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ChrisHanKwansivus Gift Exchange/Secret Santa

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I just have a couple of things to add...


1. I want to almost persuade people not to do theme park/roller coaster related gifts. This is why - first off, there isn't THAT much stuff out there, and I think most of us probably already have a good majority of the items available. And secondly, I kind of see this as a way for some of our members to get to know each other a little better...well, we all already know that we're into theme parks and roller coasters. Perhaps branching outside that might be kinda cool?


I'd totally be in, but I'm moving the 23rd, and I wouldnt know which address to put it on, and I don't have a P.O. Box anymore.

2. If you have any question of where you may or may not be, I would err on the side of not signing up for this. The last thing you want to become is a burden on someone who is trying to do something nice for you by not knowing what your address may be, or having a package "returned to sender" and then they have to deal with the post office, additional postage, etc.... If this goes well, we'll do it again next year when you're more settled.

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This sounds like so much fun, I've always followed TPR for years now, just recently made a profile to get more involved in this amazing site! Definitely seems like a great way to get to know more users! I'll let you know soon if I can participate, just gotta figure out finances first, don't want to commit until I know I can buy the others gift!

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I want to participate! l love getting things in the mail! I collect shot glasses and getting one from a stranger from Whonoswhere sounds like all sorts of fun fun! Some of my other favorite things are candy & cute toys like Hello Kitty. I also promise to post pics up of my Santa Loot.

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