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Project: Egypt (RCT2)

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I've always been fascinated with my travels to Egypt. Well, I thought it would be fitting to start a new park (RCT2) based on those travels. I have done several Egyptian-themed parks in the past, but never really had time to finish them (boredom and work main 2 reasons). Hope to stay on course with this park. Enjoy!


Welcome to Egypt


South-end of the park


Cleopatra's Escape-Dual Space Shot attraction


Afatara's Cafe (Egyptian cuisine).


Plaza area for Nefertiri's Curse-an Intamin coaster. Also, an indoor attraction: God of Ptah.


another view of the plaza area.


Main entrance area to Nefertiri's Curse.


Alexandria-themed area.


Log flume attraction in the Alexandra-themed area.


another view of the log flume.


River rapids attraction taking shape in the Alexandria-themed section.


another view of the River rapids attraction.


Cleopatra's Escape area taking shape.

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The more developed areas are looking rather nice. The landscaping is a bit distasteful, but works in larger areas. Rather than copy the same foliage pattern in large and small areas, why not try more subtle, manicured foliage in smaller areas, namely those entirely surrounded by path?

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work continues on my Egyptian theme park.....

thanks for the comments...I will re-evaluate some of the landscaping.


Black Naja-coaster.


Work begins on a heavily-themed water ride and a hyper-coaster nearly completed.


An themed indoor coaster based off Revenge of the Mummy ride.


River rapids ride progressing.


A series of water slides.

Not sure of the final name as of yet. Sand Serpent/Sand Storm.


another angle.


another un-named water ride beginning to take shape.


another coaster just about completed.

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^Will do.....thanks.

Work still progressing on Project Egypt....still in process of finalizing some names for attractions as well. I'm pleased with most of the results thus far.....still some tweaking to do for sure (in some areas). Hope you enjoy.


Themed water ride progressing.


Work begins in another area of the park. A Battering Ram attraction named 'Ark of Ramses'


A unique water-coaster taking shape. You can also see the ending ride portion of the hyper-coaster "Sekhmet".


The heavily-themed indoor coaster is complete.


Heavily-themed water ride is complete (almost have a name for the ride). I love how the waterfalls turned out. Notice how the hyper coaster interacts with the ride.


Another themed area almost completed. A skyride station is located here.


The indoor 3D adventure- Tomb of Teti and an Egyptian cuisine cafe.


An Intamin coaster-'Nefertiri's Curse' and plaza area completed.


The water ride has a name" Ramses Treasure of Gold".


A wooden roller coaster has taken shape in the back area of the park.


Another overview of Nefertiri's Curse and the plaza area.


River rapids ride progressing. It will incorporate heavily-themed indoor areas with special effects.

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With the Holidays fast-approaching, construction of my Egypt park has slowed a bit. But, here are some recent pictures of current progress.


Nefertiri's Curse Plaza area. I'm happy how the area turned out.


You can get a glimpse of the current state of this area. The heavily-themed water ride turned out quite well. Also, you can see the hypercoaster 'Sekhmet' in the background.


The river rapids ride nearly complete. Just a few more touch ups to go.


Theme continues for the last part of Sekhmet as well as a the unnamed water coaster.


Another unnamed water ride nearly complete.

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What you are winning in your buildings and structures you are losing in the crowding and colors: The park looks great, but it's WAAAY overcrowded on a visual level. Objects and rides are blending in together, and admittedly causing visual distractions.


I'd recommend trying this: Balance out your building colors a bit (Not everything has to be sand! That's a huge myth about Egypt!) and re-think the speckeled grounds aspects- go for 'sections' of green vs. sand vs. brown' instead of the patchwork aspects. I think in the long run it will look more clean and will be easier on the eyes.



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Having seen some crowded parks in RCT, I don't really have a problem with crowding in this case as long as it works and it looks nice.


The colors could be a bit diversified though. That's probably my biggest issue with this park at the moment. Other than that, it's pretty impressive. Almost reminds me of dmaxba's parks visually.

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Thank you for the comments (and critique) of the park. I also believe some of the colors are the same bland style, but it was part of the theme. I have made some changes to the colors of rides and screen shot pictures will show the changes. Meanwhile, the part of the landscaping may have some updates soon. I made the landscape scenery as is due in part that the theme or idea was based of a "Dubai" type of theme park based on the desert and this was the result as most of the greenery has not fully taken shape. That was the thought or idea. I will look at each area of the landscaping and adjust to a more colorful taste. Meanwhile, onto the screen shots (with some updated color schemes). Also, ride names are a work-in-progress.


Dual-racing LIM-launch roller-coasters, "Sandstorm" interacting with the log flume.


Another view of the log flume.


One color idea of the coaster-Nefertiri's Curse.


Back-half of the park completed. Color changes and landscape tweaks in progress.


Some changes in the color scheme.


Another park overview.


Nefertiri's Curse color change.


Sekhmet's new color scheme and ride stats.

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I know this park is really crowded and everything but for some reason I love it.


One thing I noticed though... I feel like you can do more with those freefall towers. First of all, I'd combine it into one combo tower... it looks strange having them separate and then if possible I'd theme it a little more. Most of the park is really busy and well themed and those just look very "thrown together".

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Thanks for the comments. Here is another update.

I get what you are saying about the drop towers. One is designed as a free-fall version, while the other is a Space-Shot version....that was the purpose of having both side-by-side. I have updated some of the colors (of rides) a bit and did some tweaking here and there. Let's see what you think.....


Main Entrance Plaza and the Alexandria-themed area.


Monorail and train station area.


Water coaster and Sekhmet's new color scheme.


Nefertiri's Curse new color scheme.


Morat's Palace-Egyptian Cuisine restaurant.


Themed Drop Tower ride: Karnak

and indoor roller coaster.


Another restaurant/gift shop and restroom area.


Sekhmet's new color scheme.

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