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Looking for the next top tier woodie!


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Hey all. I am shooting for a long distance trip for summer 2013. I know it's a little far off, but I need a quick opinion here. I love wooden coasters, and I am looking for a park where it's bigger attraction is a quality woodie. I have been to SFGAdv, Lake Compounce, Dollywood, KD, Carowinds, BGW, SFA, SFoT, SFDK, CP, Hershey Park and Dorney Park so I would like to keep those out of the mix. I am mainly looking at three parks: Knoebels, Holiday World and Mt. Olympus. This question is certainly open to everyone, but I would highly appreciate opinions from those who have traveled to more then a few parks for some solid comparisons. Thanks so much!

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I assume that you are planning this entire trip around one of these parks that fits your criteria? Like, if you choose Knoebels, you will only be including parks in the Northeast/East Coast? Same for Holiday World - only go to parks in the same general region.


Otherwise, this would really depend on the other parks you wish to visit on your trip.

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