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Jedi Training Academy at Hollywood Studios Question

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Some friends of mine are taking their kids to Disney next week and I'm usually the resident Disney expert who gets all the trip planning questions. They wanted to know how to get their kids into the Jedi Training academy at Hollywood Studios, which happens to be an attraction I actually know next to nothing about. As far as I know the Training Academy is just a show that happens several times a day that features some interaction with the kids, but does anyone have any insight on how to get your kids selected to actually participate in the show? Any other information about the show in general would be helpful.


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From what I've seen from the DLR show, the kids go sit in a big group near the stage area, and the main Jedi picks kids at random out of the group. It probably would help if their kids were maybe wearing a Star Wars shirt or something distinguishable. It's sort of luck of the draw.

This might be overkill, but it has more specific info on the WDW show:


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I know when we've walked by before there's a specific area between Sounds Dangerous and the Jedi Stage that says something about "Jedi Applicants" or some crap like that. Go EARLY in the day, like straight there because I believe they cast for all shows early in the morning.

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That web page is old. They changed it from picking kids out of the crowd to sign ups last year in Orlando. Also, the ages are from 4-12. Get to Hollywood Studios early as it's getting as bad as Toy Story for lines. When they let you through the gate, if it's before opening, head down the path between Hollywood & Vine and Echo Lake. They will be signing kids up there. If it's after opening, head to Sounds Dangerous with Drew Carey. There's an entrance right beside the gift shop were they sign the kids up. The kids you are signing up *HAVE* to be with you to sign up. No kids, no training. They start at the first show and fill it up and move to the next show. If you are early and already have plans during a show, you can choose a later show (in case of lunch reservations).

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