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Adventure Island Amusement Park [RCT3]

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Adventure Island Amusement Park was founded in 1948 and has grown since then, Once the park was known as a wildlife park before gaining it's new owners in 1995 who modernized the park by demolishing the parks wooden coaster to replace it with a B&M inverted coaster along with other additions such as the Power Towers and Pendulum and Mad Mouse. I am going to giving you updates from the park from now on. The park is nearly finished it's season and is preparing for it's Xmas event.

The Park is built on an island at which visitors cross a bridge to get to and can travel to various parts of the park by Boat. The park is the bigger of the two islands and features a large mountain which was also part of when the park was a wildlife and holiday camp.

Also there is a water park known as Adventure Creek Water Park on the smaller Island however I will not be able to cover this fully as the park has closed for the season.

Here are some pictures from the park before it preparing for it's Xmas event.

Here is the entrance area before the bridge, these feature ticket booths, shops and cafes, the parks offices and an small theater used for private events.

The bridge to cross allowing entry to the park


From the entrance to the park you get a pretty good view of Prey and the inverter which rarely operates now.

Once crossing the bridge I decided to go round the park clockwise and headed along to the area with more of the thrill ride side of the park apart from the Shark Bait looping coaster which is on the more family orientated part of the park. As you can see the park promotes the thrill rides on this side of the park.

I passed one of the parks older attractions which is a Schwarzkopf sit down family coaster (speed racer) that utilizes the terrain of the mountain for most of the ride. It is called Adventure express and is opposite Pendulum

Near Pendulum and Prey is the parks oldest remaining coaster, the Racer. It is a wooden rollercoaster that was given new trains a few years a go however has stopped racing a while ago.

The racer racing during testing, it is rare to see it racing with passengers. It does still retain it's art Deco Station however with a covered maintenance shelter added on to store the new Trains and it still contains two of the old PTC trains.

Past the racer takes you to an older part of the park including the Wild Cat coaster, The Viper suspended coaster, Tidal wave coaster and a few other rides.

Walking along the path takes us to the old ghost train. The ride was put up for sale a few years ago however never got sold. The ride is built partly underground and is quite big, it used to have a big Facade however that was removed when the park was selling the ride, the rides building still remains and the ride only operates during the parks halloween activities and on busy days.

Near here is the end drop of Viper before going to the breaks, I didn't mention that the ride got new trains to save maintenance costs.

The Scrambler next to Vipers station.

Tidal Wave was the parks 1st looping coaster. You can see one of the Boat rides stations as well. In the distance you can see the entrance to kids kingdom and the back on the ghost train.

The ride from overhead.

Kids Kingdom is next door and you enter through a small castle facade which is extended at the side to have a small cafe and a storage facility along with the slide build on the hill. This area has not been touched very much since the park was sold apart from the family coaster was added in 1999

The Express family coaster

The Teacups and merry go round are both very old along with the train ride around the side of the mountain which is a family favorite in the park.

Next to the Teacups are the Vintage Cars that wind around the Log Flume and Shark Bait looping coaster

This photo shows the Cars station a bit better along with the Boat rides Station and a part of the Log Flume

This photo shows the interaction between the rides.

The older part of the park in the distance.


Another photo of Prey from the distance.

The Parks Current Logo


Please comment, I hope to improve on the park, I am aware there's a few parts of the park I need to work on, I would love to hear your thoughts.


In my next update I will show more of the park and preparation of the Christmas weekends at the park.


PS: Thanks to RD with the help on the Schwarzkopf coaster!

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Looking pretty good there, I like the feel of the park! However, the screenshots...leave a lot to be desired. When you're taking screens, remember to momentarily turn your graphics up (preferably as high as they'll go), it produces much better shots! Also, I'd extend the support on the Corkscrew's Zero G roll so that it has poles on both sides.


Looking forward to more!

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It's looking pretty nice. But truthfully, lots could be fixed about it.


You need better foliage. Make it more dense to make it realistic. You also need to widen your paths, its not realistic when theres a skinny little path. You should also add footers to the coasters and make the wooden supports all custom.


I will look out for more updates!

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Thanks for the comments!



Ace Of Spades: Thanks, I usually play the game in low graphic settings to allow me to build more with less lag, I have turned it up for updates though, Thanks for the advice!. I will fix the Zero G roll's support. Thanks for the feedback!


-Edge of Beast-: Thanks, I am working on adding more trees and you will also see in this update that the paths are being widened and I am starting to get rid of the 90 degree angled corners. I have also made the coasters supports partly custom along with the log flume. I have still to add footers. Thanks for the feedback, it's very helpful!


coastercrazy 9: Not much I can say to that but Thanks for reading!




The park is now closed for the off season and is preparing for it's winter event, Half the park is closed off for Maintenance and is getting new wider pathways and fences. The Gift Shop and Cafe for Prey is being removed after being closed for 3 years, the only thing inside the building open was the On Ride photo booth and it was deemed as a waste of space for a small photo booth. Also the park is preparing for it's Xmas event by building a stage and a grotto.

The entrance to the park after the bridge, the Fountain has been covered up for maintenance.

Both of these rides are now closed

Looking back from the bridge you can see some more Xmas decorations on display

The park have started widening the path at this point

De-construction of the Prey gift shop, they have to do it bit by bit to avoid damaging anything

Preparation for a smaller cafe in this spot is in progress

More work on the entrance area, they are trying to get as much as possible done before the snow starts

Vipers final big drop, however the lake is drained.

Some of the boats are inside the building under prey for maintenance

No work has started on racer yet.

Some rides maintenance are done is the station

Once I was guided to the open side of the park, I was shown the stage has been re-build again (it's built every year)

They have blocked of sea storm and the log flume though

One of the actors was preparing for a rehearsal on the stage

The stage from the top of Shark Baits lift hill.

Another photo of the stage.

The Cafe's fences have been removed to be replaced before the Winter Weekends open.

The entrance to Santa's Grotto is through the entrance you would usually pass through to get to Kid's kingdom. The Cafe will be open this winter, it has still to be given some decorations.

A tent has been attached to the back of entrance to the grotto and has been themed inside.

The train ride is being re-themed to the candy cane express

The express will be open during the Winter weekends

So will the Slide and Cafe. The slide has fences at the stop to prevent people from trying to get pictures of the work going on around the park.

Theses rides won't be operating for a while

I'm aware the Cars, Wild Mouse and Shark Bait will though!


Please comment with any feedback!

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Sorry for not updating for so long, been quite busy in the Christmas period.


Unfortunatley I couldn't make it to the Christmas event due to the snow however the park posted some Promotional Images on it's Facebook of the event, After this I will show some of the photos I got during January of the park. The park is half way through it's off season.

The Candy Cane Express

The Show seemed popular at night, I was told it had something to with Christmas being stolen from the north pole.

The Area around Santa's Grotto

Shark Bait wasn't to busy

Nether was express

The Entrance Areas decorations

The Merry go round.


I managed to visit the park in January when the Snow had cleared up to see the Developments over at Adventure Express


It seems the pathways have been expanded to hold more guests

Prey seems to have started getting a re-paint

There's quite a lot of space where the cafe used to be, They have moved Pendulum's queue line to that side to free up some more space

The Paths don't seem as cramped as they once were

The area around Adventure Express has been re-themed for it's 30th anniversary and a new cafe is being built around the break run and has a balcony overlooking it along with an exit from the ride into a small gift shop. You can see the new trains in this photo.

The new trains were built by Gerstlauer

The Entrance to the ride has changed quite a bit, they have themed the queue to it's original theme of the abandoned train racing through the mountains, the queue line is mainly themed to the ruins of the preparation of the expedition.

It's not finished yet, a few touches have still to be made however this part is nearly done.

The other side to cafe used some of the supports from the old cafe to build a smaller balcony overlooking the walkway, chairs and more vines have still to be added.

Thanks for reading!


Please comment and give feedback!

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Yeah, like Ace said, these screen shots are leaving a LOT to be desired in many places. Here's a few major issues I can spot right off the bat, and also some tips on how to improve.


Kiddie coaster over the water needs better supports, the giant supports don't connect correctly to the small guage track.


There's a tree in your wooden coaster.


Your Mountian suspended coaster keeps switching from the in game supports to custom supports and back again.


The mountain as a whole needs a big terrain fix. All you have to do is use the combine face tool to remove the sharp and very noticeable terrain errors.


Try not be be too repetitive when making supports for you coasters, as it tends to make them looked rushed or hastily done.


Instead of attempting a large park, try doing a smaller park first and pour the details in as many places as you can. Start small and then expand, that way you won't end up with a large, but lacking park.


Use rides to bring out the best in your park, don't use them as filler. Try to emphasize each individual attraction instead of bunching them together.


Good luck and I hope you continue to improve this park!

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