A building that I really like is Davis Hall, the brand new Electrical Engineering building at SUNY University at Buffalo, where I am currently enrolled. I love studying in there, but since I'm a mechanical engineer, I don't have a card that gives me access to the building so I have to hope someone's near the door to let me in if I want to go in and study or work there:


Interior, I like to generally study where the tables are on the top floor as you see here.


The front. It's the cool one on the left. The one in the background is Jarvis Hall (machine shop, named after Greg Jarvis, UB alumnus and one of the victims of the Challenger shuttle explosion) and the one on the right is Furnas Hall (Mechanical Engineering, it's really over twice that height; that's only part of the building.)


The back of the building

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It gives so, so many fantastic skyscrapers and postmodern skycrapers in the Staates, especially in Chicago and New York (but not only there of course...), some of you named it yet... also in the world indeed, it’s very difficult to me, to decide Only for ONE.


But my all-time favourite on the Westcoast (U.S.A) is in any case the TransamericaPyramide because of its simply, aesthetic pyramide shape.


Thri”and I’m not a free mason”!!er

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