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Photo TR: Qiushuishan Park (December 4, 2011)

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I went to Qiushuishan Park in Shenzhen yesterday. This park was recently added to the RCDB and according to the RCDB, one coaster was here. Upon my arrival, I discovered, in addition to the knock-off of an Arrow looper that is here, that Qiushuishan Park has a kiddie coaster that is listed on the RCDB. The looper is simply called Roller Coaster and the kiddie coaster is called Space Vehicle. Space Vehicle is not currently listed on the RCDB and is the 75th coaster I have found that is not listed on any of the coaster directories. Qiushuishan has many rides including a large ferris wheel, a Jeff Johnson credit called Fruit Worm that has two small hills, shoot the chutes and a Chinese made giant Frisbee. The park is within walking distance of one of Shenzhen's metro lines. Qiushuishan is a relatively new park. It is also very clean and nice. It is well worth taking the time to visit. Many people were at the park yesterday.


I am at Qiushuishan today.


Qiushuishan Park has a merry go round.


A Chinese made Frisbee is here too.


Jeff Johnson credit is located here.


The Jeff Johnson credit even has two small hills.


There is a Chinese made version of the old Crazy Daisy ride here.


A colorful Paratrooper entertains guests.


A Tagada is here too. These are actually very common in South Korea, but not so much in China.


A large ferris wheel calls Qiushuishan home.


A pirate ship and cycle monorail exists here too.


Here is the entrance to Roller Coaster.


The corkscrew on Roller Coaster was very rough.


Here is Roller Coaster from another angle.


Roller Coaster goes through the loop.


Here is a section of track on Space Vehicle. Space Vehicle is the 75th coaster I have found that was not listed on any coaster directory when I found it.


Space Vehicle's station.


Space Vehicle's lift hill as seen from inside of the station and that is all until I go on my next park outing.

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^^I would assume some random Chinese company made that ride!


That Jeff Johnson credit does seem like something others may try and count as well!


We've got a lot of options for our time in Shenzhen for picking some random parks to check out, this one actually may make the list!

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This park is very new. It is close to a station on the Longgang line and has two(possibly three credits). I am guessing the Fruit Worm is powered, but people over a certain height are not allowed to ride it. The Paratrooper looks like one I saw at Golden Lion Amusement Company when I visited Luming Lake. You can look at that trip report and see for yourself.

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