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Sky @ EarthQuest Adventures [RCT 3]

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Thank you guys for the comments. I'm glad the project was missed!


Nighttime at EarthQuest


Here are a few shots of what the Sky area will look like at nighttime. It will be bright to say the least (thanks to energy-efficient lighting, of course).



Here's the same shot from last update, only as seen at night.



I'm still working on the lighting for the AeroWing station. I'll keep you posted.



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Take a Ride on the Blue Line


Hello again! The past week I've been working the Blue Line, a ride which will travel around the Sky area.


The Blue Line will take guests on a guided tour around the Sky area and will focus on the live agricultural demonstrations in progress behind the rides and attractions.



The station's not done quiet yet, but it's progressing nicely.



The ride definitely changes the look of the Sky area.



Check back soon. I'll have more Blue Line updates this week.



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I looks really good! I really like your innovation to combine rides; like in the monorail and the water boat!


However, I understand that the sky is suppose to be clean and crisp.....but the landscaping is boring. Especially around Stratosphere. Id try and add in some different trees for color variation. And even around stratosphere try adding in some grass/mud to just mix it up. Just my advice!

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More Blue Line progress


Blue Line is changing the appearance of the Sky area greatly.



The Sky area has changed drastically with the addition of Blue Line.



The Blue Line station.



This view of AeroWing has changed with the addition of the Blue Line.


Here's an overview of the Sky area. There's still several spots still left to fill in.



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Eh, I honestly don't think that would be a good place for a Sky Swat. Some kind of shop or retail center would make more sense considering the extremely close proximity to the HUSS Jump 2 to this plot. Having two flat rides so close together would be a bit odd considering the somewhat spacious layout of this park thus forth.

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Lots of real parks all over the world cluster their flat rides together. Heide park has an area like this, where its almost like a Flat Ride section. Take a look and this is a fairly wide open park.


I know, but they are sill very close in proximity and since this park is a visual experience, it would, in my opinion throw off the whole "futura/aviation/sterile" feeling this area has.

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The Wait is Over


Alright, so what will take the place of that slab of concrete?



If you guessed a bathroom, you are correct!



This will be a state-of-the-art restroom facility which will be green-certified.



I've switched out the style of The Blue Line's train for a more realistic one. Thoughts?



More soon!



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Tweak Tweak Tweak


I'm constantly making tweaks to the design. That's the beauty of the design change (and having a lot of time as more financing is secured).



As shown in the previous update, the new Blue Line trains look much better.



Aerowing's two bunny hills preceding the brake run have been combined into one to prevent the train from valleying.



Right now I'm working on a very exciting attraction. We are partnering with a very popular gaming console to bring a hybrid prototype 4D experience to EarthQuest Adventures... I'll share more details soon.



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Just keep building.


I'm hearing some whispers about a possible EarthQuest Adventures funding collapse, but I'm going to ignore those and continue working on the design of what will surely be a great park.



The new Blue Line trains really look nice on the track.



I've begun working on the facade for the prototype 4D attraction. It's far from being completed.



More updates soon!



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^ Yes, separate files.


Sky's almost complete...almost.



The Sky area of EarthQuest Adventures is slowly but surely taking shape.



The Blue Line station has greatly changed the look of this part of AeroWing.



Stratosphere is still the tallest attraction in the Sky area.



Playing around with some filters for an AeroWing promotional shot.


More soon! - Greg

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