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2011.. What was your highlight?

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Getting my first full day in at Knoebels. I'd been there a few times before, but never for a full day. I brought a friend along. When he first saw the place, he asked me if I was playing a prank on him. Absolutely not! We got many rides in on Phoenix. We marathon rode it for the last 2 hours the park was open. Got countless night rides, including the last ride of the night with all the lights off. Insane airtime in pitch black conditions.


Also, some scary elderly hillbilly woman tried to start a fight with us. Damn, I love Knoebels.

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My highlight was definitely nearly doubling my credit count over the summer. Finally got on some coasters at Kings Island I hadn't ridden before, had two awesome visits to Holiday World for the first time this summer, and also visited Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Kings Dominion for the first time. Intimidator is at the top of my steel list with Maverick and Revenge of the Mummy and The Voyage is the best wood coaster I've ridden (not that that's a very big list). 'Twas an absolutely great summer for me.

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Rode Windseeker at Knott's during Haunt. It was pretty fun. On the note of Haunt, Delirium and Endgames were EPIC!


Also got each of the individual elements of the new Star Tours in about 4 rides. Walkons the first two rounds, but then waited the other two out for about 45 minutes each time (totally worth it).

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You know, 2011 only had two good momories for me as far as this goes.


-TPR Day at CGA

-My first WCB visit to SFMM


As far as I'm concerned, you could roll back all of my memories of 2011 in these two days. I wasn't having any of this year aside from the mentioned events.


Not only was this year pathetic right of the bat, but it looks even MORE pathetic after considering how amazing 2010 was (30 new credits!)


So I'm ready to move on, because I will have very recollection of this year once it's over



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After CGA built Invertigarden, I was lucky enough to be able to make my way over to Kings Island.

So, this year, I was able to ride two clones/similar models of rides formerly at CGA. (Invertigo, Stealth/Firehawk)

Yeah, the two Vekoma rides were the highlight of the day.


Also, going to six parks I had never been to before was a major plus. My credits went from under 80 to nearly 130.


(Thank god for this one!) Ghostrider is no longer my top woodie! Now I don't have to take a beating to get my ejector airtime. (Well, its still my top woodie on the west coast, so I guess I could take a few more beatings)


I finally got to ride a B&M hyper! Two, in fact. Diamondback and Nitro. It was a sensation I had been looking forward to for a long time. Now that I have ridden two, I can shrug my shoulders and move on.


And now...the ultimate highlight!

I got lost on the Jersey Turnpike for 3 1/2 hours from 12am-3:30am! Then, I arrived at Great Adventure the next day to find out that they decided to close due to rain. I guess I lived National Lampoon's Vacation! I did make it in the gates just over a week later, but I had to cancel a day at BGE to be able to experience this park.


Four words: JERSEY TURNPIKE SIGNAGE SUCKS!!! I should have known to get a GPS...

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1) FINALLY visiting Tokyo Disney. As a life-long Disney fan, finally being able to visit after years and years and years of wanting to was a huge deal for me.

2) Seeing Tokyo DisneySea for the first time. Without a doubt the most beautiful theme park on the planet.

3) Deep South Bash - my first (and definitely not last!) TPR event and without a doubt the most fun I've had coastering in my life. Great people, great coasters, great event.

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Strangely enough up until this past summer I had a slight fear of heights, once the coasters started hitting 200 feet, I started getting a little leery of riding them but still did. I challenged myself to a couple of rides, the Sky Screamer (SFSTL) and Superman TOP (SFSTL) where you are high up and pretty much out in the open and survived them, then I went zip lining and survived that as well lol... So I would have to say my highlight of the year was conquering my fear of heights completely. looking forward to riding the tall coasters next year on New Hotness!

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