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Sky @ EarthQuest Adventures [RCT 3]

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Houston, Meet EarthQuest.



I know what it's like to lose an amusement park. It hurts, especially when there was no logical reason behind the park's closure. If you're as huge of a theme park fanatic as me, it's almost like losing a family member.




When Kieren Burke announced on September 12, 2005 that our lovely Astroworld would be no more after the end of 2005 season, it felt as though someone punched me in the stomach. The city of Houston was stunned that their beloved Astroworld would be leveled like a measly shack.


What does this matter to you?


My name is Greg Taylor and I am sort of a engineer/architect/computer nerd that specializes in computer animation.


I have been enlisted by the group behind the EarthQuest Adventures development to redesign the theme park component to bring the overall price tag down.



This is Houston's best shot at having another theme park. With the sluggish economy, I'm going to have to work carefully to make sure this park will be economical without sacrificing the beauty that was displayed in early renderings.



I invite you to join me as I set out on this monumental task. I currently have a blank canvas. I'm starting from scratch. I will be asking you for your input as we progress through the design phase.


I'll need your help.



I will be asking you for advice on certain elements of the park's overall design and attractions. I have already begun designing a couple of the major attractions, but I will need your help fine-tuning them.



I plan on retaining several elements of the original design, but other elements will be reworked to cut down on high costs of the project. Fret not, however, as I plan on retaining the aesthetic beauty of the original design.



For instance, I am currently focusing my efforts on the "AeroWing" rollercoaster, the flagship attraction of the "Sky" zone of the park.



"AeroWing" will be the longest coaster at the park and will feature a diving first drop of 130 feet.



Obviously, there is still a significant amount of work left to do on AeroWing's massive station. The queue will feature interactive and instructional exhibits from Boeing demonstrating their efforts to create eco-friendlier aircraft.



However, it's not all about the coasters at EarthQuest Adventures...


Next time, I'll reveal more details about this park and its eco-friendly efforts. See you soon!


- Greg



A Note From CD5:


Hey guys! It's great to be back! I am very excited about this project. I'm getting older (by years, at least), and I think this is going to be a very challenging project compared to Six Flags South Carolina.


Because I am working, in school, and involved in too many extra-curricular activities to count, this project will not be updated as frequently as Six Flags South Carolina was. However, I will make sure to make each update more interesting.


I look forward to sharing this project with you all!

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Wow, I'm impressed. Especially with that very last screen, that looks wonderful. I'm glad you're trying out new stuff as well; you were just a bit repetitive with your last projects, but that's not necessarily a bad thing as you improved greatly. I'll be watching this for sure, as well as everyone else I'm assuming.

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Yes, this looks great! You are one of the few people that can actually make RCT3 look realistic. Of course, this is coming from an NL player, but i've always admired your work with RCT3 to make things non-blocky and extremely realistic. I like this new idea for a project that you're tackling a non-Six Flags theme, very cool!


Can't wait to see what you have in store...even the snippets of pics look fantastic. Welcome back sir!

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Glad to see you picking up work on RCT3 again! I've been a fan of your parks for quite some time, and have often been inspired by your work to turn on my old Windows computer to play the game and attempt to make something even a fraction as nice as what you present us with--I've never succeeded!


Seriously looking forward to seeing what you do with this park. Loving what I see already, so I can't wait for more!

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