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Sky @ EarthQuest Adventures [RCT 3]

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Thank you again all for the comments. I'm incredibly excited about sharing this project with you.


Redesigning AeroWing


It's been a long two weeks. I've been working tirelessly with the great guys at Bolliger and Mabillard on making some pretty significant changes to AeroWing's layout. The higher-ups asked for design changes, and luckily B&M was able to work us into their busy schedule.



The redesign was ordered primarily because more room is needed for a flat ride attraction that will be situated in the area under the overbank turn.



The new design frees up space in the area around the former overbanked turn, while also a zero-gravity roll over the water, which should provide riders with a very interest effect once water effects are added.



Here is a bird's eye view of the new AeroWing layout. Much of the original layout has been retained. My efforts will now focus on installing footers to the coaster's supports as well as finishing the very complex station.


I look forward to sharing with you the progress in the coming weeks!

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CD5 you never cease to impress me, and again this is the case. That there is certainly a solid B&M design, and you have proven to me that not only are you fantastic when it comes to scenery and themeing but also the design of Roller Coasters. I can't wait for the next update.

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I'm glad you changed the low curves, they seemed to be too tight given the speed needed to complete the elements before and after. The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the 270 degree turn after the redesigned overbank. The hop up at the very end kind of ruins the curve of it and makes it look like a flat turnaround, something very un-B&M.

Rather than this looks great!

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AeroWing Progress is Slow but Steady


AeroWing will no doubt be one of the most iconic attractions at the EarthQuest Adventures theme park when it opens in 2015.


That's why it's taking so long to finish. Luckily, though, I have a few shots to share with you all that show the progress I've made as of late:



Here's an overview of the station. The station will be themed after a Boeing hanger/warehouse. Originally, the train was to maneuver through a lengthy dark ride portion that's purpose was to educate riders about the atmosphere and its components, but once Boeing came on board they made some changes. Riders will now learn more about the atmosphere (and Boeing products) while waiting in line. The pre-lift section is much shorter, but will interact with those waiting in line.



You can see here how the station will be raised well above the ground, with the train passing underneath as it approaches the lifthill.



Let me make it clear that there is still a considerable amount of work to do on the station. It won't look much like this once it's finished. This is just the bare structure.



Here's a render of what AeroWing will look like at dusk once completed.



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Thank you for the replies!


The AeroWing station is nearing completion, although a roof and some small details are needed.



AeroWing's train will skim above the water. Water effects will be added soon.



I've begun landscaping some of the areas that AeroWing interacts with. Guests will have plenty of areas to watch the ride in action.



I've also begun designing the AeroWing entrance. I'm leaving room for Boeing's signs and such. Boeing reps should be meeting with me sometime next week. It should look quite nice once all is said and done.



Inside the station is finally coming together. Again, I still need to add the roof, as well as all the Boeing gizmos and gadgets (anyone remember that game?), so it will look a lot less bare once that is complete.



I really am pleased with the multi-level setup of the station building. Guests waiting in line will surely have plenty to look at.



The roof will have plenty of skylights to allow natural light into the building, reducing electricity costs.



Here's an overview of the station. I'm definitely looking forward to moving onto another attraction!

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