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A few months ago, I learned of Haiyue Lake Park in Dongguang, Guangdong, China. I informed Duane at RCDB of the existence of this park. Today, I got my chance to visit. The park is located by Haiyue Lake and has 12 rides, including a new walk through haunted house and a 5-D motion simulator. The rest of the rides are older rides that are rusting away, but very much open. There is a mouse coaster here called Forest Flying Mouse and powered coaster called Golden Dragon. The mouse is fun and the Golden Dragon is, along with the Dragon at the now defunct Woncheon Lake Land in Korea, the best powered coaster I have ever ridden. There are some other rides here including a moon cars ride, merry go round and a few others. I was informed by a worker to be careful while visiting this park as much crime happens in the park and around the nearby lake. I didn't let that bother me though as I was in a fun little park and I was having a great time. I have now ridden 745 coasters.


I have arrived at Haiyue Lake Park.


The carousel is a must have for any park.


The motion simulator is a new attraction here.


This walk through haunted house is a recent addition.


I always enjoy riding moon cars.


This monorail was rusting away, but it is still open.


It seems each park in China has a Jeff Johnson credit.


Here is the Forest Flying Mouse.


Here is the lift on the mouse.


One more look at Forest Flying Mouse.


A Wave Swinger is at Haiyue Lake Park.


Many parks in China have this type of ride. I have never tried one.


Haiyue Lake Park has the Golden Dragon powered coaster. This is the fastest powered coaster I have ever ridden.


Here is a look at some of the Golden Dragon's track to finish off this trip report.

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Theme parks in China are like 7-11's. They seem to be everywhere!


One thing your report brings to light is how the Chinesse stay so skinny. It's has to be the doit yourself rides like the Monorail in your report!


Thanks for sharing!

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