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Photo TR: The TPR Christmas Party & Other Random Stuff!

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Every year Elissa and I host our annual TPR Christmas Party for some of our closer friends in the area. Our house can only hold about 25 people, so sorry guys, it's invite only. Since we have just moved to Orlando, this was the first time we did the party... FLORIDA STYLE!!!!


Was a lot of fun, and I'm since I'm totally wiped out, I'll just post a few pictures...


Our TPR Christmas Party weekend started off with the Christmas Tree lighting media event at SeaWorld Orlando.


Robb Alvey with SeaWorld Orlando Park President Terry Prather.


In just a few minutes these trees will all be lit up for Christmas at Sea World Orlando!


The SeaWorld Orlando Marketing Team introduces the Sea of Trees!


Countdown to zero and the Sea of Trees are lit up for Christmas 2011 SeaWorld Orlando.


It's not everyday you get to take a picture with a sea lion on the back of a golf kart!


Photo with Santa rounded out a great night SeaWorld Orlando


Next up was the Apopka Food Truck Round-Up! We're TPR, and we love food...isn't it obvious from our pictures?


The round-up featured about 15 trucks...it was kind of like a Mini Food & Wine Festival!


Some of the trucks are very elaborate looking.


Gonna try the "French Onion Grilled Cheese" from the Tree House Truck!


The "French Onion Grilled Cheese!" WOW! Amazing!


Roasted Arroz con Pollo balls at the Twisted Cuban! Soooo good!!!


An assortment of cupcakes from the Yum Yum Truck!


I believe this is a "Derek Approved" truck!


LIKE if you're a fan of the whole food truck craze!!!


That my friends is a Krispy Kreme bacon burger from Tree House Truck!


"The Krispy Kreme bacon burger is probably gonna kill me!"


C'mon Colin! One more bite of the Krispy Kreme burger! You can do it!!!


The big winner at the Apopka Food Truck Round-up was the Tree House Truck!


Time to stock up on supplies for the Christmas Party!


Taking a break from buying beer....at World of Beer!


TPR Christmas Party! Now is time for drinking... Soon the gift exchange!


That's a goodly amount of presents!


Derek manages the beer consumption at the TPR XMAS Party!


Mmmmm. Look at all those yummy cupcakes that Joey Ray won't be eating!


Hey Joey, we have icing shots, too!!!




Christmas confusion.


The TPR Gift Exchange is about to begin! What could be in those wonderful presents? And how many times will something get stolen???


Andrew opened up a shark! Too soon?


An actual sign from Cedar Point's Blue Streak was stolen quickly!!!


This might be the best ever TPR gift exchange present EVAR!!!! It's a Piers 2012 calendar!


A bag full of Domo presents!!!


"All my friends are dead" or "A biography of Jeff Johnson's life!"




After nearly two hours of stealing gifts, Andrew decides to end it by taking the final mystery gift! What could it be???


It's a USS Enterprise pizza cutter!


To no surprise to anyone, Garbles ended up with the Piers calendar!


We all ended with awesome gifts (mostly crap) that everyone will cherish forever! Now it's time to drink!


"None of us are really a janitor..."


Epic nerf gun fight! We are the winning team!


Well, it's kind of like a "special olympics" team!


Was another epic TPR Christmas Party...tomorrow night...Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!!!!

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Thanks for inviting me! It was a blast (but how do I top the Blue Streak sign...hmmm!)


A piece of the Comedy Warehouse? How about the entire Blue Streak to go with my sign?


Honestly, it was an incredible Christmas Party (my first actually) and I love my sign. Completely worth giving up the Piers calendar (sorry Piers)!

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^ They both had pros and cons. For example, there were more trucks with more variety in Santa Clarita, BUT, there were almost "too many" trucks in that it was impossible to sample a bit of everything. Apopka had a really nice set up, with tables, chairs, live music that wasn't obnoxious, plenty of parking all over, AND, most importantly, it wasn't INSANELY crowded like it was at Santa Clarita.


Santa Clarita also had a cover charge (which it almost needed to help control the crowds), whereas Apopka was a walk-in. In Santa Clarita, if you showed up later in the day, there's a good chance a truck you were interested would be gone because they sold out early due to the crowds. We didn't see or hear of any of the trucks in Apopka have to leave early.


Both were really good events, but I have to say that, even though Apopka didn't have as many trucks, it was a better set-up, and less annoying crowds than Santa Clarita.



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