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Sky @ EarthQuest Adventures [RCT 3]

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Green Thumb


This week I've been working with the team to develop some of the landscaping in and around the Sky area.



We're working on a patio-like area for the Dippin Dots eatery.



But behind this area will be "The Grove," a live demonstration of clean, fresh air. Guests will be able to buy picnic meals and relax underneath the trees or out in the sun on soft, green grass. This will be very unique to EarthQuest Adventures as most theme parks discourage guests from leaving the path. At EarthQuest, we encourage it! Enjoy the Earth.


I'll have more soon!



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EarthQuest Updates


So what's going on in the world of EarthQuest Adventures? Well, not a whole lot lately. I've been working on a lot of the "nitty gritty" aspect of the design, most of which is not very visually appealing. However, I do have a few screens that you might enjoy.



A view of the Sky area from "The Grove."



The Sky area with the "secret attraction" in the background. Details on that will be released soon!



I can't wait to actually ride AeroWing!



What better way to end an update than a shot of the Sky area at EarthQuest Adventures.


More soon! -Greg

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I must say the Sky section is looking fantastic. I was initially thinking that it was going to be too much blue all packed into one area, but the way you have handled the different shades and hues of blue makes it work really well together.


Can't wait to see more!

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A Light at the End of the Tunnel


Slowly but surely, Sky is coming together. I plan on having the land finished by the end of next month. It's hard to believe I've been working on this one piece of EarthQuest Adventures for over six months! Thanks for sticking with me.



Sky looks different from every angle.



Wii are going to learn a lot more about this attraction in the coming days.



AeroWing towers over the rest of the Sky area.



And I'll leave you with a teaser for one of the most technologically-advanced attractions at EarthQuest Adventures. I'll reveal more information soon.



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Moving Forward


It seems as though designing a theme park is a long and tedious process, and it is. Just think, in six months, I've designed (about) a fifth of a theme park. One fifth!



Above is an overview of the Sky area.



AeroWing will surely be the backdrop of many photographs.



I think this might be used as a promotional shot. Riders will love feeling as though they are skimming the water.



Keep it tuned here. Things will soon pick up!



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AeroWing and Wii:Air


First, I've created a mock up of what a guest might experience while riding AeroWing. Watch the POV video below:






Wii:Air will be one of the many family-friend attractions at EarthQuest Adventures, and the only 4D ride at the park.



Guests waiting in line will be split into two groups and will then be led into two separate large theaters...


...where they will be treated to a 4D adventure through the different layers of the atmosphere. Each rider will be equipped with a simplified Nunchuck-style controller which will allow them to shoot at various pollutants in the atmosphere. Each theater will be pitted against the other to see which group of guests can gain the most points.



The ride will include 3D effects, surround sound, and a slew of other effects such as water and fog.


I'll reveal more information soon.



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Almost There


After nearly six months of planning and design, I'm nearing completion of the Sky area at EarthQuest Adventures! Hard to believe, isn't it?



The Sky area will definitely draw guests' attention as they enter the theme park.



AeroWing will be almost as fun to watch as it is to ride.



It's all coming together.



I still have one more attraction to reveal, though, so stay tuned!



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Thank you all for the feedback!


A Hurricane Makes Landfall at EarthQuest


One of the most technologically-advanced attractions at the Sky area of EarthQuest will be HURRICANE.



I teased the attraction earlier, but this concept art does little justice for the intense attraction.



The ride's show building will be themed to a weather station on the lookout for a major category 5 hurricane making its way towards the coastline.



As guests queue in line, they will be treated to a documentary about hurricanes made just for EarthQuest.



Guests will have the opportunity to bypass the film if lines are short.



The large open space near the entrance will be home to an expansive weather-themed gift shop.



But what about the actual ride experience?


Guests will be treated to one of the most realistic hurricane simulators available in the world. Guests will feel the gusting wind, the blowing ocean water, the turns and flips that come with the devastating power of hurricanes. The ride vehicle will be situated in a "video dome" equipped with high quality sound and video. Guests will see and hear the real effects of a category 5 hurricane. I'm very excited about this attraction!


Stay tuned!



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Hey guys, this is CD5 speaking to give you an update on what's happening with Sky at EarthQuest Adventures.


Next week I will post the final updates of the Sky area (and hopefully a video). The EarthQuest Adventures project will then go on an indefinite hiatus as I focus on another park project and a very exciting film project. I hope to pick up the project again and work on other areas, but for now I need a break.


Thank you all again for all the feedback on this project!





The Sky is the Limit


After months of the work the Sky section is nearly complete. Sky will be home to an array of attractions that will surely please guests of all types.



AeroWing will likely be one of the most popular attractions in the entire park.



But we can't forget about the other attractions like Vortex and Stratosphere.



The Blue Line will be great for guests who want to get a round-trip tour of the entire area.



The Blue Line station will likely see many guests throughout a typical day.



Come back soon for more Sky updates!



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A Day in the Sky, Part I


So what will EarthQuest Adventures look like when it opens to the public? Well, thanks to technology I have been able to render the park with droves of happy guests. See below!



The Sky area of EarthQuest Adventures features a complete selection of attractions, ranging from "mild" to "wild" in intensity.



AeroWing can be seen from almost any point in the Sky area.



Wii Air is an attraction for the entire family...



...while AeroWing is more suited for the thrill-seekers.



Check back soon for the next installment in the "A Day in the Sky" series!



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Searching for a Job


I have some unfortunate news to share with you all. I've been relieved of my EarthQuest designing duties for an indefinite length of time as the financing for the project is reassessed. I had a gut-feeling that this day was coming, but I didn't want to dwell on the possibility of losing my job.


Hopefully this is only temporary, and I'll be back soon to finish the large chunk of the park that has yet to be designed. But with the current state of the economy, investors are not quite willing to throw money at such an ambitious project such as EarthQuest Adventures.


I present to you my last screens of the park. Below the shots you'll find a video I whipped up!


Hopefully this isn't the last update that you'll here from me.


- Greg



Sky at EarthQuest Adventures will be the most future-esque area of the park.



The entrance to AeroWing is certainly appropriate considering the coaster's size.



The queue for Vortex will provide guests with great views of the ride.



Stratosphere will blast riders towards the sky (and back down).



The Blue Line will provide all guests with an easy-going tour of the area.



Wii:Air will likely redefine the interactive show experience.



(Insert Wii:Air controllers here!)



Eat lunch after riding Vortex.



Looking towards the Boeing store where guests will be able to get their airplane fix.


Enjoy Sky at EarthQuest Adventures:



Thank you for your support of EarthQuest Adventures!

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