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Abandoned fake Disneyland in China

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I don't understand why these people have made such a big deal out of this. There really is nothing there, as it was never even close to be completed. They only got as far as that entrance area, and part of the castle. Maybe I'm jaded because I've been to places like Nara Dreamland and some of the other creepy Chinese Disneyland knock-offs that actually DID get built...but feel just as abandoned?? I dunno. I guess also what bothers me about these stories is how they seem to try to make you believe there is more there than there actually is. Like the one story claims "So, outside of Beijing, to the north, is a huge abandoned Disneyland", when, no there's not. There's a wall and a partially built castle, which is almost as interesting as a shopping mall under construction. There is NOT a "huge abandoned Disneyland." In Japan there IS a "huge abandoned Disneyland", but not at this location they are writing about.


Yeah, it's creepy that it was never built, and it's still just sitting there, but if you're looking for pictures of a COOL abandoned place, try this instead....



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Kind of funny that if you look at the link to the video of the place, the guy chickened out and did not go in the castle.


Also interesting to see that the developers didn't own all the land before starting the project.

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