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ChrisHanKwansivus Gift Exchange/Secret Santa

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This is already a super-freaking mega-awesome thread/event. Can't wait to see more "look what I got!" photos, but I warn that I'm not opening any gifts until Xmas day.


Thanks again, Brandy, for pulling this all together!


EDIT: Forgot to add: WELL DONE, first Secret Santa to have his gifts displayed! (In my world, "Twilight" is the digitial equivalent of coal in the stocking. )

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Please don't feel that you have to 'step it up' or anything. There are always going to be people that go over and people that cheap out, that's just the way secret santa has been for some time.


Remember the episode of the Office where there was everything from oven mitts to an ipod?!!?


Just try to stick near the rules and make it fun. Don't make me get all spirit of Christmas on you and crap!!!!

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I like the remote control zombie.


This gift may deserve a long awaited "Guy" Coaster Vid!


Guy "Cause It's gots tha old wheels a spinnin!" Koepp


Be afraid, world! Be very afraid!

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