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Sky @ EarthQuest Adventures [RCT 3]

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The Sun Sets at EarthQuest


Computer software is a really amazing thing. I've been able to simulate what a beautiful sunset will look like at EarthQuest Adventures.



Looking towards the entry portal, there's obviously a considerable amount of work left to do.



AeroWing's sky blue track blends nicely with the warm early morning sky.



AeroWing is no match to EarthQuest's giant centerpiece mountain.



Yes, the yet-to-be-named mountain is a tad bit larger.



Here's another view of the Boeing Store.



Boeing will have a lot of room to work with once they start designing the interior of the store. The building itself is very "green" and will be LEED certified.


Stay tuned, there's more coming soon!



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This is awesome, however I don't think you are making the storyline as realistic as SFSC was. I small example would be that you are building the rides before you add the parks trees. In SFSC you had trees all over the property and you did "land clearing" when you were building a new ride. Just my opinion.......... Other than that, , I cant wait to see more.

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^ This is a very different project compared to SFSC. This is meant to be realistic, but in a different sense. I'm building an entire park from scratch, whereas SFSC started out small and then grew season-by-season. If I took the same approach with EarthQuest Adventures, you wouldn't see any screens of the progress for at least a year. By doing this "designer" method, I can show you the progress more frequently.

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The Sky is the Limit


Here are a few more shots of the "Sky" area of the park.



AeroWing's first dive is quite photogenic against the crystal-clear blue sky



An AeroWing train passes over the Boeing Store.



The floor-to-ceiling windows inside the Boeing Store will provide guests with some up-close shots of AeroWing.



Here's one more overview of the Boeing Store.



An AeroWing train crests the massive lifthill.


Stay tuned for more updates!



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^ Thanks!



Reach Towards the Sky


The "sky" area of the park continues to take shape. I'm pleased with how it's turning out.



The entrance to "AeroWing" isn't complete, but it's progressing nicely.



The AeroWing trains will be blue rather than red as per Boeing's request.



Ride lockers have been added outside the AeroWing entrance. We don't want guests losing their valuables while riding!



Here's a preview of what will be showcased in this week's updates.



Air panorama.


More soon!



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Thanks for the replies, guys.



An Updraft Strikes EarthQuest


The "sky" area at EarthQuest Adventures will be home to some of the park's most exhilerating attractions, and Updraft is no exception


Updraft will be the first of its kind in the U.S.


The original EarthQuest design had all of the "Sky" attractions spread out. I think having these rides interact will prove to be much more exciting for guests.


I still have a lot of work left to do around the ride, but the foundation and queue is nearly complete.


Random AeroWing track shot for grins and giggles.


There are two more major thrill rides left to be added to the Sky area. Stay tuned!



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Stratosphere Station


I've been working on STRATOSPHERE, a launched free-fall tower that will call the "Sky" area home at EarthQuest Adventures.



Above you can see the basic structure of the enclosed station. There's still a lot of work left to be done on the building as well as the surrounding plaza.



The "Sky" area is slowly starting to come to life. Once EarthQuest Adventures opens this will surely be a popular photo to take.



Check back soon. I'm working on a lot this week!



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Reaching Towards the Sky


You may have heard the EarthQuest resort mentioned in the news lately. As of this posting, my work has not been affected by the bankruptcy blabber. I'll keep you all updated as this progresses. I know we all want to see the park come to fruition.



The entrance to AeroWing looks very nice at dusk.



Stratosphere's 180-foot-tall tower will provide some excellent views of the park.


Stay tuned!



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And We're Back!


I apologize for the delay in updates. I've been working on some fine details of the park that aren't very photo-worthy. I guarantee though that the design is still moving forward!


So without further delay, here are the latest EarthQuest Adventures shots:


Stay tuned for an Aerowing video coming soon!


A Dippin Dots stand will fit in perfectly with our "futuristic" area!


I'm still working on Stratosphere's queue.


Guests will be able to see the agriculture demonstrations while waiting in line.


Stay tuned for more!



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